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Isn't Purrin using them with a Schitt Valhalla or am I misinformed?
Has anyone here had the pleasure of listening to this amp?
Frank could make this for you no problem but you might want to check that you may need the +v to make the handshake between computer and dac.
Well I for one wouldn't entertain silver power cords again. I find a good balance of silver and copper can do wonders.
I have been using a Venom usb cable that Frank made for me some while ago and I couldn't be happier. Have had some top quality usb cables in the past ( RAL, Wywires, Locus Audio etc) and the toxic cable betters them. Great detail but super smooth with non of the hard, shouty quality that silver can sometimes bring in the midrange. IMO silver is better than copper for a usb cable ( when done right).
Sorry for the OT, wasn't the dac after all but the lousy power cord on the dac. She is singing sweet again.
Absolute bargain. I have a pair of these and they are superb with a wide soundstage and detail aplenty but presented in a smooth fatigue free manner. Good luck with the sale, these should be gone very quickly.
 Now that's the kind of rig I want to see people using the 1266 with.
Let the audionervosa begin.
Have you considered trying the Aubisque usb filter that Larry Moore recommends to use with the DAC-41? I have the the same dac and since moving from LCD2 to 3 I have noticed a little more glassy edge to the sound. I think it is a fantastic dac for the money you can pick them up for. I hope to try the Aubisque with it soon. There again it might not be the fault of the dac and the fact I have a lot of silver cabling in the chain. No doubt I will obsess over this for weeks lol.
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