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I found a used Pure I-20 and a lightning to USB CCK that should hopefully work for my needs. Any other groovy ideas out there?
And outa here. Again.
I won't steer you from it. I've heard it, like it, almost bought it twice. If you want solid state, a used Burson Soloist SL or Soloist. I've had the SL, and frankly may end up with a Lyr or soloist. Depends on how the Asgard2 works out. Trying that next week.
Hah! Thank you! You just saved me $$$. Now I just need to decide if I'm happy about that... Congrats. A nice amp from a great head-fier.
I'll take a slightly different tack here. The PM-1 is not an LCD3 clone. That's the point. I loved the LCD3 when I had a long weekend with it. If it didn't cost more than my car is worth, I'd own one right now (yes, crappy old commuter). That said, I love the PM-1 More than the LCD3 for most listening, most of the time. It is precisely the differences you've pulled from your visual inspection of the sound of both that I feel as I do. Different strokes for sure. If I had...
Stock cable is pretty good, but a bit stiff. I'm looking to a DIY or aftermarket just for more flexible, lighter wire.
Somebody Buy This!  Great amp, great price, great seller.  Save me from myself!  I want it, but I need it like (another) hole in the head.  Seriously, a great deal!
There is this one: I almost bought it, but I think the Lyr will be great with my Alphas, but not with my Oppos. Nice guy selling it.
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