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MrSpeakers Ether C and a pair of older 1964 Ears Quad ciems.  The ciems only see head time when I travel.  Every now and then I buy a pair of HD650's for a few months, and then sell them at a loss.  I need to stop doing that....
I use this album extensively as well. It was recorded at a fairy low gain, so the added benefit of a bit more volume knob travel. I love the album, and have been listening to it for years, so it is very familiar to me.
Hello, Looking for a 2.5 mm TRRS with AK100ii pinout to mini XLR female adapter, pinout same as a standard 4 pin XLR female would have to accept a male XLR headphone cable.   Particulars:   GOOD copper or GOOD silver plated copper.  Preference for OCC copper of good purity.   1 ft. long wire, black multifilament or parachute cord type sheath.   Amphenol brand mini XLR to match what is on the rest of my cables.   I can provide pinouts if necessary, but I prefer...
Hey all, back to the Meet!!!!  there is an appropriate thread for the Ether Flow - I propose that in depth discussion continue over there, and the "I heard the Ether Flow and it was amazing" or whatever type comments stay here, as those are appropriate.  Just my thoughts.....
To my ears, yes, a bit. That's part of the "ease of presentation" that I was trying to describe.
I will, though maybe not immediately. Summer vacation and a couple of other purchases have sapped my fun money for a bit...
Oh - I better reiterate - I listened to the Ether C Flow. It looked identical to the C in prototype trim. I have no idea what they will look like in commercial trim. I DID NOT listen to the open Ether Flow.
^^^ They don't loose high end, more it is tamed a bit - at least to me. There were at least two listeners who disagree with that statement to some degree though. For me, the overall presentation is easier, more realistic. My descriptive vocabulary for sound characteristics isn't particularly precise, so this is about the best I can do.
Definitely congratulations on your success.  I'm so happy to see that irreverence and tongue in cheek humor (and bathroom humor) are not an impediment to success!
I got to hear the Ether C Flow at the SF meet today.  Here's a link to my comments.  Spoiler - I'll upgrade when the opportunity arrives, and the funds to do so do as well.
New Posts  All Forums: