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Just received a mail that they are in stock now: Looks good, I will listen to them asap.
Great, how is the isolation and comfort ? Do you like them better than P5 ?
I just hope they sound as good as they look
And also compared to the AKG K167
M200 or M500 ?
I do care about looks, but sound and comfort is much more important. If the pads are soft, then they seem very comfortable, definately will have to try them. The price is ok, they can fold, check check
Looks great, I may have to listen to the M500
Hi I need some super comfortable IME's with good sound for both rock, pop and jazz that work well unamped with an iPod Touch 4G. Max price 200 Euro (purchase available in Europe). Thanks a lot
OK, heard them briefly today, not impressed, the MDR-1 are better and more comfortable, but both are no match soundwise to the excellent K167.
I will listen to these this weekend and give you my first impressions.
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