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Try the disks.  They slip in super easy, just go right under the padded part, from the outside.  No need to take the pads off.  It takes about 10 seconds, seriously.  The effect is very surprising, and surprisingly subtle.  It may not be the right sound for you, but it was a big surprise to me.  I didn't think I'd like them, and they are now always installed in my Alphas.
  The HD650 is a great pairing, but as NZheadcase says, you did NOT describe the HD650 sound signature.  It has everything but sparkling highs.  Details are all there, but a bit attenuated.  I love the HD650, fwiw.
Man, the solder iron burns are cracking me up.  I once pulled a "barn door" out of a 750 or so Watt Fresnel stage light.  I was quick - caught it in mid air.  You could actually see the little puffs of burnt finger go up.  (or that could be the result of the recreational euphoriant that was in use at the time - late 70's / early 80's - exact details get a bit hazy during that decade...)
You'll like them. The matte black looks really good. If I'd ended up with them instead, I wouldn't want to trade.
Hah - I agree.  I had just gotten the burgundy when I attended the SF Bay meet.  I was wondering if I should have gotten the black.  The matte black is really cool, but the standard burgundy just can't be done justice in photos.  It really looks good.
I gave the LCD-XC a run at the Bay Area meet.  My impressions are similar to yours.  I think the LCD-XC is a beautiful headphone, and has  the Audeze house sound.  For my money, the AD's suit me better, but that is a pretty individual choice.  I did like the XC.  Louis' new headphone was pretty cool too.  I spent a little time with it, and liked it.  I would need to spend quite a bit of time with them to see if I liked them as well as the AD's.  They are two different...
I put the disks in a bout three weeks ago.  I've had limited listening time, but have had some time with them.  I pulled them out the other day for a quick back to back.  Note that mine also has the dots installed.  The effect is subtle, but noticeable.  Much less pronounced than I expected,  The disks kind of "take the edge off" the upper register, without removing the detail.  I prefer them, but I suspect they will not be for everyone.  I think I'll end up leaving them in.
If ya like all black, and matte black, they look awesome. The California Bay Area or NorCal meet impressions thread may have some pics, I can't remember for sure. EDIT - No good photos in the NorCal thread.
I'm at least one of the Soloist SL guys. Very nice pairing to my ears.
This Stuff? What is the best way to pre-clean?  We can take this to PM if you like.  Others may not care...
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