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I would get the new Sony walkman with FLAC support or the Z series
I heard the B&W P3 the other day, design and build quality is great, but the sound way too dark, what are they thinking? If I remove the pads the sound improves and treble returns, but that's not a good solution. The P5 sound much better, but they are too expensive and not foldable.
I'm also interested in these, I may just have to buy them and make sure I can return them if I don't like the sound.
I tried those, way to dark sounding for my taste, and I do believe those are not within my budget.
Not really, since I need them to be closed.
I will check out the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro, seems to get good reviews, and I found a store that has them close to where I live.
Thanks, just updated my post.
Hi all,   I already have some excellent headphones for home use, the Denon AH-D2000, but I'm looking for something smaller, foldable, easy to carry and I prefer closed, so I don't bother others. I've listened to Sony MDR-V55, which are pretty good for the price, I also looked into AKG K451 which get good reviews, but I can't find them anywhere in Copenhagen, I would prefer to listen to them first.   Do you have any other suggestions?   Price around 100-150...
Has anyone compared a lossless file from an iPod to a 320KB mp3 on the Z-series? I could imagine the Sony would still be better, what do you say ?
Yesterday I heard the NW-Z1050 here in Denmark, sound was great, but too low, is this because of the EU restriction? If yes, is there a fix or would I need to import from Japan ?   Thanks
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