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I keep coming back to this experience from one of my previous posts.   I'll find something nice that will work for a while, and wait a bit.  Schiit trickle down effect, used Yggy's (my gosh they are a big beast though.  An upgraded to Yggy-like Bifrost or Gugnir would be preferable).  Meantime, I guess the music won't matter for a while... (I jest, I jest.  I'm still laughing it up over T-shirt gate.  Sheesh!)
Now that brought a smile to my face - thanks for that!
And for the wine aficionados, an old favorite from my Maitre d' days, many years removed:   "Waiter, what is it you like about this wine you have recommended?"   "That would be the ah, alcohol, sir."
I brought PM-3's. I spent maybe 5 minutes with the mm440. Just long enough to get the impression they were a pretty good pair of headphones in the same general range as PM-3's, but I didn't get a feel for them at all.
These are more my speed: Edit @pedalhead - those look pretty nice. Schiit offers XLR interconnects as well: $40 for XLR.
In that case, we agree. HA-1 as dac only probably isn't the best purchase unless you need preamp switching functions and bitchin display. I'm real curious about the Emotiva. The published XLR output sounds way too high for most amps though. I'm hoping it is a mistake or that I misunderstood it. It is a nice size.Edit - I mentioned the Bifrost uber as I had it and the HA-1 at the same time for a couple of weeks, and did a fair amount of switching between the two using the...
I haven't heard of it. Reading the linked page, it looks to be an analog to digital converter, rather than the reverse.
I have an HA-1, so it makes sense to use the dac section. I wouldn't buy an HA-1 just for the dac section.Only mild disagreement with this one. To me, the dac and amp are evenly matched. Also to me, the dac section competes well against the Bifrost Uber for instance. It boils down to sound signature, and even then only if you have pretty good ears. Still, I would not get the HA-1 as a dac only, unless you want the display and the preamp features, and value fit and finish....
^^^ I have not.
I agree with this. I also have the HA-1. I will likely start with the HA-1 as dac for the Liquid Carbon, unless I run across a nice deal before the LC arrives. For me, the LC is also more "engaging" than the HA-1 amp section. I really wish I could describe "engaging" better. HA-1 is still the best 1 box in the price range that I've heard so far.Edit - about an hour, off and on, with the LQ in small meet conditions.
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