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^ +1, great advice. There's a lot to be said for building a system piece by piece. Getting everything together means you don't know what does and doesn't 'make' the final sound.
I begin to understand why Jason is excited about Jotunheim. I think it comes from him being an engineer and designer. He may have miscalculated how excited we would be. My first reaction was...wow, another amp in the Schiit product range But the more I looked at and thought about it, the more excited I got. First, I can't say better than bigro's post above about its flexibility. Second, it's a new topology in Schiit's line-up, which may mean a new signature. Or maybe...
Usb is Mike Moffat's least preferred for sure. Interestingly, my Yggy comments are with the coax spdif input. I haven't tried usb. On another topic 24 hours is Mike's recommended warm-up time for modi mb iirc
Off topic for this thread but I'm surprised by impressions of Yggy as muddy. No problems at all in my case. To the contrary, all genres of music including classical show amazing separation, detail and texture. Some tracks - é.g. From Radiohead's King of Limbs album - reveal layers I never heard before. Overall, differences range from subtle to profound compared to other dacs I have to hand. I play classical piano and have never before heard piano reproduced so...
I haven't heard the Mj2 but I used to own Lyr - and now two Decware tube amps. Without question all 3 can sound vastly different with tube rolling. From posts in this thread, I'd say Mj2 is the same.Stock tubes rarely show an amp at its best
I certainly encourage you to try Schiit's MB tech. As you say, $250 is tempting - and you have 15 days right of return.As you say, there 'should' be little difference between MB and D/S (both properly implemented) and yet...I - and my wife - are among those amazed by what Schiit has achieved. FWIW, we have had several good-sounding D/S dacs on hand in the last few years (including BMC PureDAC, Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC, Schiit Bifrost v1, Meier Corda StageDAC among...
^ Good to know
If I understand what you're asking...the HD 800 (original) is considered bright by some. And the Beyerdynamic T1 (original) can produce hard, almost shrill byproducts when driven hard (say above 83dBA - pink noise calibrated - with my pair and ears). Although I prefer my LCD2.1 and 3F for general listening, I appreciate the HD 800 for some material. There it can leave the 3F and 2.1 in the dust. As for the T1, I had given up on it...I haven't listened much to the HD 800...
^^ +1. Mine was fabulous straight out of the box. Was there a breakthrough moment? Not really. Could be because my listening was sparodic and I didn't choose and systematically repeat a 'test track list' from which to notice any differences. Nevertheless, it continues to amaze.
It's the beauty of the internet...for any stated position (possibly with evidence) you can find the opposite position (possibly with evidence)
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