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Welcome to head-fi. Summit-fi indeed.
Should be a very special amp. You can tell a lot of love goes into Donald's creations.
Sorry to hear that Frank.
Looking forward to your impressions. Have you gone for any other upgrades besides that big ole Black Gate or has that broke the bank?
Nice review. So far then it looks like they are not worth the asking price.
Shame the Copland has to go especially when you really like it so much. They have always, to my eyes, made beautiful gear. Before moving into computer audio I lusted for one of the older Copland cd players with the VRDS transport. Anyway sorry for going OT.   Does the HP8 have sufficient juice for the HE6?
Congrats, looks really good. Let us know what you think after it has settled in. Slightly OT, seen your Copland for sale on the Wam. What do you think of it powering the HE6?
Great review CanDude. The only part where I disagree with you is where you say the virus soundstage is more in your face. On saying that, I have only compared the virus to the silver poison but the virus definitely had a few rows back perspective than the poison.
Never the less it is a post. If anyone feels aggrieved then it should be Frank who makes the call.
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