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I now have the Chord Sarum super aray usb and it is remarkable how much improved the music sounds with it in my rig.
Thanks for your impressions buffer, nicely written. Did you try the HD800 with the Teton?
Highly acclaimed usb cable designed by digital fanatic Scott Berry.   Cable is in excellent condition and is 1m long with original metal packaging.   http://www.monoandstereo.com/2015/01/computer-audio-design-cad-usb-cable.html   http://theproaudiowebblog.com/cad-usb-review.html   http://hifipig.com/cad-computer-audio-design-usb-cable/   Price does not include shipping or paypal fees if used.
I am in the process of finding out if it is possible to use a pair of 6BL7 on my Teton. Gibosi has kindly given me some useful information and I have just emailed Todd at apex audio for his thoughts. Hopefully it is doable as I have been really encouraged by the comments on this thread, plus they are cheap.
Welcome aboard the good ship Teton gsr108. I am sure the Mac phones are superb but you now owe it to yourself to buy or borrow a pair of HD800 and marvel at the immersive and musically engaging sound. You don't need to spend big on tubes to make this special amp sing.
I took a chance as it was advertised as untested and that is probably why I got it at the low price. Gauging it against the sound of the Mullard it is a little woolly in the lows and not as clear or engaging, but that was how the Mullard sounded with little hours on it. For that reason I have a good feeling about how the GEC will blossom with further hours. It certainly doesn't sound like I have bought a plum.I have seen a dealer selling these for £75 on ebay and in my...
Hard to say at the moment as the GEC needs some hours on it. Also I have just got my dac back after having mods done so a little time will be needed to get a handle on what is doing what.
Said GEC 6080 cooking away nicely.
Just received a GEC 6080, bought untested and in excellent cosmetic condition, popped it in and it sounds very good. Will probably need a couple hundred hours just like the Mullard to open up fully. The only physical difference I can see is the GEC has longer plates than the Mullard. A decent buy at £23 I feel.
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