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Oh, my opinions are just my own. I didn't feel they isolated very much if any compared to the K167. No one, and I really mean no one should buy headphones without trying them first, I did that some years ago, and I will never do it again.
As I only had about 10-15 minutes, I didn't have enough time for a detailed comparison, but as I wrote the sound is similar as K167, not the same. But the isolation is obvious, and definately a deal breaker for me, I don't need the bass adjust (for me it's just a gimmick), the build quality is nice, but I'm sure my K167 will last, I always take good care of my stuff.
I would say the isolation on K167 is much better than K267, it felt like it didn't isolate at all.
As I posted in the K167 thread, I tried the K267 for about 10-15 minutes with some of my music. Main differences: K267 has better build quality, metal instead of plastic. K267 is heavier and not as comfortable K267 sound is similar to K167 K267 bass can be adjusted in 3 steps (all sound good) K267 is much more expensive K267 doesn't isolate as well as K167 Of course the K267 sound great, since it's similar to K167, but I believe what you really pay for is the build...
No, very neutral across the entire band.
Yeah, I've heard them, very nice sound specially for the price, very comfortable, the treble was a little harsh, but the headphone I've heard were brand new
These should fit well:
Well, not sure I'm a bass head, but the reason I purchased the D2000 was mainly because of the bass, with the K167 it's even better, so I'm very satisfied. And btw, I agree that the K167 needs som burn-in, I just use music, I've had over 50 hours now on it, and the sound has improved, it also plays louder than before, strange....
I mainly use my K167 without an amp with lossless files, sounds great Sure, the sound does improve with an amp, but if not worth the hassle in my opinion, specially not for portable use.
They are not colored, I would rather call them analytical, but not too much. From my 10 minutes with K267 I didn't them more bassy than K167, I would only buy the K267 if I wanted better build quality
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