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Brought home my dad's Grado SR60 this evening for what I thought would be a quick dismissive listen, still listening to them now as I type 3 hours later. If I remember correctly chengka7 posted earlier in the thread about how impressed he was with this pairing. Never been a fan of the Grado phones but this is very satisfying. So far I have been listening to jazz, vocal and acoustic music but will try some ambient electronic next.  Using a Sylvania 7326 output but will...
I had the 337 SE a few years back and paired it with HD650 to very good effect. Controlled the 650 very well especially in the bass department.If I am not mistaken isn't the 337 basically two 336 in one chassis?
Thanks for this tip. It has brought a MWT 6AS7G back from the dead and stopped a CBS 5692 and Marconi B65 from hissing. I always clean the pins with deoxit but evidently that wasn't enough even though the pins looked fairly clean. So all in all some fairly expensive tubes salvaged and my amp has never been so quiet. One happy bunny here 
Looking forward to your thoughts on the Eikon plugged into the Teton.
Yes I agree, the 1578 is a fine tube with just the right amount of air. I alternate between this and a Marconi B65. The 6BL7 are a bit harder to get hold of in the UK but I will keep looking.
Been thinking of trying this for a while. Which 6BL7s are you using and which 6AS7Gs do you normally use?
Have had my 540 reference II for about a week now and I am enthralled. Didn't want to gush about these as I have invested in getting the best out of my HD800 but they are so balanced and the highs are absolutely spot on. I don't find the lows wanting as some have reported but maybe that is having them juiced by a fairly decent otl amp. Although the 800 have a bigger, perhaps ballsier sound, the 540 draws you in and engages like a bastard. They have all my head time at...
Good effort. To be fair though the 540 makes a good fist of throwing the soundstage out in front of you anyway or at least in my experience.
Which ear pads are you using?
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