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Stunning. GLWTS.
You went quiet. Are you still using the Cardas Clear with your HD800s?
Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts Stefano. To be honest I have not heard anyone say they dislike the HP8 but then again we all like different things. I find the HD800 to be great with any genre I throw at it and contrary to what some people say I find the bass to be outstanding in depth and texture and i have been a long time Audeze user.
Ok thanks. Can you compare it to any other amps?
Ok thanks for the information. How much is it likely to cost?
^^ There is no information about this amp on their website.   Looks great though.
Ok thanks.
I am sure that in the UK the HD800 will be around a third of the HE1000.
Good review, informative and balanced, thanks for taking the time.
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