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Oh crap!  Sorry for contributing to this particular derail.  Again.  OK, uh, back to topic.  Uhhhhh......  I think it is just cool that a TOTL headphone plays so, so well from several modest devices, and scales so well with TOTL gear.  My only complaint with TOTL gear, is that in many cases, volume knob travel seems to be restricted to 7 to 9 o'clock. EDIT - mind you - a complaint I am happy to live with.
I tried to get along with the QP1R.  I finally had to move on, interface was just too clunky for me.  It sounded great, though.  Really great.  another decent option is an AKsomethingorother and a mojo, or not even the mojo depending on which somethingorother you end up with.  AK100ii and a mojo for me.  Works great with ciems without (or with) the mojo, works great as a clunky stack with the Ether C/flow, mojo works great with a phone for streaming.  That said, I may have...
Ouch.  Had one.  when they were kinda new.  Early 70's.
I finally purchased both Amarra and Amarra for Tidal at a show special price.  I think they sound better, maybe....  Main reason was to get a remote for Tidal.  They both seem painfully slow loading songs into the buffer to play, and I mean painfully, at least to me.  I'll admit to a slow-ish 1.6 GHz mid 2011 processor, but reasonable network speed for Amarra for Tidal, and USB 3 drive into a Thunderbolt hub for Amarra.  That said, I do otherwise like them.  Clunky, but...
Yup.  Big loops with the new style DUM cable.  No experience with the older style.  Google "over under cable" for a vast set of explanations on how and why to adopt that coiling method.  It seems to keep my 10' DUM cable a bit straighter and more well behaved.
An element of foreshadowing?
From photos only, I plan on the functional upgrade only. I love the look of the C, so no reason for me to go to the new look. That said, if I was buying outright, the new look is pretty cool also.
Just out of curiosity - do use any of the black or white felt tuning Pads with your ether c?
Thorogood for leader of the free world!I knew I liked Peter. A fellow bourbon guy.
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