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The subjective part of my head thinks it sounds better a half hour or hour after turning it on.  The objective part of my head doubts that it actually matters at all.  No need for UPS to transport it to meets or other neurotic methods.
^^^ I have the USB32 input, and I find it excellent. There are a couple folks (@bimmer100) who installed the amanaro upgrade, and found it even better. I've had other dacs with the xmos, and it was also good. I am considering doing the amanaro upgrade, and I would have purchased that, had I bought new when it was available. I bought a used unit. Don't know if that helps?
The Dac-19 is a really, really nice Dac. It is not an alchemist. It won't turn lead into gold. It might make the lead nice and shiny though ;-)
 as an engineer, and one who has spent (more than) enough time in aerospace and rotating equipment, the mental images this phrase conjures for me are priceless.  I'm gonna giggle till the day I die over this one!
The Oppo HA-1 is direct plug and play from iDevices. My Audio-gd Dac-19 connects to my iPhone 5S via the CCK.
If I can get away and get there, I'll see if I can bring it along. I've only had it since Tuesday. So far, best amp I've owned.
The faint music at zero volume is not an issue. I get it as well, and have on other amps. My headphones are pretty efficient and pick this up.
A lot of folks bypass the Audeze line based on comfort it seems. I'm in that camp as well. I like the LCD3 and X. I don't think I'd want either of them long term though. Comfort and personal sound preferences.
I'm hopeful to attend, but not a sure thing. If I can plan ahead, I'll bring some stuff. I may end up between headphones though, due to an untimely deal. If I can't plan, just me, wandering around and listening to stuff. Possible gear: Audio-gd Dac-19 Cavalli Liquid Carbon Cavalli Liquid Crimson Headphones??? Or not…
@Stillhart, I am less pleased with the Dac-19/LC combo, but only because it sounds so good I bought a Liquid Crimson. I'm just settling and listening to the Crimson. The carbon is quite similar, but the Liquid Crimson is something special. Anyway my only complaint with the Dac-19 and LC is that it can cost one additional money…
New Posts  All Forums: