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Quote: Originally Posted by yuking09 about $520 And when will it be available?
Quote: Originally Posted by yuking09 yes, it's Lafigaro 339.Darkvoice is producing DV337. When and how much?
Kool Cables Inc. John Prator is a real gent and always answers emails in a timely and informative manner.His cables are top notch.
Quote: Originally Posted by TigzStudio Appreciate the links and info guys thanks so much! The one from looks good to me.... That adaptor is a great price,wish i had knowledge of them when i was looking for the very same adaptor a couple of months back.
Quote: Originally Posted by gbacic Is that the new 337? Because it's stunning! No,it's the 339 i believe.Apparently it's a couple of months away yet.
moon audio also make these adaptors as i recall.
Didn't think much of their customer relations but their cables opened my ears to what a well designed interconnect could bring to the party.
Quote: Originally Posted by slim.a I just remembered that I forgot to mention that Artisan Silver Cables sent me last week their Mark 2 Headphone Upgrade Cable. I received it Saturday and all I can say is that I am very impressed by the build quality. It is as good as the Moon Audio Blue Dragon and better than Stefan AudioArt Equinox. The worst looking cable (besides the stock one) is their Mark1 cable (the one that I am using). But I kept using it because...
Come on,it makes sense,just think of the extra protection it will provide your equipment!
Eye of the tiger - survivor.Nothing else comes closer.
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