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Finally a black version, looks great, and the price dropped here in Denmark, for the price it sound great
Yeah, 64GB or expansion via SD card, would have made it perfect.
Found a nice review in Hifi Choice.
No, sorry, I didn't check that, my main concern is sound quality and comfort.
Could question, I would expect them to announce the Classic version soon, but now this?
I was quite surprised that the isolation is not that great, I could easily hear background noise.
NAD VISO HP50 - first impressions Spent about 30 minutes with them a few days ago. Nice build quality, the cups are plastic, but nice. Cable is detachable, and you can choice which side to use, that's cool, quality of the cable is ok, seems quite tangle free. Comfort is good, but not great, the pads are large, but it was a little tight on my head, could loosen up after some time, hard to say. Sound is really good, very spacious open sound, doesn't sound like a typical...
These are now in stock in Denmark, I will listen to them this weekend.....stay tuned
The original momentum doesn't fit me at all, so for me the smaller version sound better
I actually like them a lot, the treble could be a little more laid back, but very dynamic sound, nice fit.
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