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 It's denser and heavier... a bit more overhang. Definitely more 'dynamic driver' character. The K10U extends almost as low, but is much quicker.... starts & stops on a dime by comparison. 
    Noble K10 Universal sounds awesome with the ZX2!
I've got a pair on loaner tour... and used to own regular version MkII a while back. I'm surprised all over again how solid an earphone this is. I can certainly hear that extra bass foundation in the mix with their house sound signature. I may have to pick up a pair as a keeper IEM. It's more than enjoyable coming right off of listening to some much more high end company.
  Thanks for that, helps a ton. I will order some and see how they do on the K10U.... 
Could you post a link to where they are on the site? I can't seem to find their additional tips....
I think for me as to why I didn't post more in depth impressions... it's because I'm learning that they're tough to form resolved observations/impressions during. There's noise around (especially troublesome with open phones), distractions, and most rigs are playing music you aren't familiar with. That said, the Airbow system I could tell was quite special compared to the others around in that situation. Someday I'll have some Stax gear at home to enjoy in a more...
One of those who told you the Airbow was their favorite was me. It really nice sounding and very fast. I loved how fast it sounded, with such control over the notes. At some point I know I'm going to get something by Stax, no doubt. 
Just listen to the device... that's what it's made for! 
Yes, a huge thanks for hosting the meet in your space.    Here are a few casual shots I got....        
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