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So after several days' worth of listening and trying to form opinions of what I think of the Ref1, I still don't really feel comfortable saying a whole lot about it... except that damned if this isn't the most chameleon-like, back flippin', 180 degree turning, most fickle thing during burn in. I've never heard an IEM change so much one way, turn back the other, then a left and then a right, and then finally (hopefully) down a more positive path. I'm trying to make sure...
 I don't know, perhaps that's a possibility with the Truth... But to me, it sounded different enough that no amount of burn in would have changed the basic nature of its sound, to my ears anyway.... Once heard side by side with the Answer, it just didn't seem to have such mojo in the mids and vocals. And the cable of the Answer is just so much easier to wear and user friendly. I just like it better, plain and simple.
I find the Answer (with the higher hours tally than I thought!) to be quite smooth and less peaky than the Truth. It's really a mellow yet detailed, enjoyable listen. 
  Yeah, my Truth pair was probably 150 hours, as was the Answer pair from Idsynchrono which I wound up buying from him. They were both very close to same hours...
I like the standard Answer a good deal better than the Truth as well. It has more midrange fullness and presence, which lends more of a lifelike feel to vocals. Truth is just too thin and withdrawn through the midrange/vocal area.
Where does one order the Spinfit tips?
Vsonic GR07 MK2 (non-BE)- Comes with the original tips, and pouch. Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only. Pics can be sent or posted upon request.   SOLD
Mr. Speakers Mad Dog v3.0-  Cleaning house, so this has to go. Alpha Dog pads are installed on it, which as everyone is aware of, considerably improve the sound. Condition is perfect, and the headphone sounds just as it should. Pictures can be posted upon request. Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.   $185
 That's always a great sign when you're needing to do a review, but can't be bothered to do the writing of it because you're just enjoying listening too much.
Got my pair of Ref1 in today. My lord it's bassy.... I consider myself a bit of a basshead, and this is just about too much! It's crazy how much there is. It's like the Atrio, but with even more midbass- I think (going from memory of Atrio). I almost wish it had a bass adjustment like the ASG-2 so I could ratchet it back some (never thought I'd catch myself making that statement). I hope the lows tame down some with run-in time. Maybe a pure silver cable would add sparkle...
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