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Oh - I better reiterate - I listened to the Ether C Flow. It looked identical to the C in prototype trim. I have no idea what they will look like in commercial trim. I DID NOT listen to the open Ether Flow.
^^^ They don't loose high end, more it is tamed a bit - at least to me. There were at least two listeners who disagree with that statement to some degree though. For me, the overall presentation is easier, more realistic. My descriptive vocabulary for sound characteristics isn't particularly precise, so this is about the best I can do.
Definitely congratulations on your success.  I'm so happy to see that irreverence and tongue in cheek humor (and bathroom humor) are not an impediment to success!
I got to hear the Ether C Flow at the SF meet today.  Here's a link to my comments.  Spoiler - I'll upgrade when the opportunity arrives, and the funds to do so do as well.
I had a blast!  It was nice to meet new friends and see old friends.  Joe (great to meet you), Amos (great to meet you too, I'm glad you made the trip!) and Jude get the travel awards as far as I know.  Got to share a table with Larry (@jazzfan), see @shane55 after a loooooong time, @CEE TEE, @warrenpchi, @mrspeakers and @MrSpeakersPeter, @Stillhart (Nice to finally meet you also).  I met and saw others, but my memory suffers the "older than 55" syndrome, so please forgive...
Ether flow got me to pack the whole home rig.  Hope someone brings a Schiit GMB so contrast with my Dac-19.  I'm very curious of the comparison.  Really excited to listen to the Ether Flow on my own familiar rig.  Well, and a little annoyed.  I suspect its gonna cost me some money at some point....
This is obscure, but if you've ever seen the movie "Hot Shots" (complete and shameless riff on Top Gun and anything else they could riff), there is a scene where Charlie Sheen's character says to the girl - "I have my father's eyes.  No, really, I keep them in a box in my pocket for good luck." That photo is kind of like that.......
I'll get to hear them tomorrow at the SF meet, and compare to my Ether C.  The upgrade path is good news.  The fact that it was announced yesterday instead of last week means I spent my cash on a used AK100ii.  Something's gonna have to go at some point I see....
@decentLevi - this will be number 4 or 5 for me over the years.
Crap. Now I have to rethink bringing the Dac-19 and Liquid Crimson. At least then I can compare Either C 1.1 and flow, should the flow C's show up…. Eh, my upgrade budget is DOA for a while anyway.
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