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The build quality to date (first round beta unit) points to a level of fit and finish I don't recall seeing at this price and functionality level. I will withhold sound comments during beta testing, but I will note that I am optimistic regarding a very high level of sound quality.
Damn fine dac!
Yeah you guys - leave the gushing hair trigger fanboyism to me....
This, and Dan stands helpfully behind his product.  I've had a couple of years (or more?) experience starting with the mad dog with dog pads version, and hitting every stop but the MD pros along the way as an owner, typically through upgrades.  I have always had a stellar experience dealing with Mr. Speakers.  (Major fanboy disclaimer....) It absolutely remains to be seen for each person.  Our tastes and ears are different.  I've found a home with Dan's preferred sound...
Funny that last paragraph, and oh so true!
New Alpha Dog          -$599 Sale of used AD         $450? New Prime                -$999 Total                      -$1,148 -OR- New Alpha Dog          -$599 Upgrade                -$420 Total                       -$1,019 As I already have the Alpha Dogs, and don't need both, I chose the number closer to $0, though depending on what one is actually able to get in resale of the AD, a brand new pair is not that much difference, and it is a brand new pair vs. an...
The Alphas were sure going fast!  At 6 AM PST, there were 2 left.  by the time I sorted my paypal at about 6:20 AM, I got the second to last one.  Looks like 10 left as of this post.  I'm willing to jump in without hearing them.  I have enough experience with Dan's preferred sound signature and perfectionist tendencies that I know I will like them. Dan - Do we just mail ours in, or wait for contact from Mr. Speakers?
Wow, 6:30 AM PST, and there is only one upgrade left!
Only 1 left now - who's getting the last one?  Also, I don't need the cable that will come with mine.  If anyone wants to buy it from me, let me know via PM which cable, and you can get a spare for a decent deal from me.
The Mad Dogs are a killer headphone.  I got the chance to hear the MD Pro's at the last SF Bay meet.  They are the Mad Dog, only better.  Both of the MD siblings have a fun, engaging character that I forget how much I like.
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