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Some talk of the Dac-19 in the last few posts. I'll just note that I bought one with some skepticism, and very quickly became a fan. Of note, it plays nice with the iPhone and cck. Anyway, the dac-19 is the smallish, (trans)portable balanced Dac under $600 that I was looking for. To pair with my LC... (Tongue firmly in cheek)..
Wow. I hope you do make full recovery. Just to clarify then - you were not enamored with the HD650 / V220 pairing?
Wow Warren. You are making me miss my departed HD650 again.
^^^ I have the via USB. I am able to use bit perfect without issue, fwiw. Standard bit perfect settings, no tweaking required.
All old favorites I don't like as much as I did before critical listening became part of my music hobby.
Pretty much a glut of kidneys for sale here at head-fi. I offered mine up last week. No takers. I think @Stillhart's feelings predominate.
You have a sickness. Group therapy may help. "Hello Stillhart. Welcome."
My cables are set up with adapters for balanced and SE. I had a headfier do it for me. DIY is the least costly route for sure.
@Solude, you have concisely stated the issues leading to my question! It seems to be a wash, or possibly that the C2 has "better" parts regarding power supply. Or not, since the NFB-1Amp does indeed double up. I'm kind of inclined at this point to want to pair my Dac-19 with the C2 for a killer single ended system. I'm still basically undecided though.
To me, price of each is close enough. I do have an email in to Kingwa, awaiting his response. I'm not sure I asked the ACSS question well enough.
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