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As we see posted so often:1) You might get used to the signature in a couple of days.2) These actually do break in over several days/hours3) They are not necessarily for everyone.  You may well decide they are not for you! OK, 1 and 3 are pretty much showing off my solid grasp of the obvious.  Anyway, give them a few days at least.  I don't know if the 100+ hours is required for them to burn in or break in enough to decide if you like them.  I recall my non-flow Ether C's...
Wow, this one hurts.  Brain Salad Surgery was on heavy rotation when I was in high school.....  This has been a tough year.
 in general - yes, and I'd move the Saga up front in the rack then, and use it as it was meant to be used - volume and switching.  I have the Sys siting on top of a Wyrd, sitting on the very back of a of a non-Schiit R2R Dac (for now, on of the last juggles in my gear will be to try a Bimby or Gumby in my system) feeding a non-Schiit tube hybrid amp - out of sight, out of mind for both of them.  Perfect for my set up.Hah!  I bet.  A picture would have been priceless.  I've...
For the record - another fine use for a Schiit Sys - as an adjustable volume attenuator Between a DAC and an amp with too much gain for your headphones.  In my current use, it allows a reasonable amount of volume travel on the amp.  Previously, I had 7 - 8:30 or so volume travel.  Insert Sys, set in the 12 to 1:30 range, and problem solved.  I can detect no sonic difference.  The Sys is just a cool and useful thing, and $49!
@reddog - good to hear from you.  I'm glad to see your Crimson gets regular use, knowing that you are essentially a Cavalli Showroom, lol.
 I have this theory that the Liquid Crimson club is pretty quiet, because the amp is so damned fine sounding that we all spend our free time listening instead of discussing.  You picked one up over thanksgiving and have not posted back yet.  I rest my case! I have never bothered moving on from the stock tube, taking at their word those who have said that the Liquid Crimson doesn't really change all that much through tube rolling. I got to the Crimson in a similar way - I...
I just picked up a used Sys.  I wasn't sure how I was going to use it, just that there have been several times that I wanted one over the last couple of years for different things at different times.   I have ended up using it as an attenuation pad for my Cavalli Liquid Crimson, as the Cavalli just has too much gain for my headphones, limiting the volume travel to 7 - 8:30 or so.   I set the Sys at somewhere between 12:00 and 1:30 or so, and then have ample volume...
It's not a speaker in their pocket ....... They are just glad to see you!
I use XLD to convert FLAC to ALAC.  It works well.  For the record - The Onkyo HF Player iPhone app plays Flac files, and 24/96 files with no issue.  Costs $10.  There are a few apps out there for Macs that play flac.  Songbird as noted, VOX for pretty simple, others....  I'm using Amarra, which was around $70, but I also bought the Amarra for Tidal app at the same time, a show special as I recall.  Sounds great, a bit finicky to use.  Again, XLD to convert works well.
Ahhh. Way different headphones. I had the 780 and did a 2 cable re cable and a bunch of damping inside the cups. Arguably similar to the ALO headphone. I recall them being very isolating. In the end, sound never got to where I could completely enjoy them.Still, I would have no issue with the C's at the library. I usually listen in the (very) quiet side though.
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