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Oh Yeah!
I'm sure hoping so! Getting away on weekends is a little easier than it used to be, at least within driving distance!
Warren - time for a shirt thread. (2) for me, prolly 2xl. How about spare Crimson dust booties? I'd like 2 of those.... Oh, and the Carbon described as an adolescent Crimson is pretty accurate now that you make the comparison. No wonder I love the Crimson so much! Oh, as long as I'm posting in here, I am SO BUMMED I missed CanJam!
Nice! Thank you!
Awwwwww Crap!  I have to stop listening to rock and I don't like EDM that much. Kidding - at @Stillhart's expense.  I've settled for the time being on V1.1 with 2 black pads per side.  It takes the edge off the upper registers and tames sibilance.  Rock sounds better this way.  Acoustic music, especially vocals sound much better to me this way.  Actually, all music sounds better to me this way.  For hyper critical listening, I may pull one or both pads, but seriously, I...
SOLD - Excellent HD650 with original box, outer box, cable and adapter. Darned if I don't keep buying the HD650 because I love them, and selling them because open headphones don't suit my needs. These are excellent condition, no paint chips, very little use. I also have a 5 foot long balanced to 4 pin XLR Norne Audio Skoll EDIT - I've noticed that the black foam that covers the very center of the driver was removed before I received them.  This is a common mod to the...
The PM quote was from me.  I do stand by it - in the sense of the whole diminishing returns thing.  "Head and shoulders," "Night and Day," "Profound" etc is "lousy TV" sound to "good stereo gear" sound difference to me.  A bit better but not 4x or 2x better refers to the fact that better sound does not generally scale linearly with $$$.  Is the Crimson better - yes, definitely.  How much better?  I sold my Liquid Carbon last Friday - there was no reason for me to keep both...
Or is it she may be on to something? Danged boy-centric hobby - sorry @Middy!
Please be the Guinea Pig for us. I am very interested in adding your exact set up to my Dac-19.
Here goes a mild derail - Manhattan Project is a stand alone digital parametric or graphic equalizer box. Hopefully. EDIT THIS IS A GUESS.
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