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FWIW I had similar problems with my (2013 - among the first delivered I believe) PureDAC and Mac Mini USB. I went back to optical then later re-tried after reading carefully the information in the manual. I'm not sure exactly which suggestion solved the problem, but think a poor-quality USB cable was one part of it. May not be the same problem as yours but in my case there have been no problems since...
^ That's the kind of crazy that's good to hear
^ Great decision Currawong. Jason's given more than enough to this thread. Time to give him a break.
So sorry to hear this Jason. Kinda puts life in perspective. Take care.
not if it's the state penitentiary
LOL ok! I have an ageing Stax Lambda Pro and FWIW (I'm sure modern Stax are very different) I would not like my LCD-4 to sound like my Lambda. Yes, there's detail in spades. But the tonal balance is so treble-tilted it produces lack of body. Women vocalists sound like girls, for example. I usually welcome the added 'detail' at first then soon tire of it. I guess if Audez'e could retain the tonal body of the LCD-3 and get close to the highs of the SR-009 it would be...
Higher distortion would tend to not make it leaner I think, though it depends on the type of distortion produced. I didn't realise an LCD-4 had been announced! Has a ballpark date been given?
Fazors were introduced into the LCD3 partway through December '13. The Fazor has very prominent ridges, not to be confused with the normal cut-outs or holes in the non-fazor LCD grills
^ @Uniquexme in my most humble opinion - as you describe yourself to be a headphone newbie - you could take time to learn how different kinds of gear sound and learn about your own listening preferences. You can only do this through experience. If you jump straight into a 'high-end' system based on what "sounds better" to others, you are in danger of not appreciating it because you don't have a reference point in your own experience. You won't feel the satisfaction of...
^ You're right Cheers ps: I misspelled your handle - sorry about that!
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