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I had to ditch a full sized receiver as impractical for my desktop. A nice class A/B amp at $299 would be a nice fit. I'm not sure the market size though. Centrance does their dac amp speaker and headphone amp set up, I'm not sure those are flying off the shelves judging from the sales they sometimes have. Still. I'd like one.
Mmmmmmm..... Penguins.....
Wow - you were busy last month!  I'll get to reading them over the next while.
I ended up with a Mojo and AK100ii or iPhone stack. Clunky, but good UI on both, and both stacks sound excellent. Probably my best portable option for now. Works well with my ether c's and my ciems.
Hah!  I passed through that rig as well.  Your speaker rig puts mine to shame though.
What they said.QP1R was stunning with my non-flow C's. I have no doubt it would be equally so with the flow C's. I finally gave up on the QP1R UI and odd wheel. The Mojo is a different flavor of stunning and a bit more versatile for my needs.
I've heard my C's (not flows) from my Cavalli Liquid Crimson, Liquid Carbon first gen, a Chord Mojo, QP1R, Liquid Gold and a few others. It will reflect the best the amp can do, and really requires only a modest amp. QP1R and Mojo are great with them, and the big amps sound wonderful but not a lot of volume travel. I'd say an iPhone or an AK100II are not the best on their own. I use both regularly with a Mojo and both are great with the C's from the Mojo. I have heard...
Nice first post - Welcome!  Oh, and sorry about your wallet, of course.
Yep, I enjoyed it as well.  Who knew you could laugh out loud at the opera!  Great talent.  Ernesto stole the show for me.  An excellent singer and actor.
Opera.  Not necessarily my favorite art form, but definitely growing on me.  I had the chance to see Don Pasquale last Saturday at the SF Opera.  I thoroughly enjoyed it - thought the comment from @bosiemoncrieff about being aware of watching an opera rang true.  This was I believe only my second opera, Madame Butterfly 10+ years ago being my first.  It looks like 2018 the SF Opera is doing an entire ring cycle over the course of 4 days, possibly consecutive?  I'm...
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