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Pictures or it didn't happen! Congrats!
SOLD! Mint Asgard 2 - the second version with the preamp outs.  I am the second owner.  I bought the Asgard 2 and Bifrost Uber to take the place of my Oppo HA-1 beta test unit.  Through Oppo's generosity, I now have my own HA-1.  As good as the Asgard 2 is (and it is very good), I just don't need 2 rigs at the moment.   It turns out this is a B stock unit. A photo of the invoice is attached. It was sold for $199 plus shipping, $214 and change. It was sold on April 5,...
***SOLD! *** Like new Schiit Bifronst Uber + Gen2 USB.  Second Owner.  Mint.  Sold as an Uber, wight the Hologram straight from Schiit.  Oppo Generously gave me an HA-1 (I was a beta tester).  I had purchased the Uber-Frost and an Asgard 2 to take the place of the HA-1 Beta unit.  Now that I have my own HA-1, I am selling the Uber-Frost.  As good as it is (and it is really good) I just don't need 2 rigs at the moment.  The Asgard 2 is posted in the Amplification section....
I haven't played the Alphas in SE. I was thinking Dixter must be deef, but it could be the difference between SE and balanced. I'm usually around 9:00 to 11:00.
^^^ Very nice! I'm switching over to silver gear, so another month for my retail version.
I have used both balanced and SE with my Alpha Dogs (Mr. Speakers Fostex T50RP based headphone - planar magnetic).  I didn't notice much if any difference.  I use the Oppo PM-1 single ended.  It is a planar magnetic also, though very efficient and 32 ohm. Oppo reports using the HE6 on high gain with good result.  Granted, I would expect Oppo to report this.  I never get out of "normal" gain for any reason other than just to experiment. disclaimer - Beta tester and fanboy - 
Schiit Asgard 2. I am using this amp. Burson soloist SL. I used this amp for several months. Schiit Lyr - seems everyone else uses one... I've heard the combo a few times, and have been teetering on the brink of getting one. Seriously, if money is tight, check out the Asgard 2. It is surprisingly good.
"there is something about those cans that just makes me want to keep listening to my music collection all over again." Funny that. I don't own them, but spent a little time with them in February. I felt that way about them. Very lovely sounding headphones.
Don't get me wrong, but perhaps you should request that Skylab or project86 review the HA-1.  Most of us report what we find, as part of a hobby.  Some of us (myself usually excluded) can expound for pages on what some of us cover in a sentence or two (the latter is my group). For my quick comments - The HA-1 is an excellent, clean, discrete class A amp that when compared to the Burson Soloist SL sounded essentially the same from the same source once roughly volume...
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