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Up for sale is my like new Dita Answer Truth. I'll probably regret selling it though...   $850 (shipped in USA only, w/paypal).
I'm considering selling my ZX1 (Japan model), and trying different routes.    $575? (shipped in USA, w/paypal)
 Cool, thanks. I just ordered two sets. I will see if they sound like Idsynchrono's... I hope so. 
 Do I recall correctly that you ordered your pairs from Woodlandhills on Ebay? I just heard Idsynchrono's pair, and I need to stock up on a few pairs at least! Really a shockingly great sounding IEM (at anywhere from $200-500+, let alone the going $40-60). 
I'm posting my Shure SE846 for sale. Normal use over about five months... condition is still pristine without a scratch anywhere. I purchased my pair in a Sound & Vision store in the Hong Kong airport, and did not have room to bring home the original box. Also buying in Hong Kong apparently does not get you the hard plastic carry case. Everything else original is included- tips, filter changing tool, all filters, etc. Price is low due to not coming with the plastic...
I'd be curious to know if the volume output trick works on EU units as well... that could be a huge fix for the volume capped ones. Has anyone with a capped unit tried the trick?
Wow, scary impressions for a $1K IEM. 
A sealed shell dynamic driver IEM should leak no worse than a sealed BA... My current Dita Truth does not leak at all.
  Don't mean to go off topic, but could you give a very brief contrast of sound signatures of the DX90 and ZX1? Which pairs better with whichever Dita you have (there's  the on topic bit)?
 That's cool to hear that staff use the ZX1 paired with them too... Sounds great together. My Rx mk3 does amping duty when I feel like adding a bit more muscle. The Truth shows the benefits very nicely.  Great IEM you all have created. 
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