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I'm posting the Dita Answer FS, as I don't need this phone anymore with the current gear I have. It's mint, with gentle use. All packaging and accessories included. Photos are now uploaded.    Lowballers, don't bother.    $450  includes shipping (within the continental US only) and Paypal.
Featured home page material, for sure! 
Sounds like this firmware will be just what the doctor ordered with the Ref.1... which has a very subtle U signature. So hopefully this will flesh out the mids/vocals better. Will run the update later on today, and post what I find...
If V4A makes a huge difference on the ZX1, and becomes possible with a future success in rooting, I may have to jump back on the ZX1 bandwagon! Right now it's the DX90 which is getting play time. I miss the smooth interface, and nice battery life, of the Sony though! SQ at this point is a little bit better... 
Yeah, with the tips pushed down about as far as they'll go, the fit is much better and more secure, with better seal. I think it's worth it to have them down that far just for those reasons alone.
I think the Dita Answer has sweeter vocals. The vocals on the Answer are more up front, and present. However my Ref.1 pair is young on hours at this point, and I am not using the uber expensive uber cable... 
The bass is most definitely getting less boomy, and just super deep when music calls for it. I look forward to how it sounds in the 100-200 hour range, with how much it's changed already.
What are others finding as the most ideal tip placement in terms of how far down the nozzle to install them? Since there is no flange to act as a stop, I noticed I could shove 'em down further to the point where there is only 1-2mm of space from the grill to the front edge of the ear tips. I find this helps open up the soundstage a nice bit. Is anyone else noticing tip distance to the grill as crucial to the sound? 
Thanks re- the setup... I'd estimate around 15 hours at this point. 
Subscribed, because I really am behind this trend of 'universal fit customs'... Great looking stuff. 
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