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Posts by helledie like that one:-)
  DX100 + Spiral Ear Ref 5 = epic setup. This dap is amazing - it is also fantastic with my He-500.
No. I use the dynamic :-) there is almost no hiss with the ref 5...
A thing i miss with the dynamic fw is the ability to lock the keys.. I have it in my pocket most of the time, and sometimes its doing stuff down there!
Yes I have - but I am to lazy write it down ;-)
    I agree. I also tend to keep my Studio-V for portable use. It fits better in my jeans :) But at home it is no problem to put DX100 on a table or in the couch.
    It would be difficult for me to comment on a dap without hearing it, wouldn't you agree? But yes, I have had the pleasure for several hours. So no guessing here. Just love :)
    I am getting the DX100. It works perfect with both Ref-5 and HE-500 - so it's spot on for me.
    The Ref-5 is superb with the Studio-V. And even more so with the DX100 :)
The REF 5 are not that sensitive - so thats why it's no problem for us :) I can hear hiss - but nothing that bothers me at all. I hope you will be happy with your studio - I really like mine!!
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