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Mine are very snug. I recommend reaching out to Dan @ MrSpeakers. I suspect he'll take good care of you.
Nice pairing huh? Completely surprised me, even after all the hype.
I don't really hear any difference. I like to stay in the middle third of the volume range- 20-40. No good reason for that though.
Agree to disagree I guess. Not bass light to me. The do not have the upper bass / low mid bump that makes a headphone bass heavy. Semantics maybe. Anyway, accurate, deep bass to me. I do sometimes dial in 3 db or so below 125 hz. when I want a bit of warm elevated bass.
Wow, you can say that again!and again, I'll show myself out.....
Extremely slight, yes.  Very tiny pop, sounds like a very quiet vinyl pop on a record when skipping.  It was not anything I was concerned about.  Is this what you are hearing?
Thanks @moedawg140.  I've got a 6 foot monster one that looks like the 1/8" plug is about the same size.  The jack on the QP1R is recessed slightly, with a fairly small diameter counterbore.  The plug will not go all the way into the jack.  I think  a fairly small diameter 1/8" plug on the cable is required. Side note - anyone find a micro B USB cord about 6' long that reliably fits into the small opening of the USB input on the QP1R?
^^^ I need a line out cable that fits the QP1R and has RCA's on the other end. I want to hook it up to my Cavalli Liquid Crimson. I actually think it will sound pretty good. I think it might give my Dac-19 a decent run. The sound signatures are way different, but both have excellent sound quality. I've been using the QP1R as a transport into the Dac-19 with great results.
Good Mojo and prayers for success and a speedy recovery Mike.
Only one - Ether C, best closed headphone I've heard (and in the top 10 or so of the best headphone period that I've heard), easy(ish) to drive, mmmmm, carbon fiber; ahhhhhh....  Oh, did I mention comfy?  In fact, I'll mention it twice - comfy!   Only 2 - tougher question.  Ether C remains.  Probably the Senn HD650, comfy, lush, non fatiguing, reasonably priced, rebuildable, moddable.  Maybe, instead of the HD650, a pair of custom iems along the lines of the UERR - as...
New Posts  All Forums: