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I'm using 1.1 with 2 black pads. Mostly acoustic, vocals, some blues and folk stuff, rock. I'd probably go one or zero for classical music.
Why is it you can write very well and sketch so well and I struggle with stick figures and write like an engineer - brief accurate and boring, or verbose and uhhh, boring? That is a back handed compliment by the way. Very cool art.
I used to use my iPhone 5s as a transport into my Dac-19 with USB 32. It was always finicky about the order of steps to connect to th Dac-19. Now it is completely random with a slim chance of connecting and working. Anyone out there committing the sacrilege of iPhone transport and having it work reliably? If so, which USB implementation? USB32, Amanaro or XMOS? Thank you!
Man I want that on a shirt - XLT!I guess th "C" stands for carnivore.Marc Bolan would love these.Okay, I'll stop. I'm sure I can find my own way out, no need to call security....
Hah! The mental image here is just wonderful!
I'm anxious for mine to arrive.  If it gets here Tuesday, I'll have it for our San Diego trip next week.  If not, I won't get it until Saturday.   I continue to struggle with the output power quoted for the device vs what literally everyone says about it's ability to drive planars and higher impedance loads.  I gotta believe the output power quoted is not measured the same as other devices, or is in error.  Joule's law is pretty much immutable: V= IR; P = I2R and all....
 If you do this, send a shout my way.  Sometimes I can get down to SoCal for no particular reason other than a headphone related thing and a visit with friends.  Once in a while I can even tie some business in, and get work to pay for the trip.  Same on the UERM / UERR test drive, though me actually doing something about that is a ways off.  I have a pair of ciems, I just don't like them that much....
Cool. I just joined the QP1R club. I hope to have it in a couple of days.
A nice anecdote and I agree with the sentiment completely, though I am sorry you ended up with speakers that you just plain didn't like.  I've been down similar paths at different times.  Finally, my headphone gear is stuff I wanted, lusted after and finally bought.  Is it the best?  Maybe (at least for me).  Is there less costly gear that sounds as good? Maybe.  Am I stoked with my current rig, and really glad I have it, even though it is possible I overpaid for the sound...
Awww come on - we are getting off topic.  After all -    "Gotta keep the loonies on the path."
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