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My 2011 macbook air has Yosemite on it.  Turn the selector knob on the dac full counter clockwise.  Open "sound" in the mac preferences and select the audio-gd, open the audio midi set up, and select the dac.  It should work.  Mine works a champ.  Mine does have the older USB-32, but it shouldn't make any difference.  Good luck!   Edit - congrats on a sweet dac!
Thanks all, I'll mess with chargers and cables as interest drives me, and otherwise not worry about it.
I am back into this thread, I just bought a used mojo.  It is dead quiet when listening.  I am very impressed with the sound.  My particular unit does make the squealing sound when charging, and stops once done charging.  It is pretty noticeable.  I know this was an issue with some of the units quite some time back.   What was the outcome?  Is it just something we live with?  Is it relatively all units, or relatively few units?  Is Chord replacing or repairing affected...
I do know MrSpeakers has a microZotl, I had the chance to hear it briefly out of a Schiit GMB.  it was quite impressive.  I haven't heard the AmpsandSound amp, but I did have some unrelated dealings with Ian - he is a heck of a nice guy.   This should add to your confusion @sunneebear! 
I've packed mine up to ship to its new owner. I'll miss it. Great build, wheel is a bit cheesy but was functional for me. Same with the UI. Wonderful sound quality and a really convenient source into an amp. Alas, streaming is a major mode of consumption for me, so I've move to a different solution. Still, while not perfect, the QP1R is pretty darned nice.
I once had a quadraphonic disc but no quadrophonic system. I have 0 DSD files and 0 interest in DSD. I have some hi res, but honestly I don't really know why.
Ditto on this as well. There is an Amanaro board up for sale, I just don't know where to start.
Ditto on the Dac-19 Crimson Carbon distortion. Turn on the LC and all is good. I solved the problem by selling the Liquid Carbon. Ok,ok, I'd have sold it anyway, the Crimson is better, and I wanted to own a high(ish) falutin' amp. (For the record, the Carbon is stunning in its own right.)
It may be one of the best for non-crazy money. I struggle with $899 not being crazy for a DAP by the way. It doesn't stream though. That's a big one for me. so, great dap, great transport but doesn't stream. Not quite all in one for me.
No GMB yet, hoping to compare at the NorCal meet in July.
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