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  Jajaja, you are amazing! You know exactly what I do. Please, read "carefully and with respect" what I wrote in my previous post.  
  What an interesting lesson you are teaching me! Please, read again what I wrote and try to find if I complained about not connecting the ground pin. Did you find it? I said that it's single ended connected. I spent some time drawing you an schematic of how the WA22 output is:     Do you understand now what I'm talking about? Do you think you are going to have a great advantage using a four wires cable with XLR connector? Maybe you think so, but I don't. Maybe I know...
 Really unbelievable!A "fully balanced" amp with a single ended outup stage directly connected to the XLR connectors. Very good and clean amplification design with a very odd output stage solution. What a shame, I'm sorry for the people that bought this amp looking forward to have the best of their balanced-cable refurbished headphones and finally they realize that they wasted their money.My deepest sympathies.
#434 - received last Friday in Spain
Can you please post a picture? Many thanks in advance. Cheers
Thank you so much for your advice, hew. DV322 could be another option. I didn't consider it before, but I think I should. I'm going to check the info available in Internet. Cheers
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