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Oh I look forward to that Pass Labs amp, along with several others. My Ether c's are supposed to ship this week. I hope to compare to the Ether open if I get to attend.
Caveat- my Ether C has not arrived yet. I have worn the Ethers a few times. For my portable usage the Ether C would not be considered portable. It's too big, the clamp is too light, and they are far too beautiful and expensive for me to be comfortable risking them outdoors. Maybe an airplane trip, maybe road trip or office and I'd be terrified of losing them on a plane trip. Yes, I know lots of folks take theirs out and about, I'm just uncomfortable with the idea for...
@Baldr, very insightful post. It essentially describes why I mostly stay clear of the sound science forum. I'm an engineer and fairly empirical guy. Still, I don't think we have hit upon all of what to measure that is descriptive of what makes some equipment sound better than others. Personal thoughts - dynamic headroom and noise floor figure in to it. I think accuracy in the time domain may have a lot to do with it as well, but here we quickly outrun my knowledge and...
I have very minimal experience with a master 7, and a bunch more experience with a couple of balanced D-S dacs.  The Dac-19 into a balanced amp is a great set up.  I honestly don't see any downfall of SE dac into balanced amp, unless you have a looooonnnnggg cable run from dac to amp.  As long as the amp circuit properly splits the SE signal, you are really getting all benefit of balanced out to your headphones. I'll also go on record here as saying that balanced is not a...
To the above- no.
You don't waste any time! I'm pretty sure you will like it.
I did similar. MacBook Air, full iTunes playlist on repeat, high gain 12:00, no fan, no headphones. Worked fine. Listen when you want during the process.
Add an Ether C to my rig, and a "maybe" for attending. Thank you!
I would love to see you release the marketing book chapter by chapter. I would request a stand alone thread for it if possible. This would help increase the signal to noise ratio; or at least focus the noise in the same general direction as the signal. Thank you for doing this. I've deeply enjoyed "Schiit Happens."
Well, the good news is that I like the Carbon so much I bought a Crimson, and have kept the Carbon.  The bad news, is that it will likely cost me a Bimby or a Mojo or something to make a downstairs rig with the Carbon.....
New Posts  All Forums: