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Bryston if i'm not mistaken, but by the sounds of it Rookie's will be a special build by someone else.
Is it a secret or are you going to spill the beans?
Ah I see. So you haven't used it balanced yet?
Congrats. Beautiful looking amp.
How did you use a balanced cable on the 337?
That's a really good read, thanks for taking the time. What are your thoughts with it powering the LCD-2s?
Thanks Gary but it would need to be SE. For that price it is a great package, very tempting.
Have you tried the headphone out on the yammy?
Many thanks for all your hard work. I have been following this thread with interest and it has provided real food for thought. Do you think TBI would supply the resistor box as part of the package?
How many hours would you say you have on your SW?
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