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Wild and tenuous guess but:   1. Geek Pulse   2. Lambert ( Lambert Audio)
Pm sent
Well I am just relaying what he told me.
Yeah, I agree. Checked the voltage the other day and it was as high as 246v. I would have thought it could stand those kind of fluctuations.
Emailed Donald asking if a 240v stratus would work ok on 230v and he said it wouldn't work properly and would have to be sent back to him for rewire to correct voltage.
Great dac, wouldn't be without mine. For the price asked this is a absolute bargain. GLWS.
Might not buy one.
^^ What are your thoughts on the HOT I see you are using in the pic?
That just about sums it up really.
Certainly looks well constructed in the pics I have seen. Waiting to free up some funds but will most likely pull the trigger on one of these.
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