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You are at least in good company here - a good bunch of us are nuts I'm roughly the same way.
After having both types (fold flat and fold up into a ball) over the years, I like the fold flat better.  for my packing and stuff, the thinner but "broader" size of headphones folded flat in a case just seems to fit more spaces than the "fold into ball" type does, at least for me.
Mine never budged after I got them bent the way I liked them.  Getting them right took a few attempts.
Rotating the pads, and mild bending of the band (headband inward) and my AD's fit like a charm.
Nice review Dan, congratulations! I am eagerly awaiting my pair, and hoping the upgrade path becomes viable. Also counting my good luck at making the ginea pig group.
I suspect then, I will listen upon receipt, and then set them playing while I'm at work the next day.
@swspiers- some of my favorite people are buttheads. I do wonder if you are able to jest as well verbally; what with your tongue planted so deeply and firmly in your cheek. Thank you for your impressions and your delivery.
 HA-1 is my main rig at the moment.  I owned the HIFI-M8 for a while.  Both are excellent with the Alpha Dogs; I expect they extrapolate to the prime just fine (I'll find out in a week or two, hopefully).  Is there better stuff out there?  Sure.  It sounds.... wait for it.... better.  Kinda down to the vanishing returns point though.  I am lusting after a Bifrost Uber (had one with an Asgard2, but sold them when the HA-1 joined my household) or Gugnir plus a Lyr2.  I'm...
I'm looking forward to your further comments.  You seem to be honest with yourself from the outset, I fall into fanboy mode for the first week or so.  Being unkind to poor recordings wouldn't be the end of the world.  I have the PM-1's that are kind to everything, and a pair of midfi-ish closed headphones that seem pretty kind to everything as well.  Showing the full measure of well recorded material is a bonus.  The AD's did that for me, and were really not all that kind...
Sigh.... Any chance of heading away from cable-fi and back to Alpha Prime-fi?   EDIT - Wow, very lame 3,000th post.....
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