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Great, more impressions please Beagle, how does it sound unamped?
Looks interesting, no doubt they will sound good, but I wonder about the price compared to the PSB headphones, if they are cheaper, I may consider
No, I sent it in for repairs where I purchased
My K167 broke, and no, I don't abuse my stuff, it's just from normal use, what a piece of c..... I will try to get them exchanged for something else. I will never buy AKG again....
I'm not worried about made in China. Has anyone received these headphones yet, they are in stock several places
I'm selling my AKG K167 They are in excellent shape, never been out of the house. Original packaging is included. I will only ship within Europe (I'm in Denmark). Postage is 20 Euro with track and trace. PayPal only. Thanks
Wow, that sounds good, can't wait to try them myself First review:
I didn't like the D340 either, too big for on-ear design, sound is average at best, I definately like the MDR-1R more. Did you get the KEF's ?
Very hard to answer, you should try them yourself.
Had 20 minutes with the H6 yesterday. First impression is that they are light and well built, isolation is good and comfort is excellent, definately one of the most comfortable closed headphones I have tried in recent years (and I've tried many). Sound is typical B&O, not that exciting, quite neutral, but a little boring. Bass is not very deep and there's not much of it, treble is nice and not harsh, so overall it's a pleasant sound. If it was half price, it would be a...
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