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I am with you on this. I have around 200 hrs on my GMB and up to the 175 hr mark I didn't have a problem with the highs, but now they can be unpleasant on some tracks.I always give my new components and cables 500 hrs cooking time so hopefully there is time for improvement yet.
CAD added.
Computer Audio Design (CAD) cable.
Provisionally sold.
I think he is in Vietnam, not 100% sure though.
Great build. Where are you based?
Open to reasonable offers.
Thanks for the great comments guys. I have got the 41 back in my rig at the moment and it is such a musically engaging dac. The mods have taken it to another level. Thought this would have gone by now to be honest.   Just want to reiterate that the hiss I have mentioned is very faint and you have to turn the wick up to hear it with nothing playing.
As stock cables go, the HD800 cable is decent and I lived with it quite happily for some time. I managed to buy a Entreq replacement cable second hand and the improvements were easy to hear which surprised me as I didn't expect it. A far more engaging experience  and money well spent to my ears.   On the other hand though, I would never post on here saying I can't understand why people don't buy upgrade cables. Like everything audio it generally costs to take something...
Trying the Teton on iem setting at the moment. I have a slightly noisy GEC 6AS7G that picks up a little hum from one of my psu transformers. In iem setting the hum can't be heard but I am having to turn up the wick to around 3-4 o'clock to reach satisfactory volume. Will have to listen for a while to see if it sounds better than the normal setting. I am using HD800s.
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