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Extremely slight, yes.  Very tiny pop, sounds like a very quiet vinyl pop on a record when skipping.  It was not anything I was concerned about.  Is this what you are hearing?
Thanks @moedawg140.  I've got a 6 foot monster one that looks like the 1/8" plug is about the same size.  The jack on the QP1R is recessed slightly, with a fairly small diameter counterbore.  The plug will not go all the way into the jack.  I think  a fairly small diameter 1/8" plug on the cable is required. Side note - anyone find a micro B USB cord about 6' long that reliably fits into the small opening of the USB input on the QP1R?
^^^ I need a line out cable that fits the QP1R and has RCA's on the other end. I want to hook it up to my Cavalli Liquid Crimson. I actually think it will sound pretty good. I think it might give my Dac-19 a decent run. The sound signatures are way different, but both have excellent sound quality. I've been using the QP1R as a transport into the Dac-19 with great results.
Good Mojo and prayers for success and a speedy recovery Mike.
Only one - Ether C, best closed headphone I've heard (and in the top 10 or so of the best headphone period that I've heard), easy(ish) to drive, mmmmm, carbon fiber; ahhhhhh....  Oh, did I mention comfy?  In fact, I'll mention it twice - comfy!   Only 2 - tougher question.  Ether C remains.  Probably the Senn HD650, comfy, lush, non fatiguing, reasonably priced, rebuildable, moddable.  Maybe, instead of the HD650, a pair of custom iems along the lines of the UERR - as...
Just a quick cross post from the QP1R thread:   Any way to get 24/192 files into the Dac-19 via the optical out of the QP1R? It was never an issue as I didn't have any 192 files, but now I have a couple or 3 or 4 albums in 24/192. I can always transcode them to 24/96. If anyone has a better way… oh, mine has the original USB32.   Are the Xmos and Amanaro USB only?
Listening to mine this morning with the Ether C. I finally got a 200gb sandisk card loaded up with familiar music. I had been using a couple of cards full of music the previous owner graciously included. The QP1R is really impressive. Highly detailed sound quality. It tilts to bright just a bit to my ears, but not objectionably so. It also makes a killer transport into my Dac-19 via optical. I think there are a couple of Dac-19 owners participating in this thread: Any...
I have an aluminum Kensington USB 3 reader - it gets HOT!
I'm someone who flipped a lot of mid-fi gear and spent a bunch of extra money. Dan gives sound advice. Flipping gear is kind of fun though.
Regarding the MrSpeakers EtherStats - As there has been a fair amount of comment and activity, I offer a link to an impressions thread.  Just a brief account of my experience with a prototype that per Dan is "quite a bit further along than the ones I had at CanJam."   Quick spoiler - I was pretty much blown away, and despite my fanboy tendencies, blown away just doesn't happen to me all that often any more.  Surprised, excited, new toy syndrome sure, but blown away, not...
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