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WOW, what a review:
I had a quick listen to them last weekend, didn't like them at all, strange fit, and the sound was uninspiring, the NAD VISO HP50, which I compared with sound much better for me
I think it will be around 900 dollars delivered from Japan, expensive yes.I just asked for a quote
Yeah, and imagine what the total price will be if you can only import from Japan ?I mailed Sony Europe about the ZX1, I don't expect a reply, but we'll see
Ok, so it's a limited edition japanese only release ?
It looks really good:
WOW, 128B - i'm buying, I hope it will be available in Europe though, otherwise it's gonna cost me a fortune
How do they compare to KEF M500 ?
Looks good, I like the all black design.
Yeah, Classic for me too
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