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Lol, you need longer arms! Awesome beard by the way.
@MattTCG - I've been listening to a beta version, and the sound sig has changed for the final version, which I think I'll have next week. The final version supposedly has more bass and a bit more sparkle. That said, the beta units don't have the bass of the AD or A Prime. They are in the running though, and you can wear them out of the house without looking like a WWII aviator. The PM-3 betas are good. I anticipate the retail version is better. Does that help?
Bummer. I'm missing as well, but at least for a bit better reason and destination.And Me!
Dude - pics! Or not. Probably better not, public forum and all. Just a beard that Brian Johnson thinks is outrageous needs to be seen. Plus, at 56, I still can't grow a decent beard.
No, but switching to PM.
Aaaaaagggghhhhhhh! The bad news - I completely miss planned my vacation. I leave from Oakland on the 29th. The good news- at least I leave for Hawaii … Have fun all!
I wear glasses, with thinner metal frames.  No real issue for me.  I always end up putting the earpieces on top of the pads when I wear headphones though.  It tips the glasses down slightly but is otherwise fine.  Regardless which headphones, I eventually can't stand them pressing against my glasses.
@jude -  Iwatched you turn the volume knob on the Ragnorok about 4 times.  I completely get the whole geek cool thing about it.  The little kid smile on your face is priceless.  Of course now i want one...
Nicely said.  Love-in...  I like it.  If anybody here is gonna try and love the Oppo stuff it's me.  I am a beta tester AND a Fanboy.  I try to point out the positives at all times, though I won't lie about negatives.  The HA-2 is a heck of a neat amp.  Unfortunately, yes, it does hiss with sensitive iems.  Those of us with experience (as in "ok, maybe this amp won't hiss - doh" repeated a half dozen times) know that there aren't that many amps that work well with...
I've been using tidal for about 3-4 months. I like the service and quality. In the end though, I'll probably bail due to a very buggy iphone app. I typically plug in via CCK or Oppo's mobile input on my HA-1. The app crashes roughly every 3 to 6 songs. Add to that a cumbersome app layout and the benefits of lossless get offset by the buggy-ness of the app. I won't hold my breath, but maybe mr. rapper's money will fix the app....
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