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Hmm, as a bystander your post did not at all come across as "a joke" nor did (awaiting developments) "explain" this. It read to me like you were once more angry!Nevertheless, thanks for explaining what you meant.
^ True, though the Mj 2 (SS or tube) is pretty much what Jason planned/envisaged for Schiit's statement amp right at the beginning. It was fascinating following his announcements and thinking out loud back then. This was before he learned not to pre-announce stuff Schiit always promised upgradability, so I guess it's logical to build new tech into an existing chassis. An upgrade though? What an upgrade! I haven't heard either yet but from impressions Gumby sounds like a...
^ that's right. They do not
Let me just say I and my species take issue with the suggestion we are imaginary
No. As I understand it the 21 bits has nothing to do with conversion. No up- or down-conversion applies. Instead it represents the effective resolution of the DAC. Loosely speaking, it completely resolves any source material up to 21 bit - so this means it more than amply resolves red-book (16-bit) of course. Given higher than 21 bit-rate material it resolves 21 bits of the information available. The latter might not seem impressive - except the recording gear (e.g....
Consider Matsushi ta (National) 6922. They were a revelation in my Lyr 1 some years ago. MacedonianHero directed me to them, describing them as having a "wonderful, earthy tone". He was right, they do - along with a clarity and extension I didn't experience with either stock options or other similarly priced NOS tubes.I got mine from tubemonger where they seem to be out of stock, but upscale lists them.
I see I missed a subtlety in your original statement concerning those higher order bits! Never mind, I see as well you are in good hands.Welcome to head-fi
If this is a serious comment you got a lot of backreading to do about what differentiates Yggdrasil from other DACs!Yggy claims to provide 21 real bits of resolution (see ENOB - effective number of bits). As I understand it there are lots of DAC chips that process at 24 or 32 bits but this doesn't mean they resolve this many bits i.e. provide that degree of musical information.Nor - for that matter - do our recordings provide anything close to 24 or 32 bits of resolution...
^ Yes Mike and Jason have written many times in several head-fi threads about the filter. It truly is unique in its origin (an early 1900s mathematical paper), objectives and execution. I'm sure you would find it worthwhile hunting out these posts.
@audionewbi what did you like more about the Jazz than the Classic? Yes the ff mod's promise of more microdetail is compelling. Cheers.
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