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Seems they are finally getting a European release:
I got mine yesterday, I wrote this at Amazon:   I use this dock connected with a digital toslink cable in my Naim Uniti (which has a very good DAC built in) and it sounds excellent, very little difference from the built-in CD player of my system, true hifi sound. Unlike the other review here at Amazon, the sound level is a little low though, and I have trouble using the video output, but I still need to try out some other cables for my TV, at the price this product...
Thanks, I will look into these, the budget is about right.
I just purchased the Denon AH-D2000, wow, they sound good and much better than the AH-A100, which I returned, but I know they can sound even better with an iPod, so which amp would you recommend for these headphone and the iPod Touch 4G?   What would be cool is a case with amp included, does that exist at all?   Thanks a lot
I just ordered one, a little review when I have it - I have a DAC included in my AMP, which really should make this little thing sing like heaven.
I may buy this, just what I need, so far I only know about Onkyo and Wadia that has true digital output.   One quick question, can the iPod be used normally when docked, or do I have to use the remote?
Does anyone have an idea for how much I can sell these for here or at eBay ?
I don't agree, but as I said, it depends on the music and quality of the recording, but I have several examples where I can hear the difference everytime, even without knowing which is which....  
My main source is a Naim Uniti, which is excellent, and 2nd source is iPod Touch 4G with lossless files, as I said, it really depends on the recordings, but I guess you are right, crap in crap out, the ah-a100 are very detailed, maybe I should just get used to the bad recordings.
Not sure if it just me, but after almost 2 months, I'm not so impressed anymore with them, the main problem is that they sound a little harsh in the treble, but it really depends on the music, really good recordings with few instruments sounds amazing still, but more average recordings, mainstream CDs and such just sound a little too harsh, I wish the headphones were a little more forgiving, not sure how to explain this...   For current AH-A100 owners, what do you...
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