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I took a chance as it was advertised as untested and that is probably why I got it at the low price. Gauging it against the sound of the Mullard it is a little woolly in the lows and not as clear or engaging, but that was how the Mullard sounded with little hours on it. For that reason I have a good feeling about how the GEC will blossom with further hours. It certainly doesn't sound like I have bought a plum.I have seen a dealer selling these for £75 on ebay and in my...
Hard to say at the moment as the GEC needs some hours on it. Also I have just got my dac back after having mods done so a little time will be needed to get a handle on what is doing what.
Said GEC 6080 cooking away nicely.
Just received a GEC 6080, bought untested and in excellent cosmetic condition, popped it in and it sounds very good. Will probably need a couple hundred hours just like the Mullard to open up fully. The only physical difference I can see is the GEC has longer plates than the Mullard. A decent buy at £23 I feel.
^^ They look genuine to me.
Had the Mullard back in my amp last night and there is definitely some magic there, no softening of the frequency extremes to my ears.  Mullard 5U4G/Mullard 6080/Brimar 6SN7GT.
Have you tried the adapter JazzVinyl?
  The Mullard 6080 I have been using. Black plates, halo getter and copper rods by the looks of it.
Now then. Something that I forgot about is that I replaced the power lead on my amp with a Lessloss Sig. and after a few days cooking it has added a real magic to the sound with additional weight. I have popped the GEC 6AS7G back in and it sounds damn fine and it is absolutely dead quiet now thanks to the Lessloss. Sounds like there is still life left in the GEC after all. Compared to the Mullard it has a ethereal quality whereas the Mullard is more direct and centre...
Funny you should ask about the GEC 6080, hopefully that will be my next port of call.   I'm pretty sure my GEC 6AS7G has it's best days behind. Even so there is a wider soundstage and slighly more air with the GEC 6AS7G. The Mullard is definitely a great tube for the money though. I find with the Teton it is the driver tube (6SN7) that makes the biggest changes to the sound. Will have to see if I can source a new GEC 6AS7G without having my pants pulled down.
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