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I'd get the modi 2 uber and call it a day. It will look good with the Asgard as well. That is a pretty killer value stack imho. Fat finger edit...
Wonderful 2 channel audio can be had for reasonable money. Heck exquisite 2 channel audio can be had for fairly reasonable money. Or you can pay prices that as my dad says "for that money, it better have a back yard!"
I got to talk to Dan, and look at some of the internal parts. The tolerance he is building to, and holding his vendors to are on the order of aerospace and high rpm Turbomachinery (I've worked in both industries fwiw). This level of tolerance should provide a high level of consistency unit to unit. It should also provide the ability to make small changes to affect sound signature. I guess this doesn't really answer the op, but it is on topic with the original question.
To be clear, it is mojo to headphones vs. Dac-19 to Crimson to headphones where I think I notice a bit more grain from the mojo. I doubt it will be there mojo to Crimson to headphones.
Yes, probably over the weekend. I'm curious if it will be good enough to part with my Dac-19 and free up some cash short term. I do think the mojo holds its own pretty well against the Dac-19 plus Crimson, though it is a bit more grainy in the upper registers at times. Very slight, and only noticed when switching between the two. The mojo is quite impressive to me.
I'll get around to trying my mojo into my liquid crimson here soon. I'm pretty curious about that.
As I understand- it is both upgraded and not upgraded, now and upon release.
From the device itself. Really weird, but not really of concern. I'll just use the iPad charger
Thanks for all the help everyone. It appears to be charger specific. iPhone 5s charger - bad. iPad charger - good. Weird.
Now I have to go read all of Lovecraft…
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