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HA! Ida beatcha but my lovely wife distracted me. We're reading from the same page though!
Uber is an upgraded analog board. You can also include the gen2 USB board. This is what I have. New is $519 plus shipping and tax if in CA. Got mine used for just under $450. As to gaming issues, no comments. For music, relays only click if I switch inputs.
HA-1 is a headphone amp / preamp / DAC. Digital Or analog signal in, analog signal out to balanced or single ended headphone out, balanced or single ended preamp out. It competes with about a thousand Audio GD units, Burson Conductor, others. It is not a media player. It is not competition for Oppo's players, or for media streamers. If this what you are looking for, the HA-1 simply isn't the correct product. It is a heck of a nice DAC/preamp/headphone amp though.
Can't go wrong with the Bifrost Uber if you are fishing in the $500-$600 range. I have the Bifrost Uber / Asgard 2 stack sitting atop the Oppo HA-1 (beta unit, not retail unit). Both sound really excellent. The HA-1 is the clear versatility, features and cool display winner. The Schiit pile seems so far to go toe to toe and keep standing. The BFU/A2 stack is shear simplicity. DAC, amp.
These are listening and social events, not swap meets. Folks will occasionally have an item for sale, but this isn't the focus of these events. So.... Hit or miss, definitely.There are sometimes coughvendorshowspecialscough...
I am starting to link to impressions within this thread in the first post.  I just have @ogodei's impression @ post 120 linked so far.   Help me out!  If you want me to link your impression, shoot me a PM!
Yes, but maroon is in a slight swoon...
Doesn't everyone's?
I'll see what I can do. I get to drive a Ferarri tomorrow then Mother's Day.
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