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I haven't even gotten there yet! Here goes:(I'll put some real impressions here and ditch my breakfast photo tomorrow...) [[SPOILER]] OK, I've got my laptop out, so here are my impressions:Aha! / OMFG! / "NOW I get it" moments:This goes above 1) 'cause it's the most important - Meeting up with the nicest bunch of like minded people in the Bay Area, and a few geographic imports as well. A well spent day for sure!1) UERM - Now I get it. I'm saving for a pair. Detailed...
Cool!  I'm travelling Pretty light: Messenger bag full of:Alpha Dogs, balanced and SEPM-1's Balanced and SEAMB Mini3 Lipo battery / high power, gain 3iPhone 5S with Onkyo app, and some 24/96 music, and a CCK and USB A to B cableMacbook air with a bunch of music, iTunes and bit perfectPortable hard drive with a bunch of musicBag 'o' cables, adapters, stuff. Gonna try and stay till 4 and try my luck at the drawing. If you are looking for me - I'll be sporting a Panama hat...
I'm going silver, since what's left of my hair is turning silver.That and I'm waiting for a silver new one, and have a black beta unit.
In my best "Bully on the Simpsons" voice - Haha!
I am sorry for your loss Jason. May God set a place at his table for your dad, and may he be with you and yours now.
I'm pretty sure I do also. Hair splitting though. Could easily be because I think it should.
A Schiit Asgard2 is fine solution at $250ish new, $200ish used - if you are looking at the lower price range. I tried one out for a couple months. Big Bang for the buck.Shameless Hussy! (In good sport, of course).
^^^ not what I was talking about. I have a new cable. Mini XLR on main cable. Mini XLR to 4 pin XLR balanced, mini XLR to 1/4" SE adapters. Sold my old balanced cable.
Can I have the last 45 minutes of my life back please? Man we are an odd bunch (including myself).
They pop up on the FS forums frequently. I sold mine a month or so ago. A fellow head-fier built a cable with 1/4 and 4 pin adapters for me.
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