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^ only in base 10
^ That's good to know. In the end it's how all the parts fit together I guess. Have you tried any of your other phones than the XC when comparing the two DACs?
Probably this rash statement by Jason Hmm, does 7 days silence mean "big hiccups" Never fear, there's still time
Sounds good. I see no reason why the Jazz would not pair well. Btw, I have owned many Corda amps but not the Jazz. Nevertheless, all Jan's amps are good enough to pair with any gear IME, and from your description I think this would include the Zdac. Yesterday I used Jan's Classic with the Schiit Yggdrasil (and Audez'e LCD3F phones) and it simply sounds - great! I prefer the 3F over Senn HD800 but the 800 sounded particularly sublime. I agree that 10 ohms Z-out is too...
Take a look at the line of http://schiit.com/products. Their DACs start at $99 and are well thought of. Your budget doesn't include their multi-bit, Mike Moffat special-sauce option (around $600 for the Bifrost Multibit) but I own the original Bifrost, since much improved. It had a 'lit' rather than bright presentation: great clarity, a little quick and dry which produced cleanly separated notes in fast passages when - strictly speaking - there probably should have been a...
FWIW I substituted an SS amp - Meier's Classic which is SE and a good midrange performer - for my usual tube amp and definitely neither sterile nor clinical.And FWIW again, input is coax (RCA SPDIF). IDK, some issue with your USB
^ Depends what sound you want. Hard to help if you don't give information. A 'good' DAC pairing is anything that suits preference. Hint: Jan Meier focuses on neutrality and I understand you should expect nice microdetail from ff. If this is what you want you need a DAC like Daccord, which might mean a well-executed Wolfson design...
^ +1 - Yggy definitely not clinical/sterile. That said, I listen with tubes (not tuned warm though. I like neutral/quick). I'll hook up an SS amp in a few hours and report if that makes a difference
^ It's a worrying thought as it would take some months (?) for leftover drivers to work their way out of the system. From their statements last year they could not tell in advance which units would fail, and I guess - despite this thread! - failures are in the minority. So I guess it might make business sense to use up the old drivers. But with the added risk to future business that they've created a blurred line: "Yep, we're still getting failures but that's not because...
Very good point. Although a quality-focused manufacturer like Audez'e would of course have trashed film stock it knew could be defective, right...?
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