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You gotta admit - it was a darned gentlemanly offer though.
Will it also destroy the surrounding buildings?
^^^cool story! (Or cold. No jacket. 10 minutes.)
You Dog! Oh wait - kind of a pun. Never mind. Seriously, congrats!
^^^ Agreed.
For some...
I added an HRT Microstreamer and traded my mini3 for some speaker stands. The microstreamer is great with the PM-1's and Quads, but pretty soft with the Alpha Dogs. Ok for now, and I'll eventually do something else if I decide I need portable power for the Alphas. Edit - with the lower power firmware, the Microstreamer works from my iphone with the CCK. Cool!
Man, a couple week hiatus from the AD thread, and this?  I'll keep my fingers crossed for upgrades to happen.  I just don't have $1000 on tap right now (actually ever…).  Nice job Dan, you never cease to surprise.  Maybe I'll try and get down to your end of the state for the SD meet and hear them.
I have a DSD capable DAC. It's pretty unlikely that I'll ever purchase any DSD music. I might download the samples on the Oppo site. Or not....
The bold text is pretty much me right now, and I'm not a beginner - I'm from the days when vinyl was the only option, and cassettes were a revelation to portable music.  I don't necessarily agree with the last paragraph though.  For most folks, probably.  For others, they may jump in the deep end the second time in the water. I have a few playlists, mostly for my daughter, to sort out the questionable Katy Perry lyrics and the like.  I prefer albums as well. Agreed on the...
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