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Unfortunately not directly. I do realize that makes my statement a bit suspect. I have compared the Alpha Prime stock cable to a custom cable made from Double Helix nucleotide wire (on the Alpha Prime) and that same custom cable to the DUM on the Ether C. In either case, I did not hear a difference. Again, this is my experience. For comfort alone, the DUM is worth the upgrade for me. If one is able perceive a sonic improvement as well, all the better.
I wouldn't say the DUM cable sounds any better than the stock, which I think is Canare Mic cable. I still got my C's with a 10 ft DUM cable because I think it is a nicer more flexible cable and was worth it to me for that reason. Others may here differences; me, not so much.
I like my Crimson and use it almost exclusively. That said, the carbon is outstanding, and every time I listen to it, it just has this little somethin' that I just don't hear anywhere else. Some kind of engagement or something. Yeah, completely subjective, unprovable, poorly described. Still…
I've committed a sacrilege. An act of reckless and careless abandon. I'm not sure what possessed me. I plugged me Ether C straight into my iPhone 5S. Lightning did not strike me dead. No magic smoke escaped. It sounds surprisingly not bad. It will get louder than I like to listen. It has decent bass weight. Details are present. It's not as good as my Dac19/Cavalli Liquid C's/ but is closer the you'd think. So, not bad, no lightning strike, nothing burned. I do feel an...
I reached pretty far for the Crimson, and I do love it.  The LAu is a bit beyond my reach for the foreseeable future.  The Glass has too danged many tubes...  The Crimson has about the right number of tubes for me to deal with, and sounds wonderful.  I look forward to hearing the liquid Gold with familiar headphones one of these days...
Also for curious and passionate new owners who wonder, among other things - what is the output impedance of the far left 1/4" jack with the attenuating resistors?
I think Cavalli needs to sponsor @reddog and float him an LAu at parts cost. What better ambassador? He can braid his beard for Gosh sakes!
I'm using Kimber PBJ's, mostly 'cause @MattTCG was selling some and I needed a 1/2 m and 1 m pair. They are nice quality and seem to sound just fine. I used to use mono price or random what ever was at hand. Most of the time those sound fine as well.
Nice offer.  It doesn't change my plans any, as I'm pretty much in love with my Crimson, but still way cool.
@FallenAngel is great builder and long time head-fier. I would not doubt the quality of these cables. He's also a great guy to buy things from.
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