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In our shop we assume all of our customers are ass... Uhm challenging so our standard margin covers this. There are a few that are so special they do warrant a GM adder. Oddly (or not) these include other departments within our own company...
"Plain," simple" and "group dynamics" should never be used in the same sentence.
Weird - I liked the UERM demo a lot, once I got a proper seal.  After years of trying, I have yet to like the HD800.  What gives?  Also - anyone know of an audiologist in the SF Bay area that has demos of the Jerry Harvey models and the UE models side by side (long shot!)
While the HA-1 is an awesome piece of kit that I really like, I question whether it is the best choice of preamp for a mostly non-headphone user?  Only reason I think this - you are running the hot and inefficient class A headphone amp whenever the unit is on, but only benefiting from the same when using headphones.  The pre-outs are IC driven, and bypass the class A headphone amp (if I understand correctly - I could be way wrong).  If you use headphones at all though, I...
I saw/held/heard the PM-2 at the SF Bay Area show last week. They are going to be equally as polarizing as the PM-1 for the same reasons. If you think the PM-1's will be right for you, the PM-2's will be as well. Nice build, and a bit of a tilt up on the bass and treble. Not a V or a U, just a bit more on each end. I liked it enough I'll consider these pads for my PM-1's. Maybe.
One who is a bit humble (or cagy) often tends to over deliver.  One who is boastful, has not left room to perform above expectations.  I like to sandbag a bit, and I like those with enough sense to do a bit of the same. Plus, as you have alluded above; every time you don't sandbag, you end up feeling like Cypher - "why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?"
Beware of anyone who tells you they are a good engineer....
Someone?......... Spock seems alright then if he took it as he seemed to. Engineers aren't bad.  We are just mild to extreme social misfits in some ways.  I'm a decent engineer.  Before going back and finishing my engineering degree, I spent 10 years in front of the house restaurant management.  That is a good way to get over some of the social misfit stuff for sure!
Correct. Requires a $10 in app purchase for hi Rez. It is a nice, well thought out app with a nice EQ. If you use an iPhone as a transport, and have 24/96 files, I recommend it.
I have some 24/96 tunes. CCK plays at 24/96. Front input at 48/16.
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