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I started this thread long time ago and I finally got to listen to these WOW, amazing build quality, very comfortable, typical Denon sound, reminds me of the old AH-D5000, very nice sound, I really have no complains, they could be a little more efficient, but other than that, excellent, these may be my next headphones, we'll see
Ups, sorry, I mean the iPod Touch
Seems like this one does the trick, also with new iPods: I just wish there was a cheaper solution? Thanks
Hi all, Is it possible to get pure digital output using an iPod (5th generation)? I need the digital output to be toslink or coax, is this possible? In the old days (4th generation) there were docks that could do this, like this one: Any suggestions? Thanks
I heard them too this weekend. Very nice sound, reminds me a little of Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, but with better isolation, not as comfortable, but the sound is good and they are very efficient. They don't fold though, which is a dealbreaker for me.
Has anyone seen these?
I have both, and I prefer the sound of the KEF, and they are much more comfortable for me.
Yeah, they sound great, but uncomfortable for me, so I sold them. They are ugly too, and build quality is not great.
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