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Someone?......... Spock seems alright then if he took it as he seemed to. Engineers aren't bad.  We are just mild to extreme social misfits in some ways.  I'm a decent engineer.  Before going back and finishing my engineering degree, I spent 10 years in front of the house restaurant management.  That is a good way to get over some of the social misfit stuff for sure!
Correct. Requires a $10 in app purchase for hi Rez. It is a nice, well thought out app with a nice EQ. If you use an iPhone as a transport, and have 24/96 files, I recommend it.
I have some 24/96 tunes. CCK plays at 24/96. Front input at 48/16.
Trying this out via iPhone 5s>Onkyo app>CCK>HA-1>PM-1. Seems nice...
^^^ Nice impressions!  I thought the Stance S1 was on the ear also.  It was definitely on my ears, not even close to over them.  Pretty killer headphone given the $199 price and bluetooth capability though.
^^^ works for mac / iTunes as well.  Even with BitPerfect running.  Cool!
1) User Error no doubt. 2) Monkey promises to behave.
Jason - Glad to have you back!  My condolences continue.  Thank you for a very insightful post.
You guys are all pigs!  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a monkey to discipline.
Amen! I miss that guy.
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