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I went through all the tips I have available when I first got the Truth (& now settled with Answer)... including Ortofon, Sony Hybrid, etc etc. I find Dita's own L size single flange, medium opening as the best sounding. It works so well for my ears that I also find the same difference over all other tips when used on the Tenore. It really opens things up with the ZAs! 
Yep! I find it a nice sounding pairing... No issues at all. Plenty of power for the power hungry Tenore.
 Wait, so you listen from the line out instead of the headphone out on the DX90? (sorry to go O.T.)
 Great to hear. The only difference is that with my Ref1 on the way, I didn't pop for the Uber cable. Oh well. I just had a hard time parting with that much cash as it was...
 The Tenore benefits hugely from introducing an amp to the mix. Huge. 
 Thanks! I guess I should have mentioned that their medium bore tips sound better to me than everything else I have on hand too, which includes Ortofon, and Sony Hybrids (that's to my ears, of course). I went through all my tip options when I first got the Dita, actually trying my other brand tips first... and when I got back to their tips that medium opening single flange was a noticeable jump up from any other in sound quality. Bigger stage, more dynamic and extended at...
Does anybody know if Dita sells extras of their tips? I find that the medium opening single flange is clearly superior to any of the other tips, and I would like to have extras on hand just in case. This tip also sounds best on my Zero Audio Tenore, so a few more would be great.
 Mind comparing the VSD3S to the Tenore?? 
Awesome, that makes me happy to hear.
Got a Ref1 on the way. Decided to just stick with the Gold/Silver cable for now, b/c the warmer sound sig I've read about with the Uber didn't really sound like the best thing to me with reports the IEM is a touch on the 'laid back' side. Hoping the very detailed/crisp DX90 pairs well with it. 
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