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Here is a good place to start for live recordings : The Bruce Springsteen mp3 Bootleg Index :: Index
The Live at Hammersmith, London '75 is a good starting point. It covers early material up to and including Born to Run, and the sound quality is terrific. After that, I would recommend a 1978 bootleg. Passaic Night is very good (sound quality and performance), so is the performance at the Agora (released under several titles). Live at the Winterland is my favorite performance but the sound quality is not as good.
Live at the Winterland (Bootleg)
Just came back from seeing Springsteen & the E Street Band at the Parc des Princes in Paris. The sound was horrible - otherwise it was a good concert.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth Mmmm, that is one lovely looking CDP. Lovely sounding too.
Nagra CDP
Any more info on the availability of the headcode ?
Quote: Originally Posted by wavoman Rob -- Don't fail to audition the Nagra CDC (which you mentioned earlier in the thread), the all-in-one unit (transport, pre-amp, and headphone amp). I did, and was blown away. The headphone amp is not an afterthought like on some (even high-end) pre-amps. Just plug in your favorite SE HP and you are in sonic heaven. Nagra engineers actually prefer SE to Balanced (I've been having email chats with some Nagra folks on...
Here is another list : Larry's List of the Best Jazz Albums form The Past 50 Years Oscar Peterson is missing on the NY Times list....
Quote: Originally Posted by tru blu Well, there's always some disclaimer about the last 30 years of the jazz idiom, which is getting kind of old, especially when someone like Henry Threadgill was making definitive records in the late '70s/early '80s that were accessible and inventive (Air Lore, Just the Facts and Pass The Bucket), and singer Abbey Lincoln made about three records in the '90s that outshine the '50s date that made the list. I also have to...
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