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How much is the Estro Armonico?   There is no mention of it on their website.
Further price reduction to £sold.
Price reduction.
Hi Sorry I should have said. They are the gold version and 1m long. Another set of cables that I have long wanted to try have come up. May or may not be as good as these so taking the chance is the much consideration part.
After much consideration I have decided to put these fantastic cables up for grabs.   They let all the detail and ambient clues come through in a smooth and unforced manner allied with great dynamics and huge soundstage where called upon.
Reduced to £sold.
Tell her you are taking her on a surprise trip!
Shipping and paypal now included in price.
Wywires Red headphone cable for Audeze LCD series.   10ft long with 1/4" jack.   Comes with certificate of authenticity.   Excellent condition.   Shipping and paypal included in price.
Oh matron!
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