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Sigh. Never works quite like I plan with the mobile version. Nothing to see here after all.
I'll chime in - my mad dogs settled in after a couple hours. Or I settled in. They have been upgraded to alphas, so no comments on AD burn in.
^^^ (up one - @EraserXIV snuck one in there) PM-1's are funny.  Love 'em or hate 'em it seems.  The PM-2 is the more sensible deal, unless you have Bentley taste and budget.  Or got the killer deal on the PM-1's… (as always, beta tester caveat - I am NOT an unbiased opinion on Oppo gear).
^^^ Hah!  The Studio Six - I always think of that amp as Mr. Mercer's Party Boat for some odd reason.  Must be the 4 HP outputs.   Oh, and the WA7 - it floors me every time I hear it. It is a tube amp, and is well, like tubes, yet kinda not.  Very cool little amp, and beautiful, and sounds great.  It even has a decent dac, or you can pretend it doesn't, and use your dac du jour...
iTunes library on the device.  I have a 64gb iPhone, which holds more than enough ALAC music for my needs at any one time, with room left over for the little bit of high res. music I have at the moment.  I don't *think* the Onkyo app does streaming from a remote library. I'd say check it out.  The app is free.  If you want to use the HD portion (flac and others, 24/96) it will cost $9.99 .  I seldom pay for apps or in app purchases, (Cheap bxxxtxxd…) but this one was worth...
I updated my first post to have my actual impressions, and hid my breakfast photo in a spoiler (can't help it, I liked the picture, and the steel cut oats were killer good!).   @mikemercer - you got special mention!   @Craptaculus XVI - Great Sammich, and BIG!  Thank you!   post #2   Again, @third_eye @warrenpchi and all the others that helped behind the scenes, THANK YOU! for a very, very well spent day!
Never thought of doing that. Great idea. A fellow head-fier built me one out of some nice flexible wire and Paracord. Mini XLR terminated with adapters for 1/4, XLR4 and 1/8. I'm not one to hear sound differences in cables (Y-wires demo today had me rethinking that), I just wanted a more flexible cable.
Hmmmmm. Don't know. I'm a fruit phone kind of guy...
Check out the Onkyo app with the HD in app purchase. $10 gets you 24/96 capable, drag and drop file loading plus iTunes library, and a nice EQ. A CCK lets you output USB to some dacs, including the HA-1.
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