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Yes I agree, the 1578 is a fine tube with just the right amount of air. I alternate between this and a Marconi B65. The 6BL7 are a bit harder to get hold of in the UK but I will keep looking.
Been thinking of trying this for a while. Which 6BL7s are you using and which 6AS7Gs do you normally use?
Have had my 540 reference II for about a week now and I am enthralled. Didn't want to gush about these as I have invested in getting the best out of my HD800 but they are so balanced and the highs are absolutely spot on. I don't find the lows wanting as some have reported but maybe that is having them juiced by a fairly decent otl amp. Although the 800 have a bigger, perhaps ballsier sound, the 540 draws you in and engages like a bastard. They have all my head time at...
Good effort. To be fair though the 540 makes a good fist of throwing the soundstage out in front of you anyway or at least in my experience.
Which ear pads are you using?
Fantastic interconnects that use a mixture of copper, silver and gold and terminated with WBT locking plugs.   1m long and with original packaging.
I am selling this dac for a very good friend of mine.       Here for sale is my much treasured DiDiT DAC212 this is an absolutely terrific DAC that has impeccable build quality and sounds stunning too. The DAC has a huge feature list including a digital preamp, multiple inputs and multi formats including DSD and includes a solid headphone amp for good measure. The dot matrix display looks great and it's intensity, displayed type and on and off functions can be...
I have one remaining Signature cable at 1.5m terminated with Oyaide Schuko and iec.
I have two of these for sale, they are 1.8m long and terminated with Furutech 1363 UK plugs.   Price is for one cable.
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