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Is anyone using this forum? I could really use some help and advice! Thanks...
Anyone? I also have a pair of Soundmagic E10Ms, which were highly regarded. I have not been impressed though, they sound very flat, tinny, neither enough depth nor bass response...
Hello all,   I have a pair of Brainwavz S1 that I've been very happy with. However, tonight the cord started causing intermittent dropouts in the left monitor, meaning the copper wires have probably broken inside. Insert sad-face here. It appears I can't find them for sale on Amazon anymore, so not sure they're being produced. Besides, I'd like to try something a little different!   There are so many options out there, I'm having trouble finding a recommendation for a...
Brooko: but is the 650 also really heavy? Case in point, I ordered the 'premium' headphone cable extension from monoprice and although it works very well it is heavy to the point of dragons my headphones off my ears ;-)
Thanks for suggestions, all. I really would like a built-in 3.5mm plug. Also, I don't really have a place to "try before buy" with the 650 cable... Does anyone have specific experience with that ZY cable I mentioned? (http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00EI8AXYS/ref=mp_s_a_1_13?qid=1406302847&sr=8-13&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70). Thanks again!
Hmmm, I must not get the inside jokes that those astronomy photos represent... So I'll just ask, what does that mean? And while we're getting back on topic, any other thoughts for under $100 replacement/upgrade cables for the HD600? (I don't want to purchase Senn cable again...)
Good morning all,   I read through a little of this thread and searched for others, but didn't find a compelling answer to the question of what cable to replace for the HD600!  The stock cable on my headphones recently experienced an internal break and thus the right ear is now inop.  I need a replacement cable out of necessity, but the Internet is so flooded with misinformation and misguidance that I can't quite find the essential details.  Does anyone have a couple...
I looked up those PMX 680s, and saw okay but not great reviews. Most commenters enjoyed the build quality and fit but were not overly impressed with sound quality. Any specifics about SQ that you can offer? Thanks for the reply!
This was a while ago... but any new suggestions?  So far I've heard Klipsch X10.  What about Shure IEMs?  I'm not a huge fan of Bose products, but are the SiE2s decent?  And what about other brands I may not be aware of?  Thanks again in advance!
Thanks again. Others' suggestions?
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