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Hi Sorry I should have said. They are the gold version and 1m long. Another set of cables that I have long wanted to try have come up. May or may not be as good as these so taking the chance is the much consideration part.
After much consideration I have decided to put these fantastic cables up for grabs.   They let all the detail and ambient clues come through in a smooth and unforced manner allied with great dynamics and huge soundstage where called upon.
Reduced to £sold.
Tell her you are taking her on a surprise trip!
Shipping and paypal now included in price.
Wywires Red headphone cable for Audeze LCD series.   10ft long with 1/4" jack.   Comes with certificate of authenticity.   Excellent condition.   Shipping and paypal included in price.
Oh matron!
Is this still the UK meet thread??
My mate's dad has got an old Bristol in his garage that he has never got round to restoring. All aluminium body if I remember correctly.
Looks like hifiman connectors, but how long is the cable?
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