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Nothing wrong. Long headphone threads often pass through the cable discussions multiple times.
Wow. Full circle back to the cable part of the thread again.
Aaaand a plug for the Liquid Crimson - the one everyone forgets to mention.  I just love that amp!
7 figures now would cover my retirement in 10 or so years. Or a lot of concerts for the lovely wife and I.
As to the 6 and 7 figure audio systems. It occurs to me that my lovely wife and I could take a limo to a concert of our choice, have a nice dinner, spend the night and take a limo home a whole bunch of times for the price of such a system. Probably several years worth at our frequency. I think that would be a better use of such funds. Well, and a modest audio system for the stay home nights.
Those days are looooooooooooooong past for me. Some times I really miss them...
Oh man! Worse flu bug ever this year! I haven't been that sick in years! I hope your crew is recovering.
^^^  They stay pretty easy to drive.
QP1R is very good with the ethers and flows. I have settled with a Mojo for my use, usually paired with an AK100ii, but frequently with my phone. Not as svelte as the QP1R, but phone and AK interface are much more to my liking. Mojo is an excellent pairing with ethers and flows. For the record, I own the C's, have had an all day session with the C flows. I have minimal time with their open brethren. Home rig is an audio-gd dac19 and Cavalli liquid crimson. The Mojo...
I have a Mojo.  I love the thing.  It brings an excellent DAC and a fine amp together in one circuit, in one neat little box.  Sure, the colored marbles for on/off/volume are a little annoying, but they work fine.  It works great with my super sensitive ciems, and with my Ether C's.  It even gets a fair amount of duty as the dac into my 2 channel rig.  All of this tethered to an AK100ii that I bought used for $475, or to my phone if I feel some need to stream Tidal when I...
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