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You can say that again!
It sounds like the Qi is even closer to the D7000. That said, I'd still head toward the triple driver and a more neutral signature these days. I had a chance to hear the universal demo of the UERM. I'm sort of saving up for a pair. Aaron.
@Wild, thank you for the kind words!  As to the Quads and Alphas; I've considered the question as well.     I'll start with another point of reference - the Denon D7000's.  The Quads are the ciem version of the D7000's (at least to me).  The Quad's highs are detailed and articulate, the mids are not as scooped out as the Denons.  The bass has a really similar quality to the D7000's - powerful, robust, and bleeds into the mids a bit, which causes them to seem just a...
Ermmmm.... The one that sounds the best to you?
Ibasso pb2 really drives them well in balanced mode. SE is ok, but nothing special. Lots of power balanced though.
I started with a Bifrost Uber. I went back and forth quite a few times. I eventually decided that maybe the Bifrost had a bit softer treble. The difference to me was vanishingly minute. I ended up keeping the HA-1 mainly for the cool display, front mount apple input, Bluetooth and the fact that it really sounds darned good. Best ES 9018 I've heard, and I'm not really a fan of that chip. Still, I really like the HA-1, and finally decided I did not need the Bifrost. I...
mine runs 110 F max.
Raggedy bass and a truly frighteningly tone deaf falsetto - does that mean I can keep using the top of my cheap-arsed nightstand?
Nice! I as well.  I do own some hi rez music.  Why wouldn't you, if you've chosen this hobby.  Mostly - can't hear the difference if I'm honest.  I think I can if I'm kidding myself.  This from down-sampling 24/96 to 24/48 and 16/44.1.  I can't reliably hear a difference.  I have not blind tested though. Back on topic - If anyone out there has compared the ES60 to the UERM, I'd love to hear about it.  Either universal demo units or finished custom versions.
Antique champagne from crystal flutes is good! Of course so is cold beer from a picnic cup on a hot day. Not sure what my point is....To the OP - nice review of what appears to be a Westone flagship I hadn't heard about.
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