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Oh Cool!  Thank you.  Hardest part is eating out, avoiding meat, and avoiding having a Subway veggie sandwich.  Again.
^^^ Oh my!  I've virtually quit eating meat.  I really want one of those!
Yup. Really looks good, and I was one of the first "I want black!" Voices.
Matte black would look sweet. I really have grown to like the burgundy though.
Hah!  A kinder, gentler ear rape…  I have that stuff for my ceims.  I do use it most of the time, but it just feels… wrong at first.
I voted black, thought about blue.  There is a beautiful metal flake bronze out there that VW or Mercedes or someone is using also.  If you haven't seen the deep burgundy that is currently shipping in person - photos don't even come close to doing it justice - it is really awesomely good looking, and I was a doubter.
Switch from interest check to sale, price drop.
The soloist SL is a nice amp. Leans very slightly to the lush side as opposed to neutral. This is in a good way for me. The pairing with the Alphas is excellent.
Been there, done that."My name is aamefford, and I'm a head-fier. ""Hi aamefford. Welcome. "
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