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@warrenpchi - I'm not sure whether to give you credit for this or not.  I still think this is all your doing, right down to the whisper in Dr. C's ear.  Then I step back and think that Dr. C is a pretty sharp and astute businessman.  He may have just been monitoring this thread, and decided there was a need that needed filling, as it were.  That said the collective we (or at least I) have spent a bunch of disposable income on Dacs here just recently already, in...
I'm on board with this list with 1 or two added notes:1) USB, Optical, Coax, 1 each.  USB is of primary importance.2) Line out, no volume control.3) No DSD.  It's a fad in my opinion.4) Strong preference for R2R, but Mainly, it has to sound good.
I'm not as flush as @SuperU   That and I bought a Dac-19 and a Cypher Labs Solo -db after hearing yours and liking it. Still, a dedicated portable stack at a fair price would be awesome. Somebody (not me, not sure how it works) needs to set up an editable google doc or something similar that we can post crowdsource features to.
I missed it by "that much."  ("Get Smart" reference, for those of us of a certain age....)
My theory - Dr. C has no plans to offer a Dac. Warren decided he doesn't like his current choice after all. So… Warren treasles the thread, hoping that the clamerring hordes will present an irresistible market for a product Warren wants…
All good points. I wasn't sure if Warren was just being a Schiit disturber or actually had inside info along with being a Schiit disturber.
Just to clarify, I have an LC coming. I plan to use it with the Dac-19 and with a Cypher Labs Solo -db that should arrive Thursday. That will be my transportable rig. I also plan to get an NFB-1 Amp, as a pure desktop/rack solution. This for both curiosity and aesthetics.
@Stillhart am I mistaken, or does your evidence of the GMB single ended vs the Dac-19 single ended vs the Theta balanced vs single ended vs the GMB balanced vs single ended really point out that the SE implimentation on the GMB is the weakest of the above, and not so much that the phase splitter on the LC is not so great?   I'm not trying to be cheeky or to bash the SE implimentation on the GMB, but unless I missed something, all the "good" SE implimentations above...
Per Kingwa in an email exchange - single ended ACSS cables from DC-19 10th anniversary edition to NFB-1 Amp yields balanced output from the NFB-1 Amp. This will be my eventual primary listening station.
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