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 Sleep timer was off, idle shutdown set on, with the fixed 10 minutes idle shut down time.  It both cases, the QP1R played for well in excess of 10 minutes, and shut down near the end (maybe 5 minutes???) of the album. I'll play with it some more.  It is darned convenient as a transport for my headphone and speaker rigs - I just leave an optical cable within reach for each rig.
Odd how one or two removes a headache, and 5 or more reinstalls it. Apply with caution!
I've had the QP1R shut down a couple of times, near the end of an album (folder with an album's songs on it), both times using it as a transport via optical out. Once into my audio-gd Dac-19, once into my Peachtree Nova. Anyone else with this issue? Any ideas? Optical cable was firmly seated both times.
Update, just for fun.  The Liquid Carbon left.  I was not using it after getting the Liquid Crimson.  A Questyle QP1R has entered the scene.  It has really good sound quality.  Way better than I'd expect from a DAP.  It is also a really nice transport using optical into my Dac-19.  It does not offer streaming, and this *may* be it's downfall for me.  I'm not sure yet.  Wonderful sound, drives the Ether C very well, makes my old 1964 Ears Quads sound really good.  No...
Wow!  Nice Rig.  Talk about cockpit seat for sure!  Please post back after a few hours.  I thought mine sounded  um, disappointing straight out of the box.  I left them running on "louder than I would listen, ever" (EDIT - just a little louder than I'd listen, ever) volume for just a couple of hours, and they already sounded great.  They improve for "some" period of time after that.  Is it really 200 hours?  I'm not sure.  I don't think it takes near that long, but I could...
Mine are very snug. I recommend reaching out to Dan @ MrSpeakers. I suspect he'll take good care of you.
Nice pairing huh? Completely surprised me, even after all the hype.
I don't really hear any difference. I like to stay in the middle third of the volume range- 20-40. No good reason for that though.
Agree to disagree I guess. Not bass light to me. The do not have the upper bass / low mid bump that makes a headphone bass heavy. Semantics maybe. Anyway, accurate, deep bass to me. I do sometimes dial in 3 db or so below 125 hz. when I want a bit of warm elevated bass.
Wow, you can say that again!and again, I'll show myself out.....
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