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^ Seemed obvious sarcasm to me. I enjoyed your wit. But sometimes it's hard to know who's kidding who
Schiit don't "gimp" any parts of their circuits, they have stated. On the contrary, Jason has gone to a lot of trouble to make SE perform as well as balanced from what I recall of his chapters about their designs. I would like to see where it's been shown the SE headphone outs are 'gimped'??? There are different opinions about balanced versus SE, though most favor balanced it is true. Caution is needed though - if people don't level match the outputs in reaching their...
^ First recording I bought was a Beethoven symphony - does that count? . Probably Hans Schmidt-Isserstaedt conducting the 9th. I was 14. Class trip. Classmates were not surprised I would hang out in the classical section. I 'discovered' music two years before after hearing Beethoven's 6th symphony. The second time was the 'moment'.
That would be jitter, which Mike has cleverly diverted away from the digital inputs into the selector which acts as a mechanical sink Seriously though, mine might be a little wobbly but I never thought of it as a problem...maybe some are better than others
No dust on my black yggy. No cobwebs either
^ IIRC you would find Torq's music types in the thread wink linked. Failing that, a broad google search might be fruitful.
There are opinions around that Yggy is better than Dave if you look hard enough. But that's what they are. Opinions. In the "upper echelon of DACs" differences become so fine that what we hear becomes even more subjective, and personal preference the primary determinant. IMHO, YMMV, of course!
^ It's an ingenious paper. I wonder if it explains the dreaded 'digital sheen' many complain of with delta-sigma. Clipping - especially around 11kHz - would seem a possible cause. I don't recall anything in the description of Mike's filter nor the MB chips themselves that explicitly addresses the overs problem, hence ...
^ Good observations. I agree. Yggy seems to do the usual things well and bring different things into play as well...enjoy!
^ I recall Mike stating what you summarized. I assumed he meant there is no reference by which he can assess accuracy of (his) reproduction of electronic music. That's a fair point. Of course this argument would apply to any dac!
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