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As you "just got my gumby today" yet just about everyone's advice is that it needs a long time to reach thermal equilibrium I'm really interested what you think in a few days or weeks...
You saying we need to rebuild Mike into something better? Like the present model isn't good enough?
^ all very true. You're talking about situations where the musician is in charge of the technology. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, new possibilities are introduced. But I suspect iandroni is talking about a 'natural voice' - "leave...unsure how their voice actually sounds" - rather than a 'pure signal'. As I understand it that's where stuff like autotune can over-smooth, removing emotion from good singers even as it makes bad singers palatable.
Terrific post from start to finish Mike and all the best for the surgery
^ Do you mean USB3 or USB gen 3? If the latter why not use advanced search or google to see what Mike or Jason have said about it. Surely hard to tell in a listening test. Yggy, GMB and BMB have many other differences between them so how would you know what to attribute to gen 2 versus 3?!
Cheers! A fair selection of tubes. Sounds like the Burson matches great for you with the LCD2 and 4 (and HE 1K!)
^ An ok match with which tubes? Always a key question with (rollable) tube amps alas...
@rediazvh I have not heard the QUAD Pa One but having browsed its features I understand your dilemma. Both have similar key goals ("uncoloured sound") and features (both very tube-rollable meaning you can color the sound to preference, if you want to!). A quick look at a few reviews - one dubiously referred to tube amps as "warm" - shows the Quad is very responsive to better tubes, as is the Taboo. It appears to have a built-in DAC? So some of your money will go on a...
Now here is solid, practical reasoning! I like it
^ Internet groups...you can find a certain person to support every conceivable position
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