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Couldn't have said it better. I'm somewhere on the list for the upgrade. I'm not that worried about the email.I spent a meet with the C (mine) and C Flow (one of Dan's demos) at my rig. I like the flow better, but the non flow C is just as good as it was the day before I heard the flow. I also prefer the original angle weave carbon fiber.
Wow - Didn't have to wait long for that one!
Wow, that was a rabbit hole!  Pretty cool stuff.
If it's a small meet (~10 or so), I'd likely bring my Ether C non-flow (at least not yet), Cavalli Liquid Crimson, Audio-gd dac-19 10th, a Mojo and an AK100ii.
I'd love to!
This captures my feelings pretty well. I love the Mojo. Great with my phone and my AK100ii. Not bad feeding the liquid crimson, but I just don't do that. I still give it a "very nice" as dac, and at least that as a portable dac/amp. That is still very high praise to me. I've stopped looking for another portable solution. I actually run my AK100ii into the Mojo and then into my Peachtree Nova speaker rig. I like the result better than the ESS chip in the Nova.
@Clemmaster - this may be the first time I HAVE NOT clicked on the spoiler in your signature.  I feel like Stimpy with the Big Shiny red Button....     Edit - Dang It!
I have a mojo. It pairs very well with the Ether C. I'd give it a "very nice" and "punches above its weight" for sure. I *might* give it TOTL for portable gear. I think I'd stop there though. That's pretty high praise from me though. If I didn't like it as I do, it would be long gone....
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