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Nice photos and impressions, thank you.
Alrighty!  Those at the meet have a "responsibility" to those of us stuck at the office or whatever - Pictures or it didn't happen!
Beta testers, check your mailboxes over the next couple days, and check the beta test forum for an update.
Oh My .....  How can you listen to something so, so, so OLD? (takes tongue part way out of cheek).
Hey good point!  Uproarious cheers and fanfare!  This is pretty momentous!  Not sure I'll ever get one - I think it may be more than I need.  That is hardly the point though - It is finally done! and it is quite a product.  I too am holding out for the Yggdrasil.  An end game dac would be a worthy investment for me.  A good thing to have no matter where I stand in my parade of amps at any given time….
I just got pointed to this thread by Warren. I'm a long shot for this one - biggish round the clock project at work. There's a chance though. I'll post again if I can make it, and see what I can bring. EDIT- Regarding the post above and post below - the Soloist SL is a really nice amp! Love the volume pot, love the sound. One of the few that I miss after moving it along.
Na-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a...... Oh dude!  That's just wrong!
You can say that again!
It sounds like the Qi is even closer to the D7000. That said, I'd still head toward the triple driver and a more neutral signature these days. I had a chance to hear the universal demo of the UERM. I'm sort of saving up for a pair. Aaron.
@Wild, thank you for the kind words!  As to the Quads and Alphas; I've considered the question as well.     I'll start with another point of reference - the Denon D7000's.  The Quads are the ciem version of the D7000's (at least to me).  The Quad's highs are detailed and articulate, the mids are not as scooped out as the Denons.  The bass has a really similar quality to the D7000's - powerful, robust, and bleeds into the mids a bit, which causes them to seem just a...
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