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 Sure no problem. I actually bought the Maverick too, in order to come to a decision on one to keep. Right out of the box (and I made the mistake of listening to the Mason for an extended bit first today before trying out the Maverick) I like the Mason significantly better than the Maverick. Which is funny because I decided at the last minute to get it too just in case, fully expecting to like the Maverick better with its dynamic driver bass. Turns out I find the bass of...
What specifically are you looking for comparisons on? I don't really have very many IEMs left in my stable anymore!
OMG, the Mason, straight out of the box!! Unreal.    *Initial thoughts, take with grain of salt*
 Negative, none to speak of unless it's present in the recording.
He definitely should, no doubt. 
It was the same for me too, where I emailed a couple times over a period of 2-3 months waiting... The cable eventually came; he has a large backlog to work through most of the time I believe. Just be patient, he does really nice work.
I would highly value the opportunity to listen to the new HE1000 headphone and provide some in-depth feedback. The phones I've owned are in my profile page. While I've never owned a planar, I have loved the sound and hope to someday. Thanks in advance for consideration.
--Earwerkz Supra (kickstarter)--Selling my very lightly used pair of Earwerkz Supra. It is in perfect condition, both cosmetically and functionally. With other phones currently in my collection it is become an unnecessary item. It comes with all original packaging and accessories, and the stock black braided cable plus the optional Linum Bax. Price includes Paypal/ shipping for continental US only.**sold**
I knew it wouldn't be too long before you joined the party....    
Yeah, when you've done the disable trick, and want to then re-enable it, the sound adjustments is bumped to the bottom of that list! I found that one out the hard way as well.
New Posts  All Forums: