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Yeah, you do. The iPod 4 and 5 had excellent scroll wheel functionality. Pretty intuitive and slick as I remember.
@Allanmarcus do you run that all the time?  I do essentially the same when I use my QP1R, as it has pretty much the same 10 band EQ.  3 DB from 125 down, somewhere in between 0 and 3 db @ 250, and I drop 8k by 1.5 to 3 db sometimes.  I keep the preset, and use it for relaxing listening.  For "active" listening, I turn the EQ off.  I (almost) always use 1 black pad, unless I feel some need to do analytic listening.  For the record - the QP1R is a surprisingly good pairing...
Direct from Questyle. I think it's free. I bought a used QP1R that already had one. I think the 1st post has some info buried in it.
The jog wheel requires the skin thingy. It gets useful with some practice. I use it routinely now. Still, it just feels cheesy.
I like the QP1R, UI is a bit clunky still.  No streaming kinda kills it for me though.  The Studio 6 doesn't stream Tidal or anything does it?   I may be stuck with phone and another device, which always works out to be a Kluge of some sort or other.  I might just go the iFi iDSD or something and a long phone cord if I decide to bail on the QP1R.  
Well shoot, I tried the 3 ft and 6 ft cables as noted:   These Anker USB cables are known to work, so any style that looks like the above will be acceptable.  Here are a few links to purchase various lengths:   Anker PowerLine Micro USB (3ft) - The World's Fastest, Most Durable Charging Cable, with Kevlar Fiber and 10000+ Bend Lifespan for Samsung, Nexus, LG, Motorola, Android Smartphones and More You can choose Black, Blue, Red, Space Gray or White.   Anker...
I think yes, at least in part. Cant.  Unsee.  This.  Aggghhhhh!
Oh - Hisound.  I had a less than stellar experience with the Rocoo BA.  Sounds like this might be better?
This studio 6 is not so portable....  Can you link to yours?
Sold. I'll close the listing when I get back to my computer.
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