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 I noticed the new Meridian Explorer2 also uses the Mini-USB connector: Not sure what it would be, but maybe there is some design advantage to using Mini-USB if you have the room ... 
 Unnecessary, grow up ...   
That's good to hear, maybe the issue is overblown.So the edges on your unit aren't sharp or they are but are just in places where it doesn't matter?Thanks!
Seems like something Schiit should be doing. Maybe they could charge a few extra bucks to cover the cost and throw it in a tumbler or something?
Well the Fulla has been out for a few months now and many folks have complained that some of the chassis edges/corners are just too sharp. Has that been addressed in the recently shipped units?  Does anyone who has received a recent unit care to share their thoughts? Thanks
Speaking of noise ...   How come here the Geek Out 1000 THD+N is given as 0.01%:   Whereas here, THD+N for the Geek Out 1000 is given as 0.002+%:   ?
Yeah, sorry, I wasn't very clear there.  I didn't mean just you about the noise problem but what volume issue you were having.
What noise and volume issues? With the GO1000?With the GO1000's specs, I'm surprised to hear of noise issues.
I was looking for something that I could use with a variety of headphones -- ones that I have now and may have in the future, and the GO1000 seemed to fit the bill.I currently have the Sennheiser HD650 and HD-25-1 II and who knows what the future will bring, but probably not IEM's.  That is what made the GO1000 so attractive, the available high output if necessary.
Researching the Geek Out 1000, had a couple questions:   - With firmware 1.5, I see the 3D (crossfeed) feature is gone.  When the 3D feature was on, wasn't it indicated by the 3D LED indicator?  If so, how is that 3D indicator LED being used now?  For anything? - I see a bunch of Geek Out 1000's for sale ... are there certain things with the GeekOut 1000 in particular that many folks are unhappy with?
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