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How do the Focal sound compared to the M500 ?
Just a practical question about the M500 case, does an iPod Touch fit in the case together with the headphones?
Please ... can anyone try these unamped ?
Has anyone tried the M500 unamped ?
WOW, sounds good, I really have to try the M500 before I purchase anything else.
Yeah, as I said, great sound for the K167, but if they can brake that easily with my delicate use, then it's a no go, it's a pity.
Did anyone compared the M500 with Sennheiser Momentum ?
Yeah, I want to know more about comfort, I've had bad experiences with on-ear headphones.
I got a full refund, no problems.
As I said, the H6 do sound good, but they are just too expensive for what you get.
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