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Guilty.  But I do understand.  In realistic terms, it kind of IS cheap, or more accurately, value priced in comparison.  Assuming it sounds good.
I am out of eyes to gouge out.....
If all of that happens, and I'm there, I won't be checking out your Schiit. As far as you know…After reading the linked post, I do appreciate the minimalist packing strategy though.Back to the eyes.
Duuuuuuuuuude!  You know I can't un-see that!  Oh well, off to gouge my eyes out.....
I am looking forward to the PM-3 with a lot of anticipation - it is exactly the form factor I am looking for - closed, portable, hopefully as light or lighter than the PM-1/2, and ortho.  I'm ambivalent about the cable.  Single sided is a little more convenient in the long run.  I am really stoked to have phone controls available.  If I could find a cable with a mic and buttons for my 1964 ears ciems, I'd be ecstatic. 
I met you and Mike and maybe Alex or Tony (CRS moment) at one of the recent SF Bay gatherings.  You were busy and very friendly in spite of it.  Mike and I chatted for a few moments about dive bars and a dive steak house somewhere near SLO that I can't remember the name of.  It was great!  Talking about audio at audio shows is over-rated.
[[SPOILER]]  Oh!  That never crossed my mind!  I'll have to pull out my PCM-M10 and give it a try!  I forget that thing has a good line out.
You gotta admit - it was a darned gentlemanly offer though.
Will it also destroy the surrounding buildings?
^^^cool story! (Or cold. No jacket. 10 minutes.)
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