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I'm smiling. I find that where computers are concerned, despite the fact that I'm not a complete dummy, most of my issues are user error… I'm glad you got to the root of your issue.
PENDING SALE I've got a mint QP1R that I love.  Great stand alone DAP, stunning transport via optical into my DAC-19. It does not stream, and Tidal has become a big part of my musical listening. Price is $700 for the following: The QP1R is mint, retails for $899, has a $69 Questyle fitted case, 2 x 64 gb Samsung micro SD cards, and all pack ins save for the linen bag and charger, which I never received. I'll include a couple of USB A to micro B cables that fit the...
Actually, would you bring your mojo and iDSD? I'll bring my QP1R.
I've settled in with the Ether C. It would be fun to compare, but I'm more interested in the HE6.Unless someone brings the Schiit MB dacs, I'll probably just bring a dap and the Ether C.
If I bring my full rig, I'll be very interested in a 3 way Dac comparison: My Audio-gd Dac-19 11th anniversary Ed Schiit Gumby Schiit Bimby All into my Cavalli Liquid Crimson. If anyone has one or both of the Schiit dacs and wants to share space let me know.
There is a loading dock in back. Still, parking is kind of a pain. I think I ended up in a residential area or something. I ended up with a $130 ticket....A good chance I'll bring a dap and headphones instead of my full rig.
The Wikia home was a perfect place for a bunch of head-fi'ers last year. Will vendor attendance be similar to last year - a few small scale vendors, with a very small footprint? Or does Wikia have a bunch more space? I'm good either way, but it will help me plan what I bring. Heck, I mostly want to catch up with folks. Hmmmm… what about a social room for us chatters so we don't pester those listening?
Dang, gotta make this one. So far it looks good!
Yeah, you do. The iPod 4 and 5 had excellent scroll wheel functionality. Pretty intuitive and slick as I remember.
@Allanmarcus do you run that all the time?  I do essentially the same when I use my QP1R, as it has pretty much the same 10 band EQ.  3 DB from 125 down, somewhere in between 0 and 3 db @ 250, and I drop 8k by 1.5 to 3 db sometimes.  I keep the preset, and use it for relaxing listening.  For "active" listening, I turn the EQ off.  I (almost) always use 1 black pad, unless I feel some need to do analytic listening.  For the record - the QP1R is a surprisingly good pairing...
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