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Yup, this. For 1/4 the price, my far and away choice for portable cams would be the PM-3. That said, I use a pair of the original 1964 Ears quads (ciem) for portable and Ether C's around the house. The C's are pretty great out of a QP1R or a Mojo for sure. I settled on the Mojo when away from my main rig.
Sigh. Could we please cool it on the plug wars? Dan has stated he is open to sourcing the Stax plug if it makes sense for his operation. If not, he will move forward with an alternate plug. Some will be ok with this. Some won't. If you are not ok with a different plug, you probably shouldn't buy these headphones. As to the connector comments on both sides, we get it already.....
I personally don't need or want a display. Had one on my HA-1. It was really cool. I never used it....
never mind.
Definitely this. I do this at most meets. I'm planning to bring a rig this time, but that could change to headphones, mojo and an iPhone. It is nice to have headphones you know well when you try other amps and such. In general, ask before you plug in, and turn down the volume before plugging in and unplugging.
They do sound nice, don't they.
I wear mine before sleep in the evening. My lovely wife won't hear anything at quiet bedtime listening levels. She will frown if I try to have an ear-bleed session though.
I'd get the modi 2 uber and call it a day. It will look good with the Asgard as well. That is a pretty killer value stack imho. Fat finger edit...
Wonderful 2 channel audio can be had for reasonable money. Heck exquisite 2 channel audio can be had for fairly reasonable money. Or you can pay prices that as my dad says "for that money, it better have a back yard!"
I got to talk to Dan, and look at some of the internal parts. The tolerance he is building to, and holding his vendors to are on the order of aerospace and high rpm Turbomachinery (I've worked in both industries fwiw). This level of tolerance should provide a high level of consistency unit to unit. It should also provide the ability to make small changes to affect sound signature. I guess this doesn't really answer the op, but it is on topic with the original question.
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