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I have a QC complaint with this 'uber' pricey IEM... The recessed socket on my right earpiece is super loose, so that the mini plug takes virtually no effort at all to pop out. I have to double check every time it's securely in place when I go to have a listen. I've taken the IEM out of my case a few times to find the right earpiece detached. For the asking price of this earphone, I find this totally unacceptable. I've experimented with one cable besides the stock...
Sounds like quite the intriguing phone for sure. 
 It's hard to say definiitively... since I haven't had the Truth for a while now. I have the standard Answer, which I bought from another local HF'er when listening to it with the Truth side-by-side. So I like the Answer better actually, yes... because I thought the midrange/vocals were more full and lifelike, and the bass had more impact. So it just worked better overall for the various types of music I like. I do now like the Ref.1 better than the Answer, although it's...
Ah sorry, I meant as opposed to the 2.0.0 firmware not having that option.
 The Dita (Answer) is still a damn fine phone, especially for a price $1K less than the Ref.1. The differences definitely aren't proportional with that kind of price gap. Depends on budget I guess, and those laws of diminishing returns....
 I'm getting this stupid bug too. I'm really unimpressed with how iBasso releases so many flawed updates. I'm thinking of going back to 2.0.5 (instead of 2.0.0), as I love the more responsive button activation time, and the option for charge only which allows for listening while powering up.  Edit:  Back on 2.0.5, and not looking back for a while, until the next update is confirmed to be stable and a noticeable upgrade.
  Yeah, I suppose so. I've continued to listen to both and compare them all along so I have a marker for how the Ref.1 is opening up. Which it is still. It's definitely reached a point where it does just about everything better. 
 That's a huge key for me too. With them seated as low as possible, the sound opened up more. That, and with the dual dynamics settling in better, and this phone has really grown more refined and done away with almost all of the initial criticisms I had. Truly excellent sounding now. I look forward to how it continues to settle in as the hours get to be more like 200. I'm probably still a touch shy of half that currently. **note the Answer FS in my sig!**
I'm posting the Dita Answer FS, as I don't need this phone anymore with the current gear I have. It's mint, with gentle use. All packaging and accessories included. Photos can be provided upon request, which will show the pristine condition.    Lowballers, don't bother.    $485  includes shipping (within the continental US only) and Paypal.
Featured home page material, for sure! 
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