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The 337 is fantastic value for the money and i'm sure you will be very pleased. Shame there isn't more peoples impressions on the 339, it might make you grin wider, who knows.   Like i said, do your research, don't rush, thats half the fun.
npdang, do you intend to do any tube rolling?
I had a brief listen to the hd800 on my 337se at the Manchester meet last year and i thought they sounded really good, although they didn't make me want to sell my hd650. Maybe extended listening would have me change that view, but i didn't have any complaints about the high frequencies.   Don't dismiss the amp out of hand over just a couple of peoples views,do your research like any good headfier 
Thanks for your thoughts on the 339 npdang. Interestingly, I remember skylab saying in his review of the headphone, that the high frequencies weren't to his liking when pairing the hd800 with the 337.    Have you tried the amp with any lower imp phones?
Any impressions on this amp yet?
Darkvoice or Lafigaro
It's made by boffins but used by lunatics.
Believers have golden ears and thinner wallets, naysayers have cloth ears and fatter wallets, simples!
lol, good job i left a trail of bread crumbs to find my way back to topic 
  In the words of the great man "you must be out of your tiny little minds"  
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