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Or is it she may be on to something? Danged boy-centric hobby - sorry @Middy!
Please be the Guinea Pig for us. I am very interested in adding your exact set up to my Dac-19.
Here goes a mild derail - Manhattan Project is a stand alone digital parametric or graphic equalizer box. Hopefully. EDIT THIS IS A GUESS.
@organ_donor, see @Middy 's solution. I think he may be on to something …
HA-1 amp section is very good. Pure class A, very neutral. The DAC section is a bit more polarizing. I could tell almost 0 difference as compared to a Sciit Bifrost Uber. There are other dacs I prefer, but the HA-1 is a good unit.I wouldn't let the balanced vs SE thing let you miss something excellent.
Alright, I like it a lot.  I'd say outside chance it could be my last amp, but given my history, that is unlikely.  I did bust out the Carbon again, to do some switching back and fourth.  I'll report back once I can describe the difference a little bit.   I would like to ask for a bit of discussion on non-stock tubes that people have tried.  I'm not in a particular hurry to try anything out.  Something that Alex Cavalli wrote somewhere (probably his website....) implied...
Ok, I'm here now.…
No. The previous owner went through a couple of NOS tubes and back to stock. Lmk what you went with. I'll try out a NOS tube at some point. I like the idea of the currently available Genelax.
Certainly not night and day difference by any means, but certainly better to my ears.
^^^ Wow, nice ones.  I got nothin' to top those!
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