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^ As I understand it, Schiit's filter preserves as accurately as possible the phase information encoded in the material - assuming it hasn't been distorted during mixing and mastering. Under this 'well recorded' condition, the soundstage is an accurate (potentially 'holographic') one. If I've got this right, I suspect Mike would be disappointed to hear his filter compared to a DSP effect
+1. For me, this thread has already given great value. Insightful comparisons to other gear I would not personally have the time or opportunity to hear. Even if Torq never writes another word this is the best 'Yggy versus the rest' thread on head-fi. In a way, whatever Torq finally chooses for his personal needs is beside the point. The insights have arisen from the journey rather than the goal that motivated it.
^ Yep and Jason's been open about how marketing has changed - in his opinion - and where the effort needs to be (e.g. selected social media like head-fi). And he's certainly put in the effort to 'earn' the result: people talking about Schiit's product. And I think it's a fair exchange! His openness about the industry, marketing, design and their own goals has been entertaining and educational
^ Seems clear to me. Bass quantity is light but quality good. High mids are sibilant but the highs (treble) - which sit above high mids - are good. Informative, detailed first impression I thought. Obviously your mileage isn't the same, which is fine of course.
Attribution for the post quoted belongs to one atomicbob, who has measured all schiit's MB dacs in his audio lab. Apparently, he knows a bit about measuring dacs. You should be able to find the threads round here without much trouble.Atomicbob was being "terse" and "ribald" in his descriptions, ie I suppose he was poking fun at d/s a bit. All the same, he seems seriously impressed by what schiit have achieved with their MB tech.
+1And um...with all this talk of cults I at first read this as Charles Manson
^ I like to add one piece at a time, learning the sound of my system at each stage. Doing too much too quickly, one misses a lot of learning. What makes a big difference, what makes little or no difference... IOW, I personally would wait a good while before adding anything to Jodi's DAC. YMMV of course.
Good post. But on the off-topic(!) topic of 'expectation bias', this is a complex, multi-part construct. Btw, this is off topic and most may wish to skip it.I'm by no means expert on this specifically, but two aspects I've used directly in my psych labs in years past are: ambiguous stimuli; cognitive priming.The first concerns sense data right at the threshold of our perception. A suitable instrument would reliably pick the signal, but we can't (reliably). Thus we might...
The correct word certainly is treble. Tremble is - for example - to quake with fear or to shiver with cold...and indeed tremolo if talking music
^ levels were matched?
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