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I'm in Denmark, so the H6 are everywhere, very nice sound, great comfort, reduce the price by 25% then I would buy them
Damn, still no M500 in Denmark, I may have to just order them from the UK without listening to them first
I've heard the H6 several times now, they sound very nice and a very comfortable, I actually prefer these to the Momentum, but I think still think the price is too high, a 25% reduction would make them worth the money.
Beagle, there must be something you don't like, or is this really the perfect headphone for you? It will arrive in Denmark this week, can't wait to listen to it
How do the Focal sound compared to the M500 ?
Just a practical question about the M500 case, does an iPod Touch fit in the case together with the headphones?
Please ... can anyone try these unamped ?
Has anyone tried the M500 unamped ?
WOW, sounds good, I really have to try the M500 before I purchase anything else.
Yeah, as I said, great sound for the K167, but if they can brake that easily with my delicate use, then it's a no go, it's a pity.
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