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Well Deoxit is made at Caig laboratories, so that means it must have been invented by boffins in white coats,so thats good enough for me 
Joking aside, Deoxit can be used to clean any electrical connection and it's something every gear head should do once in a while 
The cigarette lighter didn't work in my girlfriend's car until i sprayed it with deoxit. Hey bingo, she is now smoking her little head off!
Pure music in hog mode just added a little more liveliness and punch,nothing major but worthwhile all the same.
  The Tranquility really is that good isn't it mamba.   I have also been using pure music and noticed a difference for the better when set in HOG mode. 
Great news npdang,keep the impressions coming and more pics please 
Sounds like the 339 could be a good all rounder,certainly looks the part.
Good stuff,hopefully a happy ending then.   Can't wait to hear impressions,long time coming!
Sorry to hear it, perhaps Yuking09 can step in here.
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