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  That's exactly what I'm hearing too. I would add that it has all the sonic traits you mentioned, while not being as biting/edgy as the 2.0 orig. FW.
What's the seller's ID there?
Huge props to Lurker for that firmware. I just ran it and am listening... and just wow on the sound. It's so open and expansive and crisp. Fan-bleeding-tastic. 
I will for sure in the thread discussing the firmware... 
Thanks for that link. Ran that firmware update and holy cow, that is some good sound. It's so expansive and crisp compared to 2.05 & 2.1. 
Wow, cool... Thanks. And if I would want to go back to a stock firmware, I could download the 2.05 (the one I am liking right now) image and just update to that, correct?   Also, which would be lead to more desirable results, sonically? ...Rockboxing it, or doing this update with a bit perfect firmware?
 I'm just saying do experiment with all options you have, because I had been using stock for a good while thinking they offered the best sound. But I decided to try Dita medium opening (reference) ones again (after having given them a quick try early on), and this time they were clearly better than the stock tips. I got a nice unexpected bump up in SQ, which is very nice. 
 Yeah, probably the case... but I am fundamentally against customs because of almost the same thing- fit must be absolutely perfect, sometimes requiring adjustments to the shells, or even re-molds (multiple sometimes). And then there's the lack of resale value, and the fact that your friends can't sample the top tier sound. I'd rather fiddle with tips than all the potential issues with customs. And friends can hear what I'm experiencing too. 
This is about as bulky as I like to go for 'portable'. I have a fairly large case, so I just store the DX90 & Rx MK3 bundled together, so setup is nice and quick at work. The combo is sounding awesome.     
I find that in order for the mids to sound right even on the Ref.1, tip choice and placement is crucial. Pick the slightest wrong tip, and install it even a touch too far up the nozzle, and the mids (and I mean vocals mainly) can sound a bit constrained and distant... slightly 'U' shaped if you will. But find the perfect tip which allows the most open sound, and jam it down as far as it'll go on the nozzle, and it blossoms dramatically, sounding nice and full and lifelike....
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