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Steve Jobs would've agreed.  Per Walter Isaacson's biography, Steve Jobs:"One of Jobs's business rules was to never be afraid of cannibalizing yourself. "If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will," he said. So even though an iPhone might cannibalize the sales of an iPod, or an iPad might cannibalize the sales of a laptop, that did not deter him."
Ah, that's right -- I've sent questions over the weekend, not expecting an answer until Monday but getting a response from Nick soon thereafter. Good stuff.
Doesn't Alex also answer most of the technical support email questions?  Does that guy ever sleep???  
No, you're just popular, not a bad problem to have!    It must be fun to have the business at a point where you can afford to experiment with so many potential products/projects, rather than only having time to focus on those that pay the bills to keep the company afloat!  You guys should be very proud of what you've accomplished, looking forward to things to come!  Congrats!  
This is a very expensive amplifier, is Audeze being forthcoming with customers on delivery dates?     Their website currently says "Expected shipping for new orders in May." ???
I thought first deliveries were supposed to be in December, what's the hold-up?  Must be tough to wait!  
When are we going to start getting some reviews?   Has "The King" even started shipping yet?  
Ha! Good idea!
It's my understanding that this was not designed by Nelson Pass:  http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/ces-2015-pass-labs-upcoming-headphone-amplifier#FDGurHqmlk8r6oDK.97   Still hoping for a "FirstWatt" headphone amplifier ... might be a long wait!   
Massdrop username:  USAudio   More DAC's please.
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