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As stock cables go, the HD800 cable is decent and I lived with it quite happily for some time. I managed to buy a Entreq replacement cable second hand and the improvements were easy to hear which surprised me as I didn't expect it. A far more engaging experience  and money well spent to my ears.   On the other hand though, I would never post on here saying I can't understand why people don't buy upgrade cables. Like everything audio it generally costs to take something...
Trying the Teton on iem setting at the moment. I have a slightly noisy GEC 6AS7G that picks up a little hum from one of my psu transformers. In iem setting the hum can't be heard but I am having to turn up the wick to around 3-4 o'clock to reach satisfactory volume. Will have to listen for a while to see if it sounds better than the normal setting. I am using HD800s.
Price drop to £SOLD.
Up for sale is my Lampi Amber plus in perfect condition with smoked polycarbonate front panel. It has the twin choke upgrade and is fitted with a 1949 RCA rectifier. Rca outputs with usb and toslink inputs. Plays PCM and DSD although I have only used it for PCM. The 5 year warranty is transferable and I only took delivery of this in may. Along with the warranty certificate is a test sheet and I have the original packaging. Reason for selling is I am looking to move up...
Up for sale is my beloved X5 single ended headphone amp designed and built by electronics engineer Kelvyn Shaw.   I first saw this amp advertised on ebay and noticed it was local to me. I contacted Kelvyn and he agreed to loan me the amp for a week and in that time it impressed me immensely, doing a better job with my LCD-2 r1 than a Leben CS300SX and a DarkVoice 337se that I had at the time. A few months after buying the amp  I had Kelvyn swap out the Alps Blue for a...
Thanks Nitis. You are right, this unassuming looking little dac has flown under the radar and was a step up from both Tranquility models that I previously owned.
Fitted a Mullard CV4003 cryo treated into my Amber+. Not too impressed at first but after 200 hours it really has come into it's own. Beautiful midrange and the highs are just perfect on my HD800s.
I have advertised these before but changed my mind because they are so good. These are definitely up for grabs now as I have snagged myself a pair of the signature version. 1m long and in excellent condition and are terminated with excellent WBT locking rca plugs.
Firewire 800 (9 pin to 9 pin) data only firewire cable.  Bought this for a project that didn't materialise.  In excellent condition and 1.25m long.
Up for sale is my fantastic NOS usb only dac. I had it modded by Sean at Custom Hifi Cables and as usual his work is meticulous.  In Seans words here are the mods he carried out for me: The PSU is based on the DC2 PSU but with two separate output windings from the transformer - one for digital, one for analogue. Each supply is rectified with low-noise Schottky diodes and smoothed with 2x10,000uF capacitor banks, with additional filtering components to reduce harmonic...
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