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Up for sale is my fantastic NOS usb only dac. I had it modded by Sean at Custom Hifi Cables and as usual his work is meticulous.  In Seans words here are the mods he carried out for me: The PSU is based on the DC2 PSU but with two separate output windings from the transformer - one for digital, one for analogue. Each supply is rectified with low-noise Schottky diodes and smoothed with 2x10,000uF capacitor banks, with additional filtering components to reduce harmonic...
Thanks for your impressions. Sounds like you will have your time taken up with all those phones to swap and change.Might have to keep my eye out for a cardas cable in the for sale ads.
Stunning. GLWTS.
You went quiet. Are you still using the Cardas Clear with your HD800s?
Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts Stefano. To be honest I have not heard anyone say they dislike the HP8 but then again we all like different things. I find the HD800 to be great with any genre I throw at it and contrary to what some people say I find the bass to be outstanding in depth and texture and i have been a long time Audeze user.
Ok thanks. Can you compare it to any other amps?
Ok thanks for the information. How much is it likely to cost?
^^ There is no information about this amp on their website.   Looks great though.
Ok thanks.
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