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You got a chuckle out of me. You have the Glass, so the Crimson is relegated to TV and gaming.  Kind of like using the F-40 to go get the mail because you have a McLaren for "real" driving, lol.  I understand.  I find I like what tubes add to the sound, but I find tubes fiddly.  The Crimson is a nice compromise (one tube, designed to be left alone), and of course the Carbon dispenses with tubes completely.....  Still, the glass does sound wonderful.
OK, Freaky!  I was listening to Dan's playlist, 16mm Summer Day by OTT tidal.com/track/49998277.  We are getting some rain and thundershowers up here in NorCal.  A thunderclap struck that had me pull the headphones off and listen, thinking it was the start of the thunderstorm.  It wasn't, it was in the song.  Then it happened again....  Extremely realistic, and very impressive.
My carbon is in its box right now for space reasons.  When I was switching back and forth from Crimson to Carbon, the Crimson was (almost barely) noticeably "better."  Enough so that I am glad I bought it, and especially glad I got lucky and found a rare used one in absolutely mint condition.  Still, the Carbon has this thing going on that I can't really describe, that can make it almost more enjoyable to listen to.  I will say that in my opinion, the Carbon should be used...
YYes. I hear it SE with my ciems. Also balanced with my Oppo PM-1's. I haven't tried with my Ether C yet.
I owned the HA-1 and Bifrost Uber at the same time. They were virtually indistinguishable when played through the same amp. Compared to my current audio-gd Dac-19, the HA-1 is significantly brighter to my ears. Fwiw...
Haven't tried white pads with 1.1, but I bet it makes a good match with HA-1.Definitely worth $10 to to try it. I like it better with the 1.1 than without.Agreed.
Got the Ether C, then the 1.1 upgrade. Balanced DUM cable, which is a nice cable. I just now bought a used HD650. I've been wanting to get another pair ever since I sold my last pair. I still have the Carbon, no Mojo or other portable solution as of yet. Well, the iPhone. Ether C sounds better than one would expect from the iPhone. Also still have my 1964 ears ciems. I'm really liking the Ether C by the way. The simple $10 upgrade to 1.1 was a strong improvement in...
Congrats! You're gonna love it!
And I'll take the polar opposite position. Funny how we all hear differently.I'll not comment too much yet on 1.1, except that I do prefer it.
 This pretty much mirrors my experience with the HA-1 and Schiit Bifrost Uber.  I sold the Uber, kept the HA-1 based on features.  @Spamateur could have just written my experience with the Dac-19 compared to the HA-1, except my experience is not so polar.  I liked the HA-1, but in comparison, it is significantly brighter than the Dac-19.  Fatigue set in with the HA-1 (or Schiit BFUber or most DS dacs) in an hour and a half or so.  My rig is headphones only, 2011 Macbook...
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