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Glad to see you got your replacement safely delivered, lets hope this one works.Looking forward to your impressions.
Looks like M2Tech will be bringing out a headphone amp costing around £1000.
Up for sale are my lovely LCD-2 planar magnetic headphones. Only selling as I have upgraded to the LCD-3s. In excellent condition and comes in ruggedized travel case with care kit and standard cable. I have the graph somewhere and if I can find it I will ship it with the phones.   Not interested in trades.   Includes shipping within UK.  
Cheap as chips.
Oh my giddy aunt. It'll blow the wax out through your nostrils.
My 8 wire Silver Widow/Virus hybrid cable is now fully burned in and I couldn't be happier with how my LCD3s are sounding. In the past I found it difficult to live with silver cables but I now feel I have got the balance spot on, using silver from computer through to headphones. Frank has been a pleasure to deal with as always.
The new workshop looks great Frank, congrats.
 Take it your BC turned up?
This amp is getting the thumbs up from one of the guys over on Stereonet.
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