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Quote: Originally Posted by MarkyMark Exchanged some emails with Patrick Miller from Sugden. According to him, the circuit design of the HA4 is totally different to the Headmaster with better current and power delivery. He tested it with 300 and 600 ohm loads and power output increased into each one, which suggests it should be able to drive HD800 or T1 adequately. Apparently they use the GS1000i as their main reference can in the lab. Am...
Wouldn't it be something if accuphase poured all of their audiophile might into creating a dedicated headphone amp! I used to own their E530 integrated and it opened my ears to how class A amplification can sound so alive and realistic.
The Roots - Things fall apart Slum village - Fantastic vol.2 The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia Herbalizer - Something wicked this way comes De La Soul - Stakes is high
Herbie Hancock out of the list above,but my current favourites are Kaidi Tatham and Mark de Clive-Lowe.
Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by gordonshowers A Google translate on his previous reply = "around May". Thanks Gordon ,don't know why he couldn't have told me in English.
Quote: Originally Posted by yuking09 Where is the on/off switch/switches and WHEN WILL IT BE AVAILABLE??
Quote: Originally Posted by yuking09 Now that looks stunning.Once again,when will this be available for purchase?
Quote: Originally Posted by yuking09 [报价=阿尔文木屑; 6556213]而且会在何时提供?[/报价] 在5月左右 same to you pal
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidMorton I'm not huge into this genre, but it'd definitely be a shame if you missed Future Sound of London - Lifeforms. It's a little more beat-oriented, but very abstract, nonetheless. Classic album,i'm still playing it to death.Think it's about time it was remastered.
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