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I've heard the HD800 half a dozen or so times. This is the first te I've actually if not liked them, come to respect them. They are a heck of a headphone, just not quite my preference.
I'm not so much a fan of Audeze, they are just not comfortable to me. I do like the sound of theLCD3 and X though. I keep harping on the effortless quality the Ethers have, but it is a lot of what impressed me about them. I don't get that so much from the Audeze line. Don't put too much stock in my comments as compared to the Audeze though - I did not do direct comparisons with them. Audeze is less my cup of tea. That's just me, many love them. Sorry I'm not much help here.
The HE1000 costs like $3000. If that kind of money was no object to me, I'd own one. It's really good. It has the "effortless" quality that I struggle to put into words in spades, it is comfortable, great bass extension, great impact and just sounds luscious across the frequency band. It is a pretty amazing headphone.The Ether costs half as much, has the same effortless quality. All the bass extension but a bit less impact. The Ether's treble may be attenuated slightly as...
A few of us at the SF Bay mini meet yesterday listened to the HE6, Ether and HD800 through a Rag/Ygg Rig and a Beautiful DIY build Dynalo MK2 fully balanced amp.  On both amps, the HE6 was well driven.  I've always been a fan of the HE6, though so far never enough to commit to buying and building a rig for them. The HE6 did it's usual with great bass impact, nice mids and extended but occasionally sharp treble - a note here that I am very sensitive to treble frequencies,...
A pretty awesome welcome for sure! I'm sure all will join me in a chorus of "Sorry about your wallet!"
I finally heard the HD800 in a good setting from a few good rigs today. I also heard Anax's modded pair. Anax's pair was my preference, as it tames the treble. I can finally understand what so many like about the HD800. That said, they still aren't for me. I also heard the Ether from several set ups, ranging from my HA-1 (horrible with the stock HD800 by the way) to the Cavalli liquid carbon, to a beautiful DIY balanced Dynalo Mk2, Cavalli liquid crimson and rag/Yggy. The...
Adding Bifrost Uber. Excellent Dac, well priced, nice size. Not balanced though. Last is not a deal breaker. Several of us heard @Jude's liquid carbon prototype at the SF mini meet today SE out of a Hugo. It sounded great.
Resistance is Futile … I'll post up some thoughts later. Short thoughts - lots of great equipment and head-fiers in a great setting with gracious hosts made for the most fun meet I've attended. Got to try a bunch of fun gear in many combinations, and missed a bunch of stuff - completely missed Craig and Marv's table. Special shout out to Jude and Warren for letting me bogart the Ether, and to our organizer and mad scientist BillP! Edit - and many thanks to all at Wikia...
Weird, I don't notice a difference, glasses on or glasses off.  Definitely personal preference, head shape, glasses shape and style.  One size sure doesn't fit all.
Cool!  You'll be my new best friend.  Actually, you'll probably have like 45 new best friends.
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