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Switch from interest check to sale, price drop.
The soloist SL is a nice amp. Leans very slightly to the lush side as opposed to neutral. This is in a good way for me. The pairing with the Alphas is excellent.
Been there, done that."My name is aamefford, and I'm a head-fier. ""Hi aamefford. Welcome. "
I can always share space, my rig's pretty small - ah, ahem, my headphone rig is pretty small... Also, as of now, my rigs are: Burson Soloist SLNorthern Fidelity (Leed Audio) NF DACHalide DAC HDCEntrance HIFI-M8 XLR-4/iDeviceMacbook Air and external hard driveMr. Speakers Alpha DogsArranged in whatever configuration(s) is (are) convenient at the time.
To be fair to the headphones, a neglected baby can be rather loud. Turning up the music does not always alleviate this issue... KIDDING! Sheesh, some folks are awful serious...
Frequency game sounds cool!
They pass the "next to my lovely, light sleeping wife after lights out" test. That and the perfect sound signature for my taste is why I own them! As to the Library: Not really. They are pretty quiet from outside.
Man, miceblue - you gotta reread this after you get some sleep….
I commented out of turn in a way - I have not heard the M50.  Also haven't heard the Pro 900.  Owned the Pro 750 and the HFI 780 though.  Those two Ultrasones - the bass was kind of overpowering, but at least the treble was like being attacked by tiny, sharp knives....
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