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Anecdotally - look back in this thread - there is clear evidence handling is not the issue. Nor is it local climate (e.g. high versus low humidity). OTOH, Audez'e have identified defective (batches of) materials as a cause of failure on more than one occasion...
Well I'm relieved. The new audio term gravitas 'means something' - points to other words if not other 'things' in the world - after all. I was beginning to think head-fi doesn't meet even a basic definition of a social group e.g. shared language and meanings which are established and change through histories of use and dispute
^ Interesting..."gravitas" meaning fullness of tone or body???
^ 10 IIRC
I see where you're going with this. So...one of us has to get a job with Schiit's metal supplier Good thinking
Wasn't it Michelangelo who replied: "when it is done!"
Hey arnaud, you in a particularly literal mood today or you're being tongue-in-cheek
Ah yes, that too. Though of course I didn't inhale
Well, 'optimal' is often the net product of multiple factors, many acting against each other.I used to find drinking - up to a point - slowed my chattering mind and relaxed me too. As I found myself much more receptive to music it is possible to infer the benefit of the drinking outweighed the presumed negative effects.Beyond a certain amount - well, the music didn't seem to matter much Tiredness...yes I agree. Listening to (most) music is pretty much a waste of time for...
In that case very interested to hear what you think if you get another chance to compare Gumby and Yggy - this time with the latter in thermal equilibrium or 'broken in' or whatever.OTOH it might be better you don't compare again
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