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I do believe in burn-in, but it's a minor change if any. Some even mentions this in the manual: BREAK IN Allow approximately 15–30 hours of break in at moderate listening levels before any critical listening. Like most high-performance audio reproduction devices, a break-in period should result in improved performance. For rapid break-in you may choose to leave the headphones connected to an audio source playing music during the night or when otherwise not in use....
How do we get in touch with a moderator/administrator? It would be nice to rename this thread to: KEF M200 / M500 Appreciation Thread
Review is online:
No comparison, the M500 are much more balanced and much more comfortable. I will write a mini review in a few days.
Just received my M500, WOW, they sound good More info later....
Already in stock at Amazon UK:
Official page:
Have you seen this?
I just ordered the M500, impressions this week (hopefully)
I'm in Denmark, so the H6 are everywhere, very nice sound, great comfort, reduce the price by 25% then I would buy them
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