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FYI - BTG and a few others will make "earings" for them, that have the Ether connector on one end, and the appropriate mini XLR on the other to adapt to Audeze cables.
I'm out of pocket till late tonight. I'll try and check for a set screw. I don't recall one.
Man, I wish I could be there!  Please track down a pair of Mr. Speakers Ether C to try with your rig if at all possible.  The LC isn't really portable, but maybe if you slip the Dac-19 into your front pants pocket you can manage lugging your rig around.... Nah....  Just have a blast!
I echo? Second? Third? Dr. Cavalli's comments. Solid state as it should sound. Music from a black background. No coloration I can detect, no distortion at my listening levels and engaging as heck. Salt grain - haven't heard it in a few months, so I'm really going on past excitement, not memory at this point.
Yup, I have @bimmer100's Dac-19.  The selector works fine.  It's not smooth as silk like my Oppo or a few higher end pieces of hardware I've handled, but it is pretty darned fine.  I am a fan of Schiit's whole ehtos and value proposition as well.  To me, their controls fall into the same catagory - just fine.  The Audio-GD stuff probably edges out the Schiit stuff, save for the Ragnorok volume control.   The Dac-19 is a fine dac for sure.  If I could get a balanced...
^^^ I can attest @bimmer100's sounds and feels pretty solid now. Definitely more than acceptable. Not Cavalli hand built or Oppo smooth, but absolutely fine.
LOL, busted for solicitation!
Personally, I think you should opt for the Master 11.  This will allow you to sell your NFB-1Amp to me at a reasonable price.  I think you should take this step very quickly, before you have a chance to think about it very long.  The NFB-1Amp and the Dac-19 are not the droids you are looking for.  You may go on about ordering the Master 11... I'm kinda serious by the way....
Dinosaurs??? I don't get it?
Northern Fidelity NF DAC, Oppo HA-1 dac section (using the amp section as my primary right now), the Cypher Labs Solo -db and the Dac-19 (my primary dac right now). I need to dig the NF DAC back out of it's box and compare to the Solo -db and the HA-1.  I kind of hope that overexuberance and the burning need for something new lead to the Cypher Labs Solo -db and the ALO Rx Mk3-B that came as a pair.  I'm thinking they may leave my stable, although, the Cypher labs solo -db...
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