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Daniel - check the photos.  The one titled "knob.jpg" is a full size photo that shows the ridges pretty well.  It is just the standard finish.
Oh!  And what if they made gypsum dry wall board?  It would be.... Or is that the pet rock thing?
No. Standard volume knob. They just have ridges. They, or at least the knobs on the two I've had, are not machined to a smooth surface.
The unit for sale in this add is a very quiet Vali.  I am the third very finicky owner.  The volume knob has "grooves" on the outer surface - sort of like a phonograph machined surface.  If you run your finger or fingernail across these, or give it a good finger thump on the case, you can get it to ring.  If you are cautious when changing volume, it will stay pretty quiet.  IMHO, the best option is a DAC with pre-outs to use as a volume control.  I set the Vali volume at...
The mini3 is a MisterX build With the optional Lithium Polymer battery option.  Anyone who has seen the inside of a MisterX build will tell you that his craftsmanship is second to none.  This is a high performance version, with gain at 3 - a nice compromise.  It drives the Alpha Dogs to ear damaging levels just fine, thank you. The Lipo board and battery give the amp around 18 hours of battery life (not tested, so don't hold me to this - I always recharge after a few...
  I listened to the not quite prime time versions at the SF Bay meet last month.  @HiFiAudio, I had more of your experience than @Raptor34's experience.  The high and low frequencies seemed tipped up just a bit, with the rest of the spectrum relatively untouched.  Take my brief impression for what it's worth, which is probably not much - a month ago, and prototype pads.  OK, never mind, nothing to see here….
I mostly agree with the above posts regarding glasses.  Still, at some point, I end up putting the ear pieces on top of the cushions, rather than have them smashed by the pads.  It just works out better and more comfortable for me.  That said, they are pretty comfortable even smashed against my head.  The alpha pad is like a giant pillow / seal.  Greatly comfortable headphones.
Wow. I haven't been here in a while. A couple of notes - my 1964 Ears quads died. It turned out to be ear lube jell in ine of the tubes. During the repair, I also had them adjust the fit for a second time. They fit better than ever, and work good as new. I also have an amb mini3 that drives even my Alpha dogs quite well.
I've been that guy, at least a little.  I try really hard not to be that guy any more.
I think that truer words were never spoken.  Any industry, any company that delivers a quality product at a fair price will (hopefully) have success with that product. I was also fascinated with your take on social media, given your youth, (younger than me, though I think Mike gives me a run for the calendar) and given the market that Centric seems to be in.  As a "casual, not that involved outside looking in" user of social media, I agree with your take.  I have watched...
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