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Ditto on this as well. There is an Amanaro board up for sale, I just don't know where to start.
Ditto on the Dac-19 Crimson Carbon distortion. Turn on the LC and all is good. I solved the problem by selling the Liquid Carbon. Ok,ok, I'd have sold it anyway, the Crimson is better, and I wanted to own a high(ish) falutin' amp. (For the record, the Carbon is stunning in its own right.)
It may be one of the best for non-crazy money. I struggle with $899 not being crazy for a DAP by the way. It doesn't stream though. That's a big one for me. so, great dap, great transport but doesn't stream. Not quite all in one for me.
No GMB yet, hoping to compare at the NorCal meet in July.
I figured I ought elaborate a bit. I've owned the HA-1, and I like it a lot. I did not have my ether C with them, so no comment on the pairing, though I suspect it would be fine. I purchased a new R2-R Dac, and found that I preferred the sound signature. Not everyone will prefer the R2-R or other dacs, hence my comments about controversy.Now, back to subject - it seems my rig might be settling down. Ether C and the Cavalli Liquid Crimson can't really get much better for...
The HA-1 amp section is really pretty excellent.  The dac section is a bit more controversial.
Ahhhh, VERY small, right under the USB port. Thank you!
Anybody know how to find a serial number on a QP1R?
Yes, I have. I still have the white foam though, I could bring it along. I'm not interested in swapping it out in my pair though.
Guess I'd better clarify -  I do plan to attend, emergencies not withstanding of course (ask @CEE TEE, he's probably doing the "Oh sure" eye roll right now).   If I bring the full rig - Cavalli Liquid Crimson and Audio-gd Dac-19 10th with the older USB32 interface, Mr. Speakers Ether C   I may travel light and bring the Ether C's and whatever my portable solution morphs into between now and then.
New Posts  All Forums: