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^^ They look genuine to me.
Had the Mullard back in my amp last night and there is definitely some magic there, no softening of the frequency extremes to my ears.  Mullard 5U4G/Mullard 6080/Brimar 6SN7GT.
Have you tried the adapter JazzVinyl?
  The Mullard 6080 I have been using. Black plates, halo getter and copper rods by the looks of it.
Now then. Something that I forgot about is that I replaced the power lead on my amp with a Lessloss Sig. and after a few days cooking it has added a real magic to the sound with additional weight. I have popped the GEC 6AS7G back in and it sounds damn fine and it is absolutely dead quiet now thanks to the Lessloss. Sounds like there is still life left in the GEC after all. Compared to the Mullard it has a ethereal quality whereas the Mullard is more direct and centre...
Funny you should ask about the GEC 6080, hopefully that will be my next port of call.   I'm pretty sure my GEC 6AS7G has it's best days behind. Even so there is a wider soundstage and slighly more air with the GEC 6AS7G. The Mullard is definitely a great tube for the money though. I find with the Teton it is the driver tube (6SN7) that makes the biggest changes to the sound. Will have to see if I can source a new GEC 6AS7G without having my pants pulled down.
Decided to take a GEC 6AS7G out of my Apex Teton and pop in a Mullard 6080 and it really is very good. Not sure if the GEC is on it's last legs but there is more weight to the Mullard that is very welcome. Have been thinking about getting a replacement GEC but may have to rethink as the Mullard is around a 5th or a 1/4 of the cost.
These fantastic cables are in excellent condition and have the 72v DBS.   I have previously owned the Sky interconnects and these are very close and to my ears have a more impactful bass.   They come in the presentation wallet but unfortunately I don't have the original outer box.   Shipping and PP to be added.
For sale is a one month old GMB, fully burned in and with all original packaging.   Bought from Electromod, the UK Schiit dealer for £1000 plus shipping.   Selling for £Sold shipped within the UK.
I am with you on this. I have around 200 hrs on my GMB and up to the 175 hr mark I didn't have a problem with the highs, but now they can be unpleasant on some tracks.I always give my new components and cables 500 hrs cooking time so hopefully there is time for improvement yet.
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