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I thought first deliveries were supposed to be in December, what's the hold-up?  Must be tough to wait!  
When are we going to start getting some reviews?   Has "The King" even started shipping yet?  
Ha! Good idea!
It's my understanding that this was not designed by Nelson Pass:  http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/ces-2015-pass-labs-upcoming-headphone-amplifier#FDGurHqmlk8r6oDK.97   Still hoping for a "FirstWatt" headphone amplifier ... might be a long wait!   
Massdrop username:  USAudio   More DAC's please.
In the case of the Gumby and Yggy the use of different chips is for cost as well as I suspect for product differentiation reasons.  However in the case of the Bimby it was also cost but primarily simply a lack of available PCB real estate:http://www.head-fi.org/t/701900/schiit-happened-the-story-of-the-worlds-most-improbable-start-up/8295#post_12031225
Good stuff Mike! Thanks for sharing and keep'em coming! 90K (1974) = 434K (2015) ... Not too shabby!
 Not to belabor the issue, but here's another quote from the same chapter from Jason for you:  It's all academic now though of course!   
I'm very surprised Schiit is talking about a product still in development, I thought Jason had sworn off talking about future products again!  Makes me suspect the product might be farther along than suspected here ...  
iFi Micro iDSD, mint condition, SOLD USD + shipping.  PayPal only, I will cover fees.  No trades.     The technology, measurements and functionality packed into this little unit is amazing:   Technology: Dual DAC chips, Femto-clock, PCM768, DSD512, 2x DXD, 4w headphone amp, optional battery power, 3D (cross-feed), bass boost, async USB, 3 digital filters (including standard, minimum phase and bit-perfect), 32Bit ARM Cortex CPU, phase switch and...
New Posts  All Forums: