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Has anyone tried the M500 unamped ?
WOW, sounds good, I really have to try the M500 before I purchase anything else.
Yeah, as I said, great sound for the K167, but if they can brake that easily with my delicate use, then it's a no go, it's a pity.
Did anyone compared the M500 with Sennheiser Momentum ?
Yeah, I want to know more about comfort, I've had bad experiences with on-ear headphones.
I got a full refund, no problems.
As I said, the H6 do sound good, but they are just too expensive for what you get.
Beagle, can you show some pictures of the headphones? Does an iPod Touch fit in the case with the headphones, can you check that for me? Thanks
Sounds good Beagle, did you try them unamped? Are they efficent enough for an iPod?
Wow, sounds good. how about isolation? Do they isolate well from outside noise and vice versa ?Thanks
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