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I figured I ought elaborate a bit. I've owned the HA-1, and I like it a lot. I did not have my ether C with them, so no comment on the pairing, though I suspect it would be fine. I purchased a new R2-R Dac, and found that I preferred the sound signature. Not everyone will prefer the R2-R or other dacs, hence my comments about controversy.Now, back to subject - it seems my rig might be settling down. Ether C and the Cavalli Liquid Crimson can't really get much better for...
The HA-1 amp section is really pretty excellent.  The dac section is a bit more controversial.
Ahhhh, VERY small, right under the USB port. Thank you!
Anybody know how to find a serial number on a QP1R?
Yes, I have. I still have the white foam though, I could bring it along. I'm not interested in swapping it out in my pair though.
Guess I'd better clarify -  I do plan to attend, emergencies not withstanding of course (ask @CEE TEE, he's probably doing the "Oh sure" eye roll right now).   If I bring the full rig - Cavalli Liquid Crimson and Audio-gd Dac-19 10th with the older USB32 interface, Mr. Speakers Ether C   I may travel light and bring the Ether C's and whatever my portable solution morphs into between now and then.
I have an older LowePro case for GPS units that does a nice job with the QP1R, cables and iPad Charger.  If I ditch the charger, my ciems fit nicely, but not in the metal UE case that I keep them in, just loose in the LowePro.  I always cruise the camera department at BestBuy for cases as well.
Just in case anyone out there is interested, mine is up for sale.  The QP1R is a stunning DAP, but Tidal is just too integrated into my listenening routine these days.
Still available.
Check out fritzspeakers.com. Cool maker, not analytical.
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