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Please use this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/680853/sony-nwz-zx1-35th-walkman-anniversary-model
I like the focus on audio quality, that's quite rare for such a large company, I hope it won't be a japan only release, importing is expensive.
Yeah, it looks amazing. I wonder what the price will be ?
Let's talk about this upcoming player from Sony to be released in 2014. More info here: http://androidcommunity.com/sony-walkman-nw-zx1-and-nw-f880-series-unveiled-coming-in-october-20130925/ http://www.sony.jp/walkman/lineup/zx1/ http://www.sony.jp/walkman/products/NW-ZX1/spec.html
Finally a black version, looks great, and the price dropped here in Denmark, for the price it sound great
Yeah, 64GB or expansion via SD card, would have made it perfect.
Found a nice review in Hifi Choice.
No, sorry, I didn't check that, my main concern is sound quality and comfort.
Could question, I would expect them to announce the Classic version soon, but now this?
I was quite surprised that the isolation is not that great, I could easily hear background noise.
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