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  I bet that proverbial house of cards is definitely doomed now!
I received the IEM yesterday... I like the all black packaging, with printing being a shiny finish on the matte of the box and paper. The build quality is fantastic with its machined aluminum housing. I have no doubt this will be a durable IEM. I would worry about the cable at the point it enters the earphone body because the molded entry is not flexible, but the VDH cable seems very durable thankfully so hopefully won't be an issue.      I settled on the large size tip...
  I ruled out the IE800 based on reports of treble spittiness, and V sound sig... And the K3003 I've heard and liked my SE846 and FA-4E better. Then recently I got to compare someone's Answer to the SE846 and that sealed my choice to try out the Truth. 
I chose the Truth version because one, I'm crazy, and two I was told by Idsynchrono that it's been observed they have a touch better extension on both ends as well as being a little more airy and open sounding. I like those qualities, even if the gains are on the minimal side.  
I have a pair inbound... Hopefully here no later than Thursday. Heard Idsynchrono's Dita Answer yesterday, and was impressed to the point I ordered the Truth version once home.
 I totally agree with this sentiment. I have the MG6Pro custom, and you cannot reshell without destroying the dynamic driver it is produced around. So that truly has Zilch resale value. It's basically just a paperweight at this point (unless by some stroke of miracles they manage to completely overhaul their house sound with a next driver update-- as current owners can upgrade to the new driver model for $250).  Also, I have been totally enjoying this crop of high end...
  Maybe my home rig... It's not getting used much these days...
Yep, me too, has my attention now as well. Guess I'm gonna have to sell a kidney to afford these though. Or sell the 846 ahead of time to partially fund it... We'll see.
 There's a sound enhancement disable trick which causes a huge bump in output power (just go back a few pages in the thread, it's explained by PPCG-- I have no idea how he figured this out... & it's confirmed to work on the F886/7 as well). But you have nothing available in the way of EQ, or presets, or the like. Just flat. However you get significantly better battery life (at least I do). 
 Ah, I see... I didn't really like Clearaudio+, so the only enhancements I used were DSEE and Dynamic Normalizer (which is the main one I miss due to the volume leveling between different albums). Compared to these, the output trick definitely had better instrument placement and more space.   Wow, the ER-4S is really power hungry. Didn't realize how much so. 
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