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Beagle, I remember that you also had the KEF M500 which I still own, are the Prymas much better? If yes, what makes them better in comparison to KEG M500?
What do you mean by "w signature"?
I'm sure it sounds better amped, but I would like the best sound possible without an amp, I believe Sine could be one of those, thanks
How do the Sine sound unamped? Are they sensitive enough?
Sounds good, I will get a demo in a few weeks.....
No, sorry, I will have to buy Pryma to compare them, no demo available in my country.
I really liked the Nighthawks, if the Pryma is even better, then I'm buying for sure, but I need to test them first, not easy, so it seems.....
Hi all, Is it possible to get pure digital output using an iPad Air? I need the digital output to be toslink or coax, is this possible? In the old days (using iPod Touch 4th generation) there were docks that could do this, like this one: http://www.pure.com/us/product/i-20-vl-61429/ Any suggestions? Thanks
Check import from Japan price here: http://www.pricejapan.com/front/e_good_info.php?code=1592&category=17
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