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And you know this how ?
From my 30 minutes with the D600, they are more comfortable with deeper bass, and the sound is smoother, and this D600 had only a few hours of burn-in.I was really impressed, if I had the money I would buy it right now
I don't agree, the 7100 sounds better than the D600, but the difference is not worth the extra cash, the D7100 should have cost 700-800 US retail max
I heard 3 of the new Denons yesterday. D400 = bad build quality and sound, is not even worth half the price in my opinion, sound is harsh and really not what I would call hifi (the Incase Reflex which costs 1/4 of the D400 sound much better in every respect). D600 = very nice build quality and sound, extremely comfortable for me, much more than my D2000, I must admit that the D600 sound better in every respect, the bass is even deeper and the sound is smoother, isolation...
I heard the Incase Reflex today, very nice sound and very comfortable, but they are not very efficient compared to others, is there a way boost the output withou spending too much?
My local store has all the new models now ready for demo, I will review them tomorrow and post my thoughts right here, stay tuned....
Ok, thanks, Seenheiser HD 229 is on the list to review.
Ok, I listened to about 20 different headphones today (not all of them foldable), my reference are my Denon AH-D2000, so you know the sound I'm looking for. The best for me were: Sony MDR-7506, very comfortable, nice sound, but the treble is a little to much for me, and I miss some bass. Audio-Technica ATH-M50, really nice sound, nothing I can complain about, but they were too heavy and warm to wear even just after 5 minutes. Aiaiai TMA-1, unknown brand to...
Yeah, both models (600 and 7100) just arrived in my country :)
I wonder if I should upgrade from AH-D2000 to AH-D600? Has anyone compared the two?
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