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Thanks David, I am very interested in the hot and may well get in touch with the cable company.
Anyone else spotted this?   http://www.synergisticresearch.com/featured/hot-headphone-optimized-transducer/   Crossfeed in a can maybe?
Ha ha, yeah maybe, but i'm as bald as a coot and the foam was perfect if a little hot at times.
Yep, looks like an improvement on the leather 3 headband. So uncomfy after a couple of hours, the old 2.1 foam was far comfier. 
I imagine that is the headphone experience most of us are looking for.   Thanks for sharing.
Ah, I have just looked at the one on Moon Audio and it is different to the ones on ebay. Like it that a Dact attenuator is being used, very worthwhile upgrade.
I have noticed these from time to time on ebay and they look very nice, prefered the red over the white one. Hopefully it won't be long before someone on here has one to talk about.
They are fantastic cables that unmask details that non of my other cables have done. As is customary with all my cables, I have given the Red 500 hrs cooking time and have been rewarded with a transparent and wide open sound. Alex recommends 100 hrs but they didn't start to sound good till the 125 mark. A word of warning, it is a ruthlessly revealing wire and bad recordings will be shown up as just that.Great VFM and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone with a LCD-3.
Shame you are not selling as I am looking for a 2.1 headband for my 3s. Don't want to get rid of the leather headband though in case I decide to sell the phones at some point. Yes you are right, the older foam headband is much comfier.
My 3s were changed to fazor with 110 ohm drivers when one of the classic drivers failed. Sound wise there is more detail up top  and lows seem tighter but not as prominent and as I have mentioned in a previous post, you don't get the cavernous bass which in turn gave a huge headstage. Because of the more illuminated top end I sold my silver cable and bought a copper litz cable which has compensated a little in the lows, giving a more airey and textured (defined) bass.
New Posts  All Forums: