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 Awesome, thanks. Plan on getting a package of them. Is the dot removable once it's been adhered inside the socket? ...Just in the interest of returning it to original state should another owner want it off? 
Sure thing... no problem. PM'd.
 Sounds like a good solution. I'm having the same problem.. tape isn't holding it so well. Where do you find these dots?
 FYI, I have heard all three, have owned two of the three, and still do one of them. 
  The Fischer Amps FA-4E XB is a fantastic IEM, but it goes for about 20% more @ around $520. However, I highly recommend it as it gives the highest tier IEMs a huge run for the money. I mean, it unseated the To Go 334 as my favorite at the time. It's not as bassy as the IE80 though, but what it loses in ultimate low end slam it more than makes up for in coherence across the rest of the frequency range. And from what I've read, make sure you get the newest update model,...
  That's exactly what I'm hearing too. I would add that it has all the sonic traits you mentioned, while not being as biting/edgy as the 2.0 orig. FW.
What's the seller's ID there?
Huge props to Lurker for that firmware. I just ran it and am listening... and just wow on the sound. It's so open and expansive and crisp. Fan-bleeding-tastic. 
I will for sure in the thread discussing the firmware... 
Thanks for that link. Ran that firmware update and holy cow, that is some good sound. It's so expansive and crisp compared to 2.05 & 2.1. 
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