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Hey all , please go out of your way to check out FritzSpeakers. Fritz is one of the good guys, who grew a business almost by accident out of passion. Wonderful sounding, beautifully made, fairly priced speakers. I bought a pair of his demos a few years back. He showed up at my house, lugged them in, helped me set them up, hung out for a couple hours listening to music while I checked them out. I said I'd take them, he mentioned a wonderful price (they were a pair of...
I just received but haven't yet listened to the retail version. I've had a beta version for a few months, along with the HA-2. The betas sound a tiny bit better? Or maybe just more details due to the DAC of the HA-2. Honestly though, I just plug them straight into my iPhone 5S. So much less fuss, and they sound great (beta model disclaimer).
No fears there for me. I'm just in the initial stages of justification and determining how. It will likely have to be the PM-1's that go. They just don't get the head time.I see a price range listed on the website, but the spread doesn't seem to be adequate for the DUM cable. What is the range for? DUM cable. I love it!
Oh man! Generally I buy Mr. speakers latest sound unheard. I'll have to hear these, to decide if I'm willing to trade the A Primes for an open headphone. It's not a question of knowing I'll love them, Dan nails my preferred sound sig. I can't afford retail outright. I could trade the PM-1's… Hmmmmm. And keep the primes. Hmmmmm....
Anyone wanna buy a kidney?
Oh dear God!  The horror!
Lol, you need longer arms! Awesome beard by the way.
@MattTCG - I've been listening to a beta version, and the sound sig has changed for the final version, which I think I'll have next week. The final version supposedly has more bass and a bit more sparkle. That said, the beta units don't have the bass of the AD or A Prime. They are in the running though, and you can wear them out of the house without looking like a WWII aviator. The PM-3 betas are good. I anticipate the retail version is better. Does that help?
Bummer. I'm missing as well, but at least for a bit better reason and destination.And Me!
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