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If it's a small meet (~10 or so), I'd likely bring my Ether C non-flow (at least not yet), Cavalli Liquid Crimson, Audio-gd dac-19 10th, a Mojo and an AK100ii.
I'd love to!
This captures my feelings pretty well. I love the Mojo. Great with my phone and my AK100ii. Not bad feeding the liquid crimson, but I just don't do that. I still give it a "very nice" as dac, and at least that as a portable dac/amp. That is still very high praise to me. I've stopped looking for another portable solution. I actually run my AK100ii into the Mojo and then into my Peachtree Nova speaker rig. I like the result better than the ESS chip in the Nova.
@Clemmaster - this may be the first time I HAVE NOT clicked on the spoiler in your signature.  I feel like Stimpy with the Big Shiny red Button....     Edit - Dang It!
I have a mojo. It pairs very well with the Ether C. I'd give it a "very nice" and "punches above its weight" for sure. I *might* give it TOTL for portable gear. I think I'd stop there though. That's pretty high praise from me though. If I didn't like it as I do, it would be long gone....
But only when he has the mun-chis. Sigh, I can't help myself. No, no, I can find the door on my own. No, won't let it hit me on the way out.....
My take on the elimination of the 3.5 mm stereo jack:   1) Apple includes a dongle for lightning to 3.5 mm stereo. 2) The only time I listen direct from iPhone is with my ciems and on a plane, or somewhere that ultimate sound quality is not required or missed. 3) If I need or want ultimate sound quality, I am already damned to the kluge of cables to get from iPhone CCK to mini usb to my portable dac/amp, and then only for streaming Tidal. 4) I otherwise use a DAP as...
Oh crap!  Sorry for contributing to this particular derail.  Again.  OK, uh, back to topic.  Uhhhhh......  I think it is just cool that a TOTL headphone plays so, so well from several modest devices, and scales so well with TOTL gear.  My only complaint with TOTL gear, is that in many cases, volume knob travel seems to be restricted to 7 to 9 o'clock. EDIT - mind you - a complaint I am happy to live with.
I tried to get along with the QP1R.  I finally had to move on, interface was just too clunky for me.  It sounded great, though.  Really great.  another decent option is an AKsomethingorother and a mojo, or not even the mojo depending on which somethingorother you end up with.  AK100ii and a mojo for me.  Works great with ciems without (or with) the mojo, works great as a clunky stack with the Ether C/flow, mojo works great with a phone for streaming.  That said, I may have...
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