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@bimmer100 - you sold me your Dac-19. We need to trade places in this thread! Kidding, of course! Digging the Dac-19 thus far.
I'm liking my new (to me) Audio-GD Dac-19, 10th anniversary edition. A significant change and upgrade over the Dac in my Oppo HA-1. The difference is much more profound than I expected. I had compared the Bifrost Uber and the HA-1 Dac at great length and found minimal, minuscule differences. The Dac-19 to HA-1 Dac differences are readily apparent. The Dac 19 is big, single ended and almost $900 new. It sure sounds great though. Now just waiting on the carbon…
Hah! Lol
Keep an eye in the source FS thread. Usually something decent and cheap there. Be careful though. I just bought a Dac-19 that is not small, balanced or cheap. It just sorta happened. That happens in the FS threads sometimes.
Dang! You'll probably have a Lyr2, and I don't get to come to the meet this time. I'm still waiting for a chance to hear the Lyr2. I'll miss seeing you.
I'm pretty sure Apple TV streams lossy format of some sort. I use it in my speaker rig all the time though. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on an Audio-GD Dac19. It is huge (less than 1" smaller in all dimensions than my HA-1) and single ended (no biggie to me), but seems to check the other boxes.
My lovely wife had one and loved it. A fine family car. Driving it? My analogy stands…
"Pictures guy with a backpack with BIG self-retracting cord reel..."
I went for 1' long ones from monoprice. They look to be a good length.  They should allow a bit of flexibility on where I stack the amp and dac, and still be short enough if the dac and amp XLR's are right on top of each other.  Funny, I may now end up with an SE dac instead.  I am not worried about sound quality I likely will not be able to tell a difference between a good SE dac using the L. Carbon's splitter/inverter vs. a good balanced out dac.  Luckily, monoprice...
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