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Yeah, that's what I meant... If an owner actually needs a replacement, does FAD have some extra units to do so with... Or would they produce a new one for replacement. Maybe I'll email FAD to see how they'd handle that because I really want to know we're covered should something happen to such a beautiful sounding and rare IEM.
Does anyone know what FAD's warranty situation is with the LAB? I'm worried about something failing, and their need to replace or repair it, being such a limited run IEM. One would think they stand behind a product at such a price level, being a flagship.
Heh, I knew someone would!
Ha ha, yes, I probably will after meeting up with cotnijoe... I think it would be cool for you guys to get to hear it in comparison. Also I have a nice reasonable priced SPC cable coming, and I'm curious to see if that helps at all. But more than likely it's gonna go on the chopping block, thanks to the LAB... You guys were all right on the money with this IEM. 
That pretty much says it all... There ain't much else to add. I'm done with upgraditis.
Thanks. It's shockingly good, really. I can't concentrate to work! I just keep listening, shaking my head in disbelief....
Just got in the  LAB 1 in. Despite what people told me about preparing to not be impressed right off the bat... I'll just say that I'm super impressed with how 'unimpressive' this IEM is.    My first thoughts are that I can't get my head around how grand, spacious, detailed, tonally perfect, and most of all how 'non-forced' this phone sounds. It's just dumbfounding.... The layers, purity of instrument character, and connectedness... it's unlike anything I've ever heard in...
 Awesome! Contacted.....
Hate to do it, but selling my Pandora Hope VI... Condition is pristine, and it sounds amazing. Pick up this headphone for a great price.    Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.   Pictures (better) will be posted soon.        $Sold
Kiats-  Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but how do you use a Tralucent cable on the Fitear IEMs?? Did you get an uber made with the Fitear connectors or something?
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