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^^^ that. And very eloquent!
Cool, love listing to Alex' amps. Most of em cost more than my car though... They also sound and look better than my car....
Agreed, and yet the modi will be good enough until you just decide you've gotta have the Bifrost.
Nerdy guys even get picked on by other nerdy guys (don't ask me how I know that) - We're cannibals, I tell ya.  Oh yeah, back to topic.  Uhm, the Alpha Dogs look and sound good enough to eat?  Thin, I know....
I don't know @CEE TEE real well yet, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say "he ain't quite right" as far as audio goes. I'm thinking very, very slightly obsessed.....Edit - a bit of the pot calling the kettle black for sure!
I'll be very curious to hear your feedback on the lyr2 Alpha combo.
I have yet to actually like the HD800 (I've tried several times, though never under ideal conditions, hence the yet).  I like the PM-1.  A lot.  Beta Tester disclaimer.
Tell you what though, that Asgard 2 is a nice amp.  I had the Bifrost Uber / Asgard 2 pairing for a month or so.  I would have kept it, except for Oppo's generosity to the HA-1 beta test group.  I couldn't justify keeping both.  They were neck and neck for sound quality.  HA-1 has some connectivity advantages that I use, and has a bit more "cool" factor.
In my estimation - side grade.  I owned an Asgard 2, and now own a Vali.  With the Asgard, you get rid of the Vali's weird ringing issues, but loose the tube niceness.  I really like the Vali, and frequently choose it over the amp output of my Oppo HA-1.  The HA-1 has a great amp section, but there is something about the Vali that just makes one want to listen to it.  A used Vali goes for $100 +/-, a used asgard original seems to be $140 +/-.  If it were me, I wouldn't...
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