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All old favorites I don't like as much as I did before critical listening became part of my music hobby.
Pretty much a glut of kidneys for sale here at head-fi. I offered mine up last week. No takers. I think @Stillhart's feelings predominate.
You have a sickness. Group therapy may help. "Hello Stillhart. Welcome."
My cables are set up with adapters for balanced and SE. I had a headfier do it for me. DIY is the least costly route for sure.
@Solude, you have concisely stated the issues leading to my question! It seems to be a wash, or possibly that the C2 has "better" parts regarding power supply. Or not, since the NFB-1Amp does indeed double up. I'm kind of inclined at this point to want to pair my Dac-19 with the C2 for a killer single ended system. I'm still basically undecided though.
To me, price of each is close enough. I do have an email in to Kingwa, awaiting his response. I'm not sure I asked the ACSS question well enough.
Good question regarding ACSS. This is one reason I'm considering a matching A-GD amp. That and I'd like a matching stack. Well, both of those and I have this problem with buying headphone gear I don't technically need…
A discussion about the C2 vs. the NFB-1AMP to pair with my Dac-19 10th anniversary edition.  We kinda decided to move it over here:   Originally Posted by Stillhart     If you believe the claims of common mode rejection are dubious, why are all your headphones balanced? It looks like you have aftermarket ones so you can't claim they came that way. I'm genuinely curious. Going balanced is more expensive and most people wouldn't bother unless they thought it had an...
@Stillhart I'll move over to the amps thread and answer this.  I agree that is the place for further discussion.
Those cables were huge! Personally I'd never buy cables bigger than my…. Anyway, that leaves out a lot of cables in my case....
New Posts  All Forums: