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  It's not THAT bad...  The Dac-19 price of entry is not horrible for a good SE dac, and it is pretty darned good.  I'm not jonesing to upgrade from it.  Yet......
  Hmmmmmm....  Good point.  Perhaps more completely random than usual?
Uh, realized my post was completely random.....
I missed a good show and some great friends!
I've never had issues with the full size XLR.  I just picked up a solo -db and ALO Rx Mk3-B, and I don't see any real issues with the Kobiconn either, though I kind of wish it was straight instead of right angled.  As long as one excercises a bit of restraint when plugging and unplugging, I think the Kobiconn connector will be pretty reliable.  Given a choice though, unless I'm using IEM's, I like the size and firmness and heft of the XLR's.  They are less fiddly to me.
Possible interest....  East bay is best for me, but I'm mobile.
And if you are anything like me, you will change it 3 times before the LC gets to you!
@warrenpchi - I'm not sure whether to give you credit for this or not.  I still think this is all your doing, right down to the whisper in Dr. C's ear.  Then I step back and think that Dr. C is a pretty sharp and astute businessman.  He may have just been monitoring this thread, and decided there was a need that needed filling, as it were.  That said the collective we (or at least I) have spent a bunch of disposable income on Dacs here just recently already, in...
I'm on board with this list with 1 or two added notes:1) USB, Optical, Coax, 1 each.  USB is of primary importance.2) Line out, no volume control.3) No DSD.  It's a fad in my opinion.4) Strong preference for R2R, but Mainly, it has to sound good.
I'm not as flush as @SuperU   That and I bought a Dac-19 and a Cypher Labs Solo -db after hearing yours and liking it. Still, a dedicated portable stack at a fair price would be awesome. Somebody (not me, not sure how it works) needs to set up an editable google doc or something similar that we can post crowdsource features to.
New Posts  All Forums: