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I think there were questions as to whether one could use the ACSS from Dac-19 to NFB-1Amp and get balanced output.  After a couple of emails with Kingwa, the end result is:   "You can get the single ended ACSS cable connect to the NFB1AMP, had the balance output."   The question specifiaclly regarded going from Dac-19 10th anniversary edition to NFB-1 Amp via ACSS to achieve balanced output.  That pretty much clears it up, at least for me.
Careful with MattTCG, he's an enabler. Your LC should sound great from the AK. It will probably sound better with the MBG.
Just checked your profile. You have too many headphones. Don't do it.Does that help?
^^^ pics with foil hat!
Please don't post in this thread. Please use PM's.
Oh, and I'm freaking giddy about the Gugnir Multibit.  I'll have to let my wallet cool off though.  It isn't bad now, but once the Ether / Ether C get done with it, it will need some recovery time.
@reddog - your task is to buy the the Ether C, break them in, not like them, and sell them at a handsome discount to me .  Or not....
Just for curiosity's sake, what were you driving the HE-6 with before the NFB-1Amp?  I really like the HE-6, but never wanted to build a rig around it.  I'm about 80% getting an NFB-1Amp just to have a nice complete Audio-GD stack.  I'll decide after I get the Liquid Carbon.  Or I'll just jump in. Side note - Has anyone tried the Dac-19 to NFB-1 via ACSS?  I think the jury is out as to whether this is possible / advisable?  IACSS is one of my reasons for going with an...
Interesting, thank you. I wonder if it does anything different than the via or amanero in the Dac-19?
What's the regen?
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