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Let the audionervosa begin.
Have you considered trying the Aubisque usb filter that Larry Moore recommends to use with the DAC-41? I have the the same dac and since moving from LCD2 to 3 I have noticed a little more glassy edge to the sound. I think it is a fantastic dac for the money you can pick them up for. I hope to try the Aubisque with it soon. There again it might not be the fault of the dac and the fact I have a lot of silver cabling in the chain. No doubt I will obsess over this for weeks lol.
Name and shame and shame.
Yes and I am quite envious.
My thoughts also. Each to their own though.
Maybe we should organise a Cheshire mini meet
Glad to see you got your replacement safely delivered, lets hope this one works.Looking forward to your impressions.
Looks like M2Tech will be bringing out a headphone amp costing around £1000.
Up for sale are my lovely LCD-2 planar magnetic headphones. Only selling as I have upgraded to the LCD-3s. In excellent condition and comes in ruggedized travel case with care kit and standard cable. I have the graph somewhere and if I can find it I will ship it with the phones.   Not interested in trades.   Includes shipping within UK.  
Cheap as chips.
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