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I'm enjoying the iFi Micro iDSD, it's amazing how much high-end technology they've packed into such a small package and for a reasonable price (made in China). I use the Micro iDSD exclusively on the desktop plugged into a Mac Mini, so I never have use for the power charging port on the side of the unit: http://www.technoheadphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/IMG_4061.jpg iFi bundles lots of accessories with the Micro iDSD but one thing I wish they had also provided...
Here you go:  http://ifi-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/data/manual/micro%20iDSD%20Manual.pdfSee the section "LED".
How'd the comparo go?
What settings on the iFi Micro iDSD did you use during the test? Which Filter, Power Mode, etc.? Thanks!
If running from the battery it will detect the USB current and attempt to draw power to charge the battery.
No need to get your dander up.  It was just an opinion, if you don't like it then just ignore it.
I think a combo DAC/Headphone amp/pre, *with both the amp and DAC upgradable*, would be nice from Schiit.   I've read Jason speak out against having both the DAC and amp circuitry in the same box but I like the convenience of it, and like to think they could then be optimized to work ideally with each other when in the same box. Other similar products (but not hardware upgradable) from manufacturers such as Benchmark, Grace Design, Lavry, etc. have been highly...
Brand-new LH Labs Geek Out 450, $SOLD USD + shipping.  PayPal only, I will cover fees.  No trades.   Unopened, new-in-box (NIB), shrink-wrapped.  Bought it but then decided to go a different direction, so now you can get a brand new one for $60 off the regular price!   Please see my feedback and let me know if you have any...
It's really a nice little unit but if they were to replace those fiddly slide switches with some really short, slightly recessed metal toggles (which would be more befitting the styling) and had a separate additional battery charge indicator light, it would be even better.  
How does it compare to the side switches as far as switching between settings?  Easier, the same or firmer?
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