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Yeah, but remember headphones are highly subjective, even though I prefer the M500 it's not certain that you will, they are both very good, what you prefer is up to personal preference.
Oh no, I think the HP50 and M500 are very different, I have them both, but I must admit I like the M500 more, why? The M500 is much more comfortable, the sound is more dynamic and I like the rounded treble, makes bad recordings sound tolerable. The HP50 is more neutral and more "correct", but the M500 is more fun to listen to. Soundstage is best on HP50, no doubt, which is the biggest plus to the HP50 compared to M500. Build quality is much better on M500, really feels...
Btw, has anyone found a nice heaphone hardcase that matches these headphones well? I would prefer something with a little better protection than the softcase provided. Thanks
Oh yes, they play all genres really well, I'm very impressed with these headphones
Are they available in Europe? I would like to try them, they look very comfortable
How do the NAD HP 50 compare to the M4U1 in regards to sound, comfort and build quality?
Yeah, I tried that...didn't help much.
Had 10 minutes with these, first of all, they are much better than the regular Spirit One, build quality has improved and the sound is better. Very neutral to my ears, nothing stands out, very detailed with excellent extension. Comfort was a problem for me, the clamp pressure was quite high for me, not very comfortable, and this is probably the deal breaker for me, so try them before purchase, they are good, no doubt...
Beagle, how do they compared to KEF M500 and NAD VISO HP50 ?
These have arrived here in Denmark, I will listen to them this week and give you my first impressions
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