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Apex Vug   Vug - Small cavity in a rock filled or lined with crystals/minerals that are different from the host rock.
You won't really be buying this amp, you'll just be "looking after it".   Added to bucket list.
This is a fabulous dac for the money and mine will remain in my system for a very long time. As I had him do for mine, for a small fee, Larry can change the mains voltage to 230v.   Good luck with the sale.
Thanks for your insight AiDee.
Because of the fazored LCD3's higher impedance, has anyone tried them with a amp usually reserved for higher z phones i.e. OTL?   Apologies if this seems a dumb question.
Price drop to £275.
The 2m length could be prohibitive for a few people. Can't really see this one selling like hot cakes, could be wrong though.   Michael Mercer will probably get his hands on this and say with it plugged into his LCD-3s, it is like being wired to an orgasmatron!
Oh dear.
Oh yeah I forgot, no sense of humour too.
Ha ha an open mind, he's a Yorkshireman! 
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