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My A2 will be here next week. I'm hoping I like it as well as the Burson soloist SL I had paired with my Alphas. Was going to go for a Lyr, but I think the Lyr would pair poorly with my new Oppo PM-1's. I'm hoping for a do all with the A2.
I'll echo the soloist as a nice pairing. It's the only one I have more than brief experience with on your list.
I think this was effectively said in an earlier installment, but basically, if all amps that measure "well" and "similarly" sounded the same to me, I'd be 100% objectivist.  Since they don't all sound the same to me, there must be perceivable subjective differences between good designs - hence my inability to rely only on measurements alone.  And yes, for the nerds and geeks out there (guilty), my degree says BS, not BA...
Nice post - couldn't agree more.
That's why I'm buying stuff now. Wait, that makes no sense...
PM Sent.
I plan on it. Summer travel may interfere. Alpha Dogs PM-1 Bifrost Uber Northern Fidelity NF DAC Other stuff - I'm in migration mode right now.
None taken from me. That's why I tried to be very clear that I'm predisposed to like them.
I am looking for a solution similar to the iPure i-20.  I know the iPure i-20 with a 30 pin to lighting connector will do the trick.  I'm looking for a similar solution that does not require a 30 pin to lightning adapter, and does not cost as much as my now sold Centrance HIFI-M8.   Desires: 1) Takes digital output from my lightning connector idevice 2) Outputs in Coax (preferably) and USB, optical would be a bonus. 3) Charges the iDevice 4) Isn't a kluge of cables...
I was not aware of the linked site for measurements. Pretty consistent with what I feel I hear, given my admitted lack of skill in pegging frequencies by ear. Treble roll off seems pretty consistent with other headphones. I was a little surprised by the slowish decay rates, as I've always read "faster is better." Still, they don't sound thick or slow to me. I'm really curious to read what others with a stable of the likely suspect planars have to say in comparisons.
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