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Man do I want a set of these!! 
 Hope you like it! I think it's smart to order the Japanese one so that you don't wind up with one of the EU models with the volume cap.
 I don't see how the UMPro 30 (which would probably be quite similar to the UM3X, correct?...which was supposed to have less bass than the SM3 that I remember well) could have more than the SE846. There's really no need to worry about bass with the SE846, as it's shocking how low it can reach when music demands it. There's just no mid-bass clouding going on at all, so if a song doesn't have much in the lowest registers, the 846 can sound like a typical somewhat thin...
Got mine in today... Having first listen... First impression is damn these are bassy!! I don't get the comments they're bass light at first!! And they seem a little murky with resolution and treble detail, but I have gotten accustomed to the sound of the SE846 lately so that should be expected I guess. And I expected them to be finicky with pad position on the ear, but sheesh, that's an understatement! The slightest movement creates a quantum shift in sound location and...
 Ok, well I'm not familiar with all your comments regarding the vmoda cable throughout the thread cause I just started coming to it, having just made the snap decision to get the Mikros. I will see what I think. I didn't really hear any audible difference on my Mr. Speakers orthos over that stock cable, so I bet it'll be the same. The ergonomics were better than that cable though.
I have a Vmoda cable all ready to go once I receive the Mikros... 
Got a pair on the way.  $79 from Amazon! 
I got mine here second-hand, but had been emailing prior. They seemed like great company to deal with. 
If you have to be more like $500, then the Fischer Amps FA-4E is an awesome alternative. The only areas where there's any lagging are ultimate low bass extension, and maybe a very slight amount of midrange recession (which is honestly only even remotely noticeable in very attentive back-to-back with the SE846). 
 I'd say that's it in a nutshell. The level of sound quality is pretty amazing, especially for a universal. My favorite thing about the sound though has to be the bass. 
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