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Finally!  My own AD's in the house!  I'll get to them tonight...
I've been curious about the Annies.  If you do decide to bring them along, I'd like to take a listen.  The akg x70x series has always been a bit too lean for my tastes, and I've heard that the Annies kind of overcome that complaint.
Cool. Be good to see you.
Oh, crud.  I missed the postman.  Website says they left a redelivery slip.  No slip, no knock on the door.  Just a note in the tracking site that says "business closed."  Pretty sure they didn't even stop, as I had carrier instructions taped to both doors...   Oh well, I'll get them Monday.
I haven't tried the Sennheiser unit.  I always have one of the Grado ones in my cable bag.  Nice copper cable, nice solid construction, nice and flexible.  Basically, it is, ahhhh nice.
Least we wuz right, since we decided to speak for you....
Not sure, but I think @MattTCG may be referring to the quote directly above, related to sound leakage.
Another to consider is the CEntrance HIFI-M8.  Excellent with the Mad Dogs, reportedly excellent with the Alphas.  I will be able to offer first hand experience with the pairing after this weekend - my Alphas are due on Saturday, I've owned the M8 since September.
Arguable, but I'll grant that, at least for some sets of ears.  I'll add I haven't spent near enough time with the HE-500 to comment further, and that my needs are generally for closed headphones.  Just out of curiosity, what is your opinion / response had I stated "there are top or near top tier closed headphones"?
Gotta dodge all the flowers in a 6 moons review. I got the following: In absolute terms, LCD-X >AD's but not by much. In $ for $ terms, the AD is the better value proposition. My experience with Mr. Speaker's offerings is that there are top or near top tier headphones that are "better" to some degree, but nothing else out there offers the shear goodness per dollar that the Mad Dog and Alpha Dog offer. That is why I'm a fan boy. Well, and Dan likes a similar signature...
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