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Mine gets hot enough that it is uncomfortable to leave your hand over the vent for long. Fry an egg - no. Keep your burrito nice and warm - definitely. My Asgard 2 got hotter. Class a runs hot.
I had the bifrost Uber and an A2 sitting on top of my beta unit HA-1.  Very (and I mean very) slightly different sound signatures, with the HA-1 showing a bit more detail forward, the Schiit stack a bit more "smooth" for lack of a better word.  Sound quality was on par between the two.  I decided to sell the Schiit gear when I found out that Oppo was giving me an HA-1 as thanks for participating in the beta test (I had purchased it to replace the HA-1 when the beta was...
I had both the Asgard 2 and the HA-1 beta test unit at the same time.  The Asgard 2 gets a bit hotter, and the volume knob does get quite warm.  I'm not so sure I'd set a monitor on top of the HA-1.  Probably be OK, but I wouldn't do it. One the one hand, I agree.  On the other hand, I've probably spent 10 minutes with the spectrometer display since the beta test started back around Thanksgiving... If I remember correctly, Oppo did expand the frequency range, or label it...
I've had good results with the Centrance HIFI-M8 and the ibasso pb2-db2 combo. I know there are other good matches out there as well.
Thanks for that!
Would you mind taking another stab at that explanation for the knuckle draggers among the group? Does the DAC up sample or simply decode what comes in? Are my 96 Kbps files staying at 96, or bumping up to 192 or 384? Thanks! Knuckle dragger here...
My gear has changed already - dang I'm fickle!   NO Schiit Bifrost Uber (Couldn't justify it with the HA-1)   Probably NO Asgard 2 (can't justify it with the HA-2 either)   MAYBE a Lyr (oddly, I think I can justify a Lyr, and it will sit so nice on top of the HA-1)   Rest of the stuff stays the same.  For now.  It's like 5 weeks or something.  That's a lifetime.  I could be into collecting corkscrews by then…. 
No gear required.  Not a bad idea to bring a CD/memory stick/laptop/phone with music.  CD and a memory stick might be the best.  Also not a bad idea to bring your own headphones if you plan to check out amps and dacs.  Or not.  I think the most fun I've had has been showing up with a pair of headphones and my iPhone.  It would have been better if I'd brought along a CD as well.
Pictures or it didn't happen! Congrats!
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