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Ok thanks for the information. How much is it likely to cost?
^^ There is no information about this amp on their website.   Looks great though.
Ok thanks.
I am sure that in the UK the HD800 will be around a third of the HE1000.
Good review, informative and balanced, thanks for taking the time.
Is it becose you is a troll?
No reason given?
I am looking for a pair of adapters so I can try my Audeze cable with my Senn HD800s.   Please pm me if you have any you want to sell.
Some people hear a difference, some don't. It's not a discussion I want to get into too deep but every headphone I have had has benefited from a couple of hundred hours continuous use. Smooths out the rough edges somewhat.Anyway, time will tell with these phones but already they sound phenomenal to me and I am considering off loading my LCD-3f.
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