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I got a full refund, no problems.
As I said, the H6 do sound good, but they are just too expensive for what you get.
Beagle, can you show some pictures of the headphones? Does an iPod Touch fit in the case with the headphones, can you check that for me? Thanks
Sounds good Beagle, did you try them unamped? Are they efficent enough for an iPod?
Wow, sounds good. how about isolation? Do they isolate well from outside noise and vice versa ?Thanks
Great, more impressions please Beagle, how does it sound unamped?
Looks interesting, no doubt they will sound good, but I wonder about the price compared to the PSB headphones, if they are cheaper, I may consider
No, I sent it in for repairs where I purchased
My K167 broke, and no, I don't abuse my stuff, it's just from normal use, what a piece of c..... I will try to get them exchanged for something else. I will never buy AKG again....
I'm not worried about made in China. Has anyone received these headphones yet, they are in stock several places
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