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Yup.  Big loops with the new style DUM cable.  No experience with the older style.  Google "over under cable" for a vast set of explanations on how and why to adopt that coiling method.  It seems to keep my 10' DUM cable a bit straighter and more well behaved.
An element of foreshadowing?
From photos only, I plan on the functional upgrade only. I love the look of the C, so no reason for me to go to the new look. That said, if I was buying outright, the new look is pretty cool also.
Just out of curiosity - do use any of the black or white felt tuning Pads with your ether c?
Thorogood for leader of the free world!I knew I liked Peter. A fellow bourbon guy.
We had the opposite result with the Ether Flow C at my station (loaned to me by @MrSpeakersPeter), as compared to my personal Ether C.  It seemed that we turned to volume up just a tad with the flow as compared to the non-flow C's.  Or I'm loosing my mind, which is quite possible.....
Streaming Geezer here as well. Enough things in life I have to control. I have a decent library of music files, but I sure like Tidal's click and enjoy ease of use. Sound quality is definitely fine for my needs.
Quick math:   Ether C w/10' dum XLR $1,649   Base Upgrade               $   350   Ether C Flow               <$1,849> (same cable)   "Overspend"                 $   150     So, If I'd waited 7 or 8 months and bought the flow, I'd save $150.  Course I wouldn't have had the flow for the 7 or 8 months.  Worth it for me, when I upgrade (might not be the first wave for cashflow reasons).  Also, amazingly, when I listened to my Ether C's last night, they didn't sound...
I used one of the old Headroom Ultimate Desktop Amps with the external power supply.  These have fallen out of favor around here.  It was a really nice dac/amp combo and a sweet pair with the D7000.  Every once in a while one pops up at a decent price.
MrSpeakers Ether C and a pair of older 1964 Ears Quad ciems.  The ciems only see head time when I travel.  Every now and then I buy a pair of HD650's for a few months, and then sell them at a loss.  I need to stop doing that....
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