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Why are people not posting? It should work
Let's continue the discussion about the AKG K167 from this:
What does that mean? Why not?
Yeah, why is it locked ????
Yeah, I only heard them briefly, don't have more to add that I already posted. I prefer the K167 for the lower price, better isolation and comfort.
I wrote a little here:
The K167 isolates much better than the K267, but as people mention, the build quality is what you pay for in the K267.
UE6000 are no match to the K167, which sounds much more refined and correct.
I just got back from a nice flight to Barcelona, the K167 passed the isolation test, when listening to music, I can't hear anything from the plane. Stop searching, these headphones are great, I love them
1. I don't think the mids are recessed at all on the K167. 2. Yes, but they don't isolate as well as the K167.
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