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That's really cool! Makes me wish I still had a ZX1. Hopefully they'll do one for the new ZX2 really soon. I intend to look hard into getting the new Sony.  
Just reporting that yesterday I received the Starlight Fitear cable I ordered. It's been two months, but thankfully have it now and it gives a nice sonic bump to the Parterre which is nice. The wait was a bit much though! Still, the cable is very high quality work. 
Thanks, I hope so too. I have a copper IEM cable, and an interconnect, from several years back and they are the best sounding cables I've had... I've written this order off though, as it's just been so long without any replies to my emails asking what's up. It's very weird, and frustrating.
It's an aftermarket cable. Definitely helps with the sound a bit. For sure, we should get together and listen sometime. The 1Plus sounds awesome, not even considering the
Dita single flange tips are really good on the 1Plus too. Maybe a bit more soft on the treble, and fleshes out the bass somewhat. Kind of like that!
Up for sale is my pair of ASG-2.5. I am the second owner of this pair. It is in excellent condition, both cosmetically and sonically. I did have the right dynamic driver go out, but it has been replaced by Aurisonics and is now sounding perfect and factory new. All accessories and packaging is included.  Price is ** sold **, and includes Paypal and shipping. US transactions only please.... Additional pics can be provided on request (the Ortofon tips in the image are not...
What's wrong with me? I'm going backwards, against the normal HF path of kilobuck IEMs, and gear.    Simple little rig- DX90 with new ASG-1Plus. Shocking the level of sound here at less than 1K all in, considering someone could conceivably spend 5K between the AK240 and new JH Layla. Sometimes lately I think to myself, what's wrong with this hobby's price points!  
1Plus with the 2.5.... (please ignore the damn oxidation on the qusp cable).  
Just got my 1 Plus today.... and am getting a feel for its sound. I immediately put on an upgrade cable I have around, and with that plus Ortofon tips, the soundstaging is insane! Initial impressions are that it's a fantastic phone which gives my Parterre a run for the money. Will update with more observations as I get more accustomed to the signature.   =======================   Edit- Some early impressions even before the big dynamic driver has loosened up:   VS...
The Nocturnal Audio Hybrid   Price: ~$600   Included items: > Array of tips > 3 cables:  standard, hybrid silver & copper, 8 strand copper high end > Otterbox-type case   Design/build/fit-   The Nocturnal has a faux carbon finish on the faceplate, like it's trying to emulate the Tralucent earphones. Similarly the earphone body shape and size is very reminiscent of it too (so I’ll just come out right here and say it-- most of the IEM reminded me of the Ref.1 I...
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