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By now surely we're just joking around asking for meters? I think Jason's made it pretty clear that's not going to happen! I liked the shiny comment. But personally, when the maker of my beloved (um, I mean admired) tube gear offered a new version with meters I had two thoughts: 'looks great' and 'no thanks!'. Btw, the new cost was about $500 more, though a lot of that went into other features such as balanced in.
^ Excellent
My reply was with reference to Jozurr's post - where baldr appeared to be asked for a solution to the Spring DAC as well! - not yours. I'm satisfied I read and understood your post but I read it again anyway to make sure Your point seems to be - twice now - that software players created the issue, correct? I trust this clarifies?
^ not to be picky but the other one with the problem "too" is talking about a different dac, the Spring dac.
One easy way is to drop it onto a hard surface. If it breaks, it is now definitely bad (I'm joking)
Answers about Yggdrasil - its rationale etc - also come from "people" who presumably "want to sell" this particular widget. Manifestly, this does not of itself make the product worthless. The worth of the product and who makes claims about it are independent. I believe all Amos said is this is not the thread for such discussion. As an (ex?) moderator and administrator he may well have a point. An ad hominem response is also out of place.
^ Had a lot of fun one day testing (on the track) my old Alfa Romeo that had sat for so long its (street) tires were hard and slippery. I learned how to 4-wheel drift in a hurry that day. Fun but not to be repeated! Next time out was with racing tires
I agree Exidrion. And I believe axle_69 asked a perfectly civil question seeking enlightenment. I'm not qualified to answer but there has been comment from both Jason and Mike in the past about their choices and why 20-21 bits is 'all you need'. Could be a bit hard to find but worth the search.
No problem. Search this thread isn't that good but always worth trying. Google often works better for head-fi posts!Hope you found some useful information.
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