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 Yeah, the tape inside the socket seemed like the best solution to me. Glad it worked for you too. Not sure what you're asking exactly regarding the Fitear connectors. They won't fit the type socket that's on the Ref.1 (and Westone/JH Audio, etc). The Fitear pins are thicker, and have a groove which snaps into place in the Fitear IEM socket. It's a fantastic connection, and when I mentioned it earlier, I simply meant I wish more manufacturers would use that type of...
 It's the more current right angle mini plug....  This is the cable I have (delancyst's recent image): 
I managed to cut a small rectangle of black electrical tape to about the size of one of the longer inner socket walls, and press it into place inside there with a small flat-head screw driver. Thankfully it seems to create better grip on the cable's mini plug giving a more secure fit. I think I may be good now. 
 Google Play has gotten my subscription money of late. It's still not ideal though. Their music database is missing a few of my favorite albums. Needs some filling out. 
Good to hear on other cables fitting better. For a workaround if I hang onto this set, I was thinking of cutting a really small piece of scotch tape and using tweezers to place it in the inner wall of the socket recess, to create a slightly more snug fit. Has anyone with the 1plus2 tried this?
Yeah, I do think it's best I check with Dimitri and see what they'll do. I have a custom made cable coming soon though, so I will see how it fits the socket first...
I just hate the idea of going through all the burn in hours again though! Ugh! 
Well I bought through Misicaacoustics, so I would think I need to go through them.
I have a QC complaint with this 'uber' pricey IEM... The recessed socket on my right earpiece is super loose, so that the mini plug takes virtually no effort at all to pop out. I have to double check every time it's securely in place when I go to have a listen. I've taken the IEM out of my case a few times to find the right earpiece detached. For the asking price of this earphone, I find this totally unacceptable. I've experimented with one cable besides the stock...
Sounds like quite the intriguing phone for sure. 
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