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Has anyone managed to get video out of this thing? I for sure have tried everything, nothing but noise on the TV.
Seems they are finally getting a European release:   http://presscentre.sony.eu/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=6529&NewsAreaId=2
I got mine yesterday, I wrote this at Amazon:   I use this dock connected with a digital toslink cable in my Naim Uniti (which has a very good DAC built in) and it sounds excellent, very little difference from the built-in CD player of my system, true hifi sound. Unlike the other review here at Amazon, the sound level is a little low though, and I have trouble using the video output, but I still need to try out some other cables for my TV, at the price this product...
Thanks, I will look into these, the budget is about right.
I just purchased the Denon AH-D2000, wow, they sound good and much better than the AH-A100, which I returned, but I know they can sound even better with an iPod, so which amp would you recommend for these headphone and the iPod Touch 4G?   What would be cool is a case with amp included, does that exist at all?   Thanks a lot
I just ordered one, a little review when I have it - I have a DAC included in my AMP, which really should make this little thing sing like heaven.
I may buy this, just what I need, so far I only know about Onkyo and Wadia that has true digital output.   One quick question, can the iPod be used normally when docked, or do I have to use the remote?
Does anyone have an idea for how much I can sell these for here or at eBay ?
I don't agree, but as I said, it depends on the music and quality of the recording, but I have several examples where I can hear the difference everytime, even without knowing which is which....  
My main source is a Naim Uniti, which is excellent, and 2nd source is iPod Touch 4G with lossless files, as I said, it really depends on the recordings, but I guess you are right, crap in crap out, the ah-a100 are very detailed, maybe I should just get used to the bad recordings.
New Posts  All Forums: