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Cool, I was never sure if you ended up liking them or not. I do, lots of others do, many don't. I wasn't sure which camp you were in. Or are you having a bit of sport?
Beer and flogging! Awesome - can't wait!
I like my PM-1's now.  I'll still like them if the PM-2's sound different.  It will be cool to get the PM-2 pads as well, if the option arises.  imho,ymmv, bfd, oic, etc....
I use a Pure I-20, and connect via coax.  It works well for me.  Oh, source is iphone 5S 64gb.
NICE! I'd pay a dollar to hear the names they call you between bouts of maniacal laughter!
Thinking about Lyr2. Thought about yours, but the gain switch is critical for me. Or at least I choose to believe so. If you have a decent DAC with pre-outs, the Vali is surprisingly good. Really surprisingly good. It gets 50% +/- listening time for me.
Hmf. Oddly phallic...
HA! Going to see Queen with Adam Lambert tonight. I hope they play "that" song...
ALWAYS check out the bottom - oh wait - we're talking about electronics.  Never mind.
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