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If anyone out there has the NFB-1amp, or gets one and doesn't want it, I'll be willing to take it, provided I haven't already purchased one. Between the amp itself, matching form factor to sac-19 and the preamp capability, it falls into my gotta have one list. I just don't think I'll do it until after a headphone upgrade.
I don't see a situation this side of an HE-6 where I'll need more power than the LC provides. I have another amp in mind for shear output and preamp capability, but later.
wow- cool! I'm looking forward to mine. I really like it. Great form factor and connections set, looks great, sounds wonderful. What's not to like?
@Dusk! Very nice build! You make me impatient to get started. I look forward to seeing you at our next area meet. If you bring the Crack, I'll look forward to hearing it. Again, nice and cool looking build.
I also use one with a balanced amp.
I've compared notes with Anax as well.  He likes the HD800 at least as much as I don't like it.  And it seems he dislikes the Ether at least as much as I like it, which I recall from our conversation at the SF Bay area mini meet at Wikia.  I also got to hear his modded HD800.  This was the first time I got past wanting to rip them off my head, and got to finally respect what that driver can do with a bit of taming of the shrew shrill.  Anax is a good guy with good ears....
Hah!  You said Schiit house......
^^^ I don't know the answer to this one.
@Youth Here are a couple of email responses from Kingwa at Audio-GD on the same subject, Dac-19 as source, which amp; C2 or NFB-1 Amp, and connection of NFB-1 Amp to Dac-19 via ACSS to get balanced out from the NFB-1 Amp wit hthe Dac-19 as source:   "If your headphones all can had the balance connector, I am advice you get the NFB1AMP . The NFB1AMP while had the balance drive the headphones, it can show all balance transmit advantage, lower distortion, lower noise,...
My memory could be fualty, but I don't recall having any issue driving the HD6XX to deafening levels single ended with the HA-1....
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