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They sell that one at audiocubes and I'm pretty sure they have some specs on it. You an check it out there. Someone even reviewed it.
This is something I also want to do very easily without having to switch cables or something complicated like that. This in fact the main reason I still use my Marantz receiver as headphone amp and speaker amp from my soundcard. That way I can just leave my headphones plugged in (271 so when closed no sound) and still have my speakers going. When I want to switch I just hit the speaker switch on the receiver and they go silent and then put on my headphones and they are...
At first listen. I was dissapointed as I was a huge fan of their early work. However, their latest release is amazing. Once I gave it a chance and put behind their earlier more sparsely instrumented work. Amazing band and awesome evolution.
Ahhh...yes, I did indeed forget that bit of information concerning Camera. Good call on that. And the other group I was thinking of was mentioned! Acid House Kings...been addicted to their latest for the past couple months. Very nice twee sound and the DVD that accompanies is a great addition.
Twee! Yes! Twee rocks! Belle and Sebastian is a must. Camera Obscura I personally like even better. It hits me really really hard everytime I hear them. Ugh...its just like too much. Let's see what else...ok...I had another group that I love but I just can't bring them to mind right now and my music computer is down. I'll repost when I think of it. Meanwhile...listen to CAMERA OBSCURA!!!
Very cool that DarkAngel listed Starflyer 59. They never get the respect they deserve especially for being 11 albums into their career. A consistently powerful pop rock force to deal with. Although if you are looking for more shoegazey material definitely go for their older material (like Gold as listed above) as their newer stuff, while still retaining shoegaze elements in instrumentation, veers more toward pop rock perfection.
The thing is when you release a single album with 22 songs on it and 75 minutes of material it's going to be very tough to please everyone for the entire 75 minutes. That being said Devendra has released an amazing songs showcasing his knack for incredible pop songs encased within his 'folk' aesthetic. My problem is I keep coming back to the same songs because I don't tire of them. I'm sure with more time I'll get new favorites. This is an album that I will be...
I knew that Absolution was an old release and that it had even been released a while ago in the States. I had a copy of it for over a year at least when they got big. What I was referring to was the fact that nearly overnight they started getting MASSIVE airplay. Word of mouth and strong touring might have contributed to that but it is very very hard to get that type of MAJOR airplay all of a sudden out of a dated release. My feeling is the label actually put some...
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