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Yesterday I heard the NW-Z1050 here in Denmark, sound was great, but too low, is this because of the EU restriction? If yes, is there a fix or would I need to import from Japan ?   Thanks
Sure, the new model may look very different, but who cares about that, the sound should have the main focus not the looks, I'm sure the AH-D7100 will sound amazing :)
I just asked the Danish importer of PSB, where I got my speakers. The M4U2 will not be available, I would have liked to compare these to my Denon AH-D2000, oh well...
Thanks, I will write a little review when I get them.
I heard these from a friend a few days ago:   http://www.jays.se/products/earphones/a-jays-four.html   I was impressed by the sound, actually better than my old Denon Denon AH-C700, the treble is a little restricted, actually good with bad recordings to avoid the harsh sound :)   Are there any alternatives in this price range, or should I just do it ?   Thanks
I had a quick listen to them yesterday using an iPod with Lossless files. The look is great, but comfort was not so good for my ears, they way they are designed makes them very special, you really need to try them before buy. For the price the sound is good, but nothing special, it's definately hifi, but I actually prefer the sound of their P5, the treble is a problem, very often (depending on the source) it was harsh and I had to turn down the volume quite a bit for...
I got the Denon, in my opinion they sound much better than B&W.
Ok, I will try to contact them and see what I can find out, I will keep you posted here....    
Has anyone managed to get video out of this thing? I for sure have tried everything, nothing but noise on the TV.
Seems they are finally getting a European release:   http://presscentre.sony.eu/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=6529&NewsAreaId=2
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