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I'm kind of with you on that, though I don't hate my HA-1 dac by any stretch.  It has it's place and purpose.  I do use the DAC-19 the majority of the time now though.
Lol - agreed! Again, agreed. Kind of where I'm at, though I'll replace it with (Likely) the Ether.
I feel a combination of ribbing, teasing and peer pressure, all at once.  Nice job, all!
Basically I've go a short term case of "want something new."  It will pass, and I'll pull the ad and keep the Primes.  Right now though, I want something new!
Just in case anyone is interested, My Primes are up for sale at the moment.  I've got an itchy trigger finger for a pair of Ethers.  I may calm back down after the weekend and raise the price back up, or just realize that I love the Primes and close the ad.
Those are obscene
You, my dear friend, are the guy that gathers a group to look at a bee hive, kicks it, and runs off to watch. Not that I have a problem with that, mind you.
!!!!!!!SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOL-DSOLD-SOLD!!!!!!!   Like new pair of Alpha Primes.  $500 with no cable or $600 with a new Mr. Speakers Std cable, terminated any way that Mr. Speakers will terminate it.   Original box and headphone stand are included, just not shown.  Original cable was sold when I purchased a custom cable.   At $500, you get the headphone, bag, box, stand.  It is up to you to find whatever cable you want to use.   At $600, I will order any of the cables...
That's not funny.  Oh, wait......
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