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The 2m length could be prohibitive for a few people. Can't really see this one selling like hot cakes, could be wrong though.   Michael Mercer will probably get his hands on this and say with it plugged into his LCD-3s, it is like being wired to an orgasmatron!
Oh dear.
Oh yeah I forgot, no sense of humour too.
Ha ha an open mind, he's a Yorkshireman! 
Aubisque usb filter in excellent condition.    Filters noise coming from computer down data lines.   Shipping and paypal fees to be added.
These are the best interconnects that have been through my system so far. Realism in spades and this is down to, in no small part, how defined leading edges are along with no overhang. Every part of the spectrum is well judged and balanced. 1 metre long.   I have yet to see a pair of these on the used market.   Only selling as I have the urge to explore further cables and as usual I may regret selling these.   Shipping and paypal fees to be added.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to try this with my LCD-3s. Wondering whether there may be a loaner program in the pipeline?
Yes the cable itself is the same but the plugs aren't and each and every additional connection will degrade the sound to some extent.
Strange that they don't terminate single ended instead of having to use an adaptor. Surely that compromises SQ especially when they have gone to so much trouble over the cable construction.
Just don't look at it then.
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