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Yes the cable itself is the same but the plugs aren't and each and every additional connection will degrade the sound to some extent.
Strange that they don't terminate single ended instead of having to use an adaptor. Surely that compromises SQ especially when they have gone to so much trouble over the cable construction.
Just don't look at it then.
Well if you don't buy them you won't be looking at them.
Paypal fees and shipping now included in price.
The price in the UK is the more ugly aspect of the phones.
Looks like the amp is the Alo Studio 6. Can't help with the rest.
Many a time I have had tears rolling down my cheeks listening to Donny Hathaway, especially the stuff on 'These Songs For You Live'. The voice of an angel.
For sale is a one off special Frank created for me. It's a 8 wire cable with 4 being Silver Widow and 4 of Virus, the added copper adds a little warmth and  weight to the lower registers.   The length is 10ft 6" long and is terminated with a high quality furutech FP-704 1/4" plug.   Cost of this cable new was £420.   Paypal fees and shipping included in price.
New Posts  All Forums: