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Direct from Questyle. I think it's free. I bought a used QP1R that already had one. I think the 1st post has some info buried in it.
The jog wheel requires the skin thingy. It gets useful with some practice. I use it routinely now. Still, it just feels cheesy.
I like the QP1R, UI is a bit clunky still.  No streaming kinda kills it for me though.  The Studio 6 doesn't stream Tidal or anything does it?   I may be stuck with phone and another device, which always works out to be a Kluge of some sort or other.  I might just go the iFi iDSD or something and a long phone cord if I decide to bail on the QP1R.  
Well shoot, I tried the 3 ft and 6 ft cables as noted:   These Anker USB cables are known to work, so any style that looks like the above will be acceptable.  Here are a few links to purchase various lengths:   Anker PowerLine Micro USB (3ft) - The World's Fastest, Most Durable Charging Cable, with Kevlar Fiber and 10000+ Bend Lifespan for Samsung, Nexus, LG, Motorola, Android Smartphones and More You can choose Black, Blue, Red, Space Gray or White.   Anker...
I think yes, at least in part. Cant.  Unsee.  This.  Aggghhhhh!
Oh - Hisound.  I had a less than stellar experience with the Rocoo BA.  Sounds like this might be better?
This studio 6 is not so portable....  Can you link to yours?
Sold. I'll close the listing when I get back to my computer.
Also, jump from HD6xx to Ether C is pretty profound as the sound signature is pretty vastly different to my ears at least. Give them a fair shake out before you decide. I like both sound signatures and find them complimentary.
 Sleep timer was off, idle shutdown set on, with the fixed 10 minutes idle shut down time.  It both cases, the QP1R played for well in excess of 10 minutes, and shut down near the end (maybe 5 minutes???) of the album. I'll play with it some more.  It is darned convenient as a transport for my headphone and speaker rigs - I just leave an optical cable within reach for each rig.
New Posts  All Forums: