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Thanks Alex.
What conductors are used in the red?
One dealer in the UK is charging £4524.
The fazored 3s are indeed more airey and detailed but do you find that there isn't as much punch and rumble in the lows as the classic?
As mentioned a few pages back, MAD are now producing the Sugarmaple OD300. Do you guys think this might be a good choice for orthos?
  Forgot to add that these phones have already been repaired on the date shown on the earlier graph.
Yes I was told. The phones were sent back because of the L/H driver was cutting out so they replaced the drivers. I am the third person to own these so I wouldn't have thought they would be fitted with fazor from original. I emailed Audeze yesterday for more details of what they did.I have both graphs and will attempt to upload them to these pages.
Interesting article from Tyll. Just found out by rubbing my finger over the inner mesh that my recently RMA'd 3s now have the Fazor technology fitted. Wondered why they sounded a bit louder at the same volume setting, put it down to the mods I had done to my dac, but now realize it must be the higher z of 110.
Where in the UK are you?
I can only speak for the DAC-41.   Let us know how you get on if you snag one.
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