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The new workshop looks great Frank, congrats.
 Take it your BC turned up?
This amp is getting the thumbs up from one of the guys over on Stereonet.
Thought I might bring the Precision 1 amp from Audio GD to your attention guys:   Appears to be good value as is most of their gear.
Did you get to listen to the LCD2 on your S2?
That means there will be double the room at the meet without you bringing all your gear
Sorry to hear about your troubles, good luck with the sale. Hartmann is one of the good guys and you can buy with confidence.
I don't think Frank is the type of guy to be bothered by it anyway. Any ole chat keeps the thread alive.
If anyone in the UK is interested in listening to these, it looks like Music Room of Glasgow will be demoing them at the national audio show, sept. 21-22.   At only £3495 they should sell like hot cakes.
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