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The new Ordettes LCD-3.
Couldn't have put it better myself. There are many a time I have drifted off to sleep, lost in the wonderful soundscape the 3s conjure up.
Great post Mobiustereo, gorgeous looking amp. Keep the updates coming as it settles in.
Hi Paul I take it you are going to be a UK dealer? Are they going to be priced nearer LCD2 or 3?
Wow, lucky you, congratulations. Silly question really but do you think it may be your end game amp set up?
It's a song by Steely Dan as far as I know .
Thought I'd got it half right, thanks.
Isn't Purrin using them with a Schitt Valhalla or am I misinformed?
Has anyone here had the pleasure of listening to this amp?
Frank could make this for you no problem but you might want to check that you may need the +v to make the handshake between computer and dac.
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