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I can only speak for the D2000 which I had for years, the K167 goes deeper and is more controlled and detailed, the D2000 has a nice bass but it's no match for the K167, combine that with a clearer midrange and nice rolled off highs you have a headphone that sounds great with all kinds of music, a headphone that brings the best out of good recordings, and makes you want to listen to your entire collection all over again, and that's for me the most important aspect
I can confirm that they sound better than the Denon D2000, but just not as comfortable though. For the price they should sell like hotcakes, amazing value
Guys, these are just my first impressions, I only had 10 minutes with them or so, they sound great, but I believe what you really pay for is the build quality
Got a quick listen to the big brother K267, sound is similar, with the K267 you can adjust the bass slightly, build quality is definately better and that's what you pay for, they are not as comfortable as the K167 mainly because they are heavier and they also don't isolate as well, I was a happy though, since the K167 is much better for the money.
I agree, have you noticed how well voices are handled? They are much more dynamic that I'm used to, everything is done so well on the K167, I wrote to Ty from innerfidelity and he will try to get them reviewed
Yes, you're right, damn, I will probably need to listen to them, I need more money
I only said they are not as comfortable as the my old Denon D2000, which are VERY VERY VERY comfortable, the K167 are just comfortable
Thanks a lot
Well, for me there are only 2 minor negatives compared to my old Denon D2000. Comfort is not as good as the D2000 (which were like pillows on my head). After a few hours I need break, I didn't have that problem with the D2000. Build quality is not super, I already had an issue with the headband, as shown on my little video: - but I managed to exchange them, and the new ones don't have that issue, and we've seen other reports...
Do you guys have a hard case recommendation for the K167? I really need something to bag them into when travelling. Thanks
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